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The Broomstick Ride

Chapter 3: Splendor in the Suds

They wandered down the dark corridor of the fifth floor. Portrait after sleepy portrait passed by as they carefully checked the map for the slightest sight of Filch. She looked around to make sure they were alone when she heard a door click open behind her. Harry had just opened a door just to the left of the statue of Boris the Bewildered.

They quickly entered the chamber to find themselves inside the prefect's bathroom.

"Hey! I didn't know you had the password to get into the prefect's bathroom." She said astonished, as she gazed at the extravagant décor.

The glowing candles of the magnificent chandelier illuminated the room in a soft and calming manner. The room had not changed since Harry had last been inside. The bath was still as splendid as ever with its size and hundred multi-colored taps lining the edge. The diving board sat to the right of the pool-sized bath, tempting the pair to dive in. Her mouth gaped open, taking in the beauty of the room.

A whooshing sound echoed throughout the chamber. She turned to see that Harry had turned every single faucet with a flick of his wand. Water jetted out of the openings, filling the bath with a spectacular hue of colored bubbles. The sight excited her and she began to undress and grabbed a fluffy white towel from the corner of the chamber. Even the towels were warm and cozy.

In a primal yell, Harry jumped off the diving board and into the warm and waiting bath, his clothing scattered to the side of the edge. His glasses could be seen placed gently on top one of the taps.

"Come on in. The water feels great." He said, floating on the surface in all his nakedness.

With all the 'activity' they had been engaged in tonight, there was no more modesty or hesitation. She flung off her towel, revealing her completely naked figure. Strutting to the rim of the diving board, Harry could see every curve of her beautiful body, her skin glowing softly in the candle light. She dove in gracefully and wiped her eyes as her head broke the surface of the water, her long hair matted against her shoulders. She scanned the water for a sign of Harry, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Harry, stop playing around." She said, her voice sounded more agitated than she wanted.

The foam on the surface undulated as she felt little kisses on her thigh under the water. Shuddering, she felt the pecks begin to move up, sucking at her breasts before reaching her mouth.

"Haven't you had enough already?" She asked her breath hot against his neck. Her body was clearly not protesting in any way.

"Never m' love." Harry whispered, his hands caressing the sensual arch of her back as he pressed his lips firmly into her neck.

They were weightless, entwined against one another as they floated through the water, kissing furiously. She gazed into his emerald, green eyes, filled with intensity and passion. So different without his glasses, as though he was someone else.

They reached the edge of the bath. She felt the cold marble wall against the skin of her back, her arms spread out to secure herself against the wall of the bath. Her breasts jutted out of the water as Harry buried his face inter her bosom and rolled her nipple with his lips.

"Mmmm…" Her moan sang loudly throughout the chamber. "I just can't get enough o…"

Harry cut off her words as his mouth pressed against hers, tasting her pleasure. He grew harder as he felt her legs enfold around him, pressing and rubbing her eager sex into his body. The sensations were too much to handle. His eyes bore into hers as he entered her oh so slowly, splitting her at the core. Cherishing every gasp, every moan, every flutter of her eyes as he sunk deeper and deeper inside of her. He withdrew himself slowly to see her need, her wanting of him returned to her. He hesitated at her entrance for a moment of delicious torment before plunging back into the recesses of her. He felt her, stretched out, surrounding him in warmth and with love, squeezing every inch of him with her wanting. They slid into each other vigorously, faster with every thrust.

When they reached the corner of the bath, he raised her leg out of the bubbling water as he continued to penetrate her body. He speared her deeper with every stab as he held her legs up.

"Ohhh…" She cried loudly, as though she were dying of pleasure. Her body trembled violently as she came in waves of bliss. Her wet walls quivered and gripped him tighter as he continued his loving assault. His body shuddered as his climax erupted inside her. Their bodies continued to tremble as they came together. Completely breathless. Completely spent.

They remained motionless in the water, not wanting to move. Not wanting to give into the moment when they would not be joined.

"I love you." Harry said as he caressed her face.

She smiled at hearing his words. "I love you too." She mouthed, but no sound had escaped her lips.

Her eyes drooped and closed as though she would drop off into a deep sleep at any moment. Harry kissed her gently on the cheek as he cradled her in his arms and carried her out of the bath. She let him dry her and pamper her before returning to the Gryffindor common room.

"I suppose we should be getting back now." She said as he continued to dry her body delicately.

"I know." Harry said sadly, not wanting this night to end.

"Password?" The Fat Lady in the pink dress asked as they neared the Gryffindor common room.

"Baubles." She said quietly as Harry looked around for any teachers on duty.

The Fat Lady scowled as she granted entrance to the lovers, clearly annoyed that anyone would dare return to their common room at such an ungodly hour.

They peaked around the corner as they entered the warm room quietly, but there was not a soul to be found. The fire was dying. Clearly, everyone must have turned in for the night. They made their way to the top of the landing that separated the boys and girls' dormitories.

Harry pulled her into his arms and just held her for a moment, breathing in the flowery scent of her hair. Their lips barely touch as they kissed each other, tongues dancing slightly.

"Tomorrow?" She asked contently.

"Broom ride?" He suggested, with that devilish smile again.

"Maybe." She began. "Let's see how the bum feels in the morning."

She rubbed her behind, indicating the slight irritation she might experience that the vigorous activities the night created.

They both chuckled as they went their separate ways. Harry continued up a spiral stairway toward his dorm. It was sad to be apart from her. But tomorrow would be the start of another day. Harry could not help but smile at the thought. He opened the door to his dorm and walked in, completely oblivious to the fact that all his mates were asleep. All except one, a boy with flaming red hair.

"Where have you been?" Ron questioned, sounding a little too urgent.

"Er." Harry was at a loss for words, too embarrassed to tell Rom what he had been up to all night.

"Did you know that you had Hermione all worried when you didn't show up for dinner?" Ron began. "You know how she gets, Mate. And when she gets worried, I never get to hear the end of it."

"Look, can we talk about this another time?" Harry asked, trying to avoid the subject of his adventures for the evening.

"Fine." Ron said, as they settled themselves in their own bed. "But next time if you want to spend some time with my sister, would you please bring her back on time. Mum would have my hide if she thinks I'm not keeping a watch over her. She reckons I ought to be more responsible now, being a new prefect and all."

"Er…okay Ron." Harry said, pulling the curtains around his four-poster bed to hide the sight of his blushing face.


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