¡Hola! (which means "hello") So here I am, being my 'multi-talented' self again (although I don't consider myself to be talented, but I couldn't find a better word). I decided to explore new areas and try to write fan fiction for some things other than Harry Potter. This one is my first Hey Arnold! fanfiction and I hope to be able to write a few more later on.

The idea came to me unexpectedly and once it found a home in my head, I couldn't figure out a way to get rid of it, so here I am, typing it out in hopes it will give me a rest… They say when you have problems, you get to know your real friends, but I'd add that problems can help you discover some interesting feelings either old or new. Helga gets kidnapped, or so it seems, and Arnold is just oh so worried that he needs to do something about it. Why would he help her? Well, it's just and Arnold thing to do, or is it?

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Chapter 1 -- Skipping Classes, Helga?

"Hey Arnold, hey Arnold, hey Arnold" a cute little alarm clock was trying to wake its owner up by calling his name. Reluctantly, Arnold got up and turned it off. He changed into his usual long red shirt and his blue sweater and went downstairs to have breakfast with his family: the people that lived in his grandparents' boarding house.

"Oskar! You little--" he was skipping the last two stairs when he heard Mr. Ernie yelling at the laziest guest "You ate my pancakes! What's wrong with you?"

"Sorry, Ernie, my friend. I didn't mean to… I didn't do it on purpose" Oskar Kokoshka replied just when Arnold was entering the dinning room.

"Hello there, short man" Grandpa called Arnold, almost shouting to make his voice audible above the discussion being held in the other side of the table.

"Hi, grandpa" said Arnold and took a seat beside him to start eating breakfast.

After breakfast, he walked out of his house and toward the bus stop, a couple of minutes later, the big yellow vehicle stopped right in front of him screeching and the sound of students talking and shouting filled the air.

"Hey, Football Head!" was the first thing he heard as soon as he jumped into the bus. Helga G. Pataki had already given him a "sweet" greeting to start his day.

"Hi, Helga" he replied kindly. He didn't mind her insults. He had become used to them by now.

The bus had barely started moving, when he spotted Gerald at the back of it. He walked towards his best friend but didn't notice Helga stretching out her leg with the sole intention of making him fall. He fell.

"Try being a little less distracted next time, Football Head" called out Helga, unable to hold back tears of laughter while Arnold got up and resumed his walk.

"How annoying can she be?" asked Gerald when his friend reached the seat he was occupying and they did their special handshake. "And how come you never get sick of her? You need to teach her how to respect you, Arnold."

"Nah…" said Arnold "I just ignore her, Gerald. Just that. She'll get sick of it eventually."

"Whatever you say, Arnold."

The first classes were the same as always. Mr. Simmons talked to them about the History of America and then about science.

Helga didn't stop throwing spitballs at him. Small, annoying balls that kept getting trapped in his hair. She also moved his chair once when he was about to seat, so that he fell to the floor for the second time in that morning. And it's only quarter to 11, he thought, rolling his eyes.

When recess came, the whole gang sat down together in the cafeteria and ate their meals while listening to one more of Gerald's tales.

The place was rather quiet that day, all the little kids were outside and the fifth and sixth graders were just talking. Some giggly girls were reading teen magazines and some boys were trying to gain their attention. However most of the school was outside.

They all heard the end of Gerald's story and then started to get up when the bell rang, announcing the end of the recess.

"We're going to do something special, now" said Mr. Simmons when the students were sitting back in the classroom "it's time to work in our Art projects."

The previous week, the fourth grade group had been working on an important art project. Mr. Simmons divided the class in groups of three or four people. Each team had been named after one of the Fine Arts: Literature, Architecture, Music, Dance, Sculpture, Painting and Filmmaking.

What each team was supposed to do was do some research about the art, explain it to their classmates and give one, or a few examples of the art. Arnold, Gerald, Phoebe and Helga were the Literature Team.

At first, Arnold got happy when he found out he was going to work with Gerald, then Phoebe was selected and he thought it was good, she was a great student; but then, Mr. Simmons said something terrible: the fourth member of the team was Arnold's worst nightmare: Helga Pataki. However, when he realized what she was capable of writing, he thought she deserved a chance.

She was the most annoying human being on earth, but she wrote beautiful poetry. Awesome poetry. It was full of so much feeling and intensity that he couldn't believe that it had been written by the 4th grade bully.

One day he had come to hate the project, though, because even if he always tried to ignore her, she used to get particularly annoying while they were working in class. She kept bossing him around and trying to get things done when she wanted and exactly the way she wanted, and it was very difficult to please Miss Pataki…

However, something unusual happened. As soon as the class switched places in order to be with the members of their teams, Arnold noticed that Helga was not there.

"Phoebe, do you know where Helga is?" asked Mr. Simmons as he passed by them, walking and taking notes in a little notepad.

"No, sir, not since lunch" answered Phoebe, clearly worried. The teacher shrugged and then left. "Have either of you seen Helga?" Phoebe turned to the two boys sitting at the same table, across from her. When they shook their heads in denial, she bit her lip, where could she be?, she thought.

"Is there any chance she has decided to skip this class?" asked Gerald, trying to provide a possible reason for Helga's absence.

Phoebe shook her head and said: "Helga wouldn't skip classes… unless… unless something really important had happened."

"Well, I just thought… since she hates to be with Arnold" Gerald explained, gesturing towards his friend "she probably felt like she couldn't stand one more class with him."

She does not hate him, Phoebe thought, on the contrary… "She wouldn't skip a class" she repeated almost in a whisper.

"I hope she's fine, though" said Arnold, surprising himself. Why would I worry about her?

"I still think she's skipped Art class to avoid you, man" Gerald laughed silently, trying to break the concern of his friend and the girl, sitting across from him: Phoebe. She's so smart, so sweet, so pretty… perfect, he thought every time he saw her.

Arnold and Phoebe tried to calm down about this and it worked, they even started to believe that theory about Helga skipping Art Class.

But Helga Pataki did not return for Math, neither she showed up for English Literature, her favorite subject. In fact, she was not seen at all for the rest of the day.

And even though he kept thinking it was because she was something he was used to, the truth was that Arnold was worried about her, he even missed her spitballs and insults. That's just weird and doesn't make sense at all, he thought, why do I miss her bad mood and manners and all that? Why do I feel so worried?

Frankly, he had a very bad feeling. Phoebe was right: skipping classes was not a Helga thing to do, hating Arnold as she did, should and could not change that fact.

After school was over, Arnold got home thinking about all of this and he didn't feel very good about this situation.

A very disturbing dream haunted the blonde boy that night but whatever it was about, he forgot the moment his eyelids flew open. One thing was for sure: the dream involved Helga in a way.

He knew then that she was in trouble.

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