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Safe From Harm

"Itachi STOP!" screamed a terrified pink-haired girl. She had run in front of a man, woman, and a young boy. She blocked them with her life trying to calm Itachi down. The woman was holding on to the little boy tightly while the man was holding the woman and child. Can you guess who this little family is?

"Itachi stop! You will not hurt them! They are your family! Stop it!" she yelled trying to dodge his swings with a katana. " Get outta the way Serina!" Itachi demanded. She looked into his eyes and saw that they were not black or red at all, but yellow with a streak of green in them. She knew this was not the Itachi she fell in love with, so there has to be a way to stop him.

"Dammit Serina I won't say it again, move!"

"No why are you doing this? Your family loves you, and well at least you have parents that can love you! Why would you want to kill Sasuke? Hmm? He's only 7 and he looked up to you like a hero! How could you just betray them?" Serina was now about to burst into tears but tried to hold them back. She saw Itachi stay still for a minute and took the opportunity to quickly run in front of him just to save the others. Serina spread her arms apart trying to block Itachi. I wonder why he has those eyes, and I know its neither his onyx eyes or sharingan eyes. Oh my god.. what if he is possessed or something?

" Itachi!" he quickly snapped out of his daze.

"Serina, you wanna know why I'm doing this, because no one ever loved me for me. They loved my powers only, and I wanted just to be loved normally. I'm either envied or loved, Ha, but mostly envied, for who could love a demon like me, since I already killed then clan. Only 3 more Uchihas to go!" Itachi retorted. He grasped his katana in his left hand, ready to swing it into Serina's back when Serina suddenly hugged Itachi tightly as if he was going to die himself.

"Itachi, you are loved, you had friends that loved you, you have a family that loves you,"

The little family kept quiet but you could hear a faint cry come from the mother, the little boy was about to swell up into tears just seeing how his nii-san acted towards them, while the father kept on holding onto his dear wife and son.

"They do not love me! No one will after this day and from here on I will make sure that no one loves me." Itachi said calmly a little. He was again going to swing his katana into Serina's back, she saw it coming and said, "Itachi, I love you" He suddenly froze at those words and the sword fell out of his hand and onto the floor. He was speechless, so was Sasuke and his father, but his mother knew that Serina loved Itachi. Even more than just a friend.

"Serina," Itachi said, this time soft and quiet, but he quickly grabbed the katana off the floor and held it in his hand again. "So you love me ey? Well sorry but I can't return you feelings for you now!" Oh no, he really is going to kill me…then let it be, as long as the Uchiha family is safe, I'll let Itachi take me life. But there has to be a way to stop him…Serina moved closer to Itachi again but this time with sorrow filled fuchsia eyes. Itachi saw her eyes like this for the second time and he could not stand seeing her cry. Serina was again in front of him and put her two hands on his chest and slowly moved towards his face. If I do this then will he return to old Itachi? I know he is being possessed but I don't know what kind of possessivness this is. He looked at her and gazed into those eyes, he even started to lean his head down and she leaned closer, and closer until their lips both had contact, it was a sweet and only 1 minute kiss in that time Serina could see Itachi's eyes forming back to normal, meaning that this was the real Itachi that she was kissing. She broke off the kiss and they stared

at each other for a long time until she hugged him.

The family staring in disbelief now saw their Itachi return to normal, and he was actually hugging Serina back. Itachi was no longer being possed so the family got up off the floor and headed towards the two. Mrs.Uchiha ran and hugged her big son while Sasuke hugged Itachi's leg and Mr.Uchiha patted his back.

"Thank you Serina! You have brought my son out of this possessive state, if there is anything we can do-" Mrs.Uchiha was cut short due to Serina's voice. "No, its ok Mrs. Uchiha, but I should go now, Sakura is probable waiting for me. Just as she was about to walk out of the door, Itachi grabbed her wrist. "Serina, don't go, I-I have to t-tell you something too." "Okay, what is it?" "Did you really mean what you said? About loving me?" "Hai, but I was always afraid of telling you because I didn't want to mess up this friendship that we had, besides I would think that you didn't love me.." Serina said with sorrow. "Who said that I didn't love you?" She looked up into his eyes and smiled softly. "Serina, I love you…" Itachi gladly said.

