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Is it love?

Chapter one: The kiss


I have loved Que-min since I was little.I still love her so much. Why doesn't she love me? What have I done to be treated like this?She is in love with that faminine boy, Jung-woo. Why? I can't belive it. He's not even nice to her.Wait a minute, am I nice to her? Oh my God, I don't think so. I mean, how nice is it to force her to be my girlfriend? Not at all, I guess. Okay, Que-min I will stop force you to be my girlfriend, just because I love you so much.

"Hey, what are you doing here, your little poof" I said to the blond guy who sat infront of my TV.

"Playing videogames" Jung-woo said.

I just sighed.I was used to have Jung-woo around. He allways comesto my houseto play videogames. He is in my gang now, so I don't hit him any more. Sometimes I miss my punchbag, but I have start to like him, as a friend. I'm just worried about his feelings too me. Sometimes it feels like he in love with me, but I don't know.


Jung-woo wasn't in school today. I wonder where he was. May be I should ask Ghoon-hahm.

"Que-min, are you comming? We have club meeting today" Yang Me said.

Damn, I don't feel for a club meeting today. Hm, I think I can lie a little. "Oh, Yang, I don't have time today. See you tomorrow, bye."

"Okay, bye"

I started to go, but I hadn't come long before I saw Ghoon-hahm. He was really cute today, except for the cigarette in the corner of his mouth.

"Hi, Que-min" he said.


We strated to go. If someone had asked me what I think about Ghoon-hahm a month ago, I had said I hated him and that he was a jerk. Now I don't know what to answer. I don't like that I must be his girlfreied to protect Jung-woo, but I think it's cute that he had loved me for so long. I have notice that we are alot like each other and I think that I like him more and more for every day. That's weird, but I can't help it!

"Que-min..." Ghoon-hahm started. I looked at him. "You know my feelings for you, and I really want you to be my girlfriend, but if you don't want to you don't need to."

I was surprised. This was so unexpected. I gazed at him, but he looked away. "I wont hurt Jung-woo, I promise" he said with a low voice and walked away. Without looking at Que-min.

"Bye, Que-min. Have a great life" Ghoon-hahm said with sadness in the voice.

"Hey, Ghoon-hahm, it sounds like we never going to see each other again."

Ghoon-hahm turned around. "Are we going to see each other again?"

"I guess so" I smiled. "I mean this city isn't that big."



Why doesn't feel good? I don't need to be his girlfriend anymore, he's not going to hurt Jung-woo, isn't this what I wanted? I suppose not.


I felt sad, but it was the only way.

When I came home wasn't Jung-woo there. That was good, because I needed some time to be alone. Just ten minutes later I heared the doorbell rang. I opened the door and a girl steped in and hugged me.

"Que-min?" I said.

"I love you too Ghoon-hahm" she said and flushed.

I let my lips touch her lips and we kissed.

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