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Sleeping Beauty
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

She was a glorious, almost preternatural beauty, like a fairytale princess who was waiting for her prince to come. Of course he never did; she had been cursed so that cupid's arrow would never strike her. The purity of her mind and body was enough to lure men to her, but it was never enough for her to truly claim anyone as a lover; oh how bitterly ironic her curse was, and how bitter it made her become in time.

Nothing she did could cure her of the bitterness that eventually ate into her heart and sould like a worm into an apple. When she had compared herself to things it had always been an apple: after all, she appeared pretty on the outside, just like a shiny apple, but bitter when one took off all the layers of her façade and found the coiled, bitter worm within.

She was bitter, oh so bitter. Such a bittersweet, beautiful girl: or at least that was what she would have appeared to be. Such a beautiful, innocent child: that was how the world saw her, and she couldn't change it, no matter how hard she tried. Her crys for help were so deeply hidden that no one saw, no one at all. Such a beautiful child… it's a pity her eyes were so broken. Broken, broken… close those eyes and sleep. Sleep forever, rest in peace…

Beauty waited for a sorceress to come and allow her to rest in peace or for a fairy godmother to come and free her of her curse, but she did not have the patience for either of those tasks. Instead she broke the curse herself: sleeping beauty took her own advice. She ingested not the posion of another but her own poison and now she sleeps forevermore. Broken eyes, so tragically broken: it's a wonder no one saw. Do not trouble yourself though child… she sleeps forever… rest in peace, sleeping beauty, forever more shall you be taken by your dreams.