"EWWW! Nii-san, you like Serina!" Sasuke teased his older brother.

"Shut up Sasuke, its not like you don't like Sakura either!" Itachi retorted.

"Settle down boys, and Itachi we must discuss something about the other Uchihas." "Hai father"

Both father and son left that room and went to the living room. Serina, Sasuke, and Mrs.Uchiha were left alone now. Mrs.Uchiha decided to break the silence and she spoke "Serina dear, when you said to Itachi that 'at least you have parents that can love you,' what did you mean?" "Well I thought Itachi told you, you see my parents died because of Orochimaru, they were brutally murdered by him when I was 7 and Sakura was just 2. I have managed to support both of us but it gets harder everyday." "Oh dear, im so sorry, well I have and idea, why don't you move in?" "Mrs.Uchiha! No, we could possibly not, I would not want to intrude on you guys." "Oh you must! Especially since the 2 of you are girls and need some femine help of course!" She said with a smile. "Well you got a point, ok we will but are you sure?" "Defintly! So Sasuke, what do you think? We will have Serina and Sakura living with us? Won't that be fun?" Mrs.Uchiha asked her younger son. "Great.." was all Sasuke could say.

Meanwhile in the living room

"Itachi, since we are the last of the Uchihas, and I know that is not your fault, but anyway we will need to rebuild this clan you know." Itachi looked at his father and nodded. "So I would like you to get married to someone, maybe a certain Serina perhaps?" "WHAT! Father, im only 13! I cant be married yet!I haven't-" he was cut short because his dad. "Itachi! Not now, but when you turn 18! Geez I would never allow you to marry at such an age!" "Oh, eheheh, so I'm going to marry Serina? To rebuild the clan? Hey! What about Sasuke? You know he likes that Sakura girl too."

"Yes I know about Sasuke but he only 7 and you're 13 so that's my decision."

"Yes sir." "Okay good now lets get back to your future wife, hehe."

"Dad you're evil!" Itachi slightly yelled.

Once both men returned they only found Sasuke and Mrs.Uchiha.

"Mother, where's Serina?" Itachi asked concered.

"She went to get Sakura and their clothes, because boys, they are going to move in."

"WHAT! WHY?" Itachi practically screamed.

"Calm down, and besides you should be happy of hearing that fiancé will be staying with us in this house and not only in a house." "Yeah you're right, but where will they sleep? We only have 3 rooms." "Oh dear…I totally forgot! Well looks like there will be a sleepover then, haha" Mrs.Uchiha chuckled while staring at Itachi and Sasuke. Both of them stared at her and wondered what was going to happen tonight. Serina returned with Sakura in no time and both girls had pink bags with clothes in them.

"Hi Sasuke!" yelled a pink-haired little girl. It was Sakura.

"uh… hi Sakura." He said while blushing. Everyone saw the blush and giggled. Sasuke shot them all death glares. "Anyway, where are we sleeping?" Serina asked. "You'll be sleeping with Itachi in his room, you will take his bed and he'll have the futon. Besides you are his future wife." Mrs.Uchiha said and chuckled again. "oh ok, hey HOLD UP! Since when am I marrying Itachi?" Serina suddenly bursted "but its not like I don't want to marry him its just that now?" "Uh no Baka, when we turn 18." Itachi cut in. "Oh-hey im no BAKA! You're the baka! Hmfp!"

"Hey you 2 stop acting like little children, I bet even me and Sakura are more mature then you 2." Sasuke said with a smirk plastering his face.

"Umm…Mrs.Uchiha, where do I sleep?" Sakura said quietly.

"Oh you'll sleep in Sasuke's room since he has a bunk bed an all."

"Yippe! Hear that Sasuke we are room mates!" "Oh the joy.." he said sarcastically.