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Chapter 11: A Wedding! And Engagement?

"Hells Yeah!" Serina shot a fist into the air. "Today I'm getting married to Uchiha Itachi!"

"Hey Serina, shut up and hold still!" Tenten yelled. Tenten was putting eyeliner under Serina's eyes.

"Yeah! How the hell are we to do your makeup if you keeping moving your mouth and and your being so jumpy!" Ino shouted also. Ino was applying blush to Serina's face.

"Sorry?" Serina said with a nervous laugh after.

"Anyway, Serina, where's the dress?" Sakura asked as she pinned her sister's hair into a bun.

"Oh I know where, its hanging in the closet." Hinata said quietly. Hinata was setting Serina's necklace in place. Sakura rushed to the closet and took out the dress. For 5 moments, she stared at awe at the dress. She came back and gave it to Serina.

"Thank you girlies! I don't think I would have survived through this wedding if I didn't have you all with me! I love you all so much!" Serina exclaimed.

"Aww!" All four girls said. They each other one big bear hug and then Serina went into the bathroom to put her wedding dress on. As Serina came out, the girls could only awe and ooh. By the way, all the girls had lavender gowns on. Their hair was down and each girl had a difference in makeup.

With the boys

"Finally damn it!" Itachi said. Today would be the day that he would finally marry his Serina but he was actually more into the honeymoon as we all know. He crossed his arms as he waited for the others to finish dressing. Itachi already changed into his sleek black tuxedo. It consisted of a long sleeved shirt with a black tie, and a black jacket over it. Matching black pants and shoes also. His hair was still tied in a low ponytail, but he still looked as handsome as ever.

"We are coming Itachi, sheesh!" Sasuke said. He, Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru were all Itachi's best men. All of them wore gray suits, with purple pin stripes. Itachi grinned as they all walked in from their own dressing rooms.

"Wow, looks like this day isn't so troublesome for the two someones we all know." Shikamaru said, and smiled at Itachi and Sasuke.

"Hey Itachi, do you know that Sasuke is gunna-" Naruto was bonked on the head by Sasuke and Neji because he almost said Sasuke's secret aloud.

"Shut the fuck up dobe." Sasuke said. Itachi chuckled. "Well, well little brother, what kinda secret do we have here, when an older brother cannot learn his little brother's secret?" Itachi asked with a grin again.

"Why should he tell you?" Neji asked. Neji and Sasuke had grown to be like best friends, which made Tenten and Sakura very happy.

"Because, I am, his older brother, and besides even if you choose not to tell me, I'll still find out." Itachi this time smirked. Sasuke was growing mad but Shikamaru was trying to calm him.

"Oi Sasuke, just tell him, I mean its better if you tell him so that he won't find out by someone else." Shikamaru rolled his eyes towards Naruto and Naruto caught his stare.

"What! I'm not gunna tell anyone!" Naruto said, but really he lied, because he told Tenten, Ino, and Hinata already about the secret.

"Whatever, but Itachi when I tell you, do not, I repeat, do not tell anyone!" Sasuke said. Itachi nodded and Sasuke whispered something into his ear.

"Ho-ly-crap!" Itachi said slowly. "Well, good luck with that otoutou-san!" Itachi was already leaving the room and heading towards the church room. All four boys followed and took their places at the alter. Sasuke was of course the best man, so he stood right next to his brother. Sakura and the girls were already at the alter also and each girl looked stunning in their boyfriend's eyes. All that was missing was Serina. Both sides of the church were filled with people, and Itachi recognized them all. Even Deidara was there, but he looked sad, knowing now that Serina would be Itachi's forever. (AWW! lol)

Back with Serina

"Hurry Serina-chan! The music is playing already!" someone said.

"Ah! I'm coming!" Serina replied back. She took once last glance into the mirror. She put on her white veil and held tightly onto her red and white rosed bouquet. She smiled softly and left the room and headed toward the church room.

The big tanned doors slowly opened, and revealed a beautiful girl, no she wasn't a girl, but a woman, coming down the aisle as she smiled to everyone. This is the day that mother and father wanted me to have, but I only wish that they could see me now..

Itachi stared wide-eyed at Serina and his mouth dropped open, for there before him stood a elegant woman, wearing a beautiful white dress. Serina's dress was breath taking. It was a strapless dress. The top had glitter and sparkles all over but the bottom part was puffy and lacey. She wore white high heels to be a little tall, but she was still shorter that Itachi.

"Wow.." Itachi and Deidara both whispered. Deidara's word could not be heard but Itahci's was. Serina saw Itachi's mouth dropped so with a flick of her wrist, she closed his mouth, causing the guests to laugh.

"Okay, now that the bride is here, finally, we may begin the ceremony." The alter said. Both the bride and groom nodded. Sasuke and Sakura didn't quiet pay attention to the wedding but to each other. The alter babbled some things and then came to the interesting parts.

"If anyone objects to why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." Deidara was about to say something but Itachi's other friend Kisame whispered to Deidara, "Talk and I'll kill you, oh and Itachi told me to say that, haha." Kisame chuckled quietly and Deidara zipped his mouth shut.

"Okay since no one objects, then do you Uchiha Itachi take Haruno Serina to be your lawfully wedded wife, through thick and thin, through illness and in health?" The Alter said.

"I do." Itachi replied, he smiled towards Serina and took her hands in his. Sakura glanced at her sister, but then quickly turned her gaze back to Sasuke. Sasuke still stared at Sakura and thought about his secret.

"Okay, and do you Haruno Serina take Uchiha Itachi to be your lawfully wedded husband, through think and thin, through illness and in health?" The alter asked again.

"I do." Serina looked at Itachi fully in the eyes while everyone awed.

"Then by the power invested in me, I announce you man and wife, so Itachi, you may now kiss the bride!"

"I will kiss Serina, but I have one more thing to say. Is that okay Tsunade-sama?" Itachi spoke, and yeah, Tsunade is reciting the ceremony. She nodded.

"Serina… I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me, you saved me from Orochimaru two times and you were always by my said, but now it's my turn to protect you, and I will do just that, I will keep you safe from harm." Itachi looked into fuchsia eyes, and Serina spoke. "Tsunade-sama, I would like to say something as well." She nodded.

"Itachi, I also want to thank you, for being with me when I lost my parents, and I know no one knows this, but thank you for also your help in supporting me and Sakura when our parents passed. You were truly my best friend, and now you're my only love." Serina and all the girls were becoming teary eyed, and so Itachi lifted her chin and gave her a sweet kiss. People cried… people smiled… but most of all people were happy that now everything is to be safe in their journey ahead.

After the wedding, everyone was escorted outside, where food and dancing will be held. Sasuke and Sakura decided to go to the small park near the wedding and talk for a while. The couple sat on the grass and stared at the small pond. Sasuke put one hand inside his pocket and kept it there.

"So Sasuke, what did you want to talk about?" Sakura asked him. She turned her head to face him. He did the same.

"Uh.. I wanted to ask you something." Sasuke said with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"Okay well what is it?"

"Okay… well you know that we've been together since we were like 13, right?" Sakura nodded.

"Well now that we are 15, and we know how we feel about each other," Sakura knew for some reason where this was going and she hoped it was the good news that she wanted to hear.

"Sakura what I'm trying to say is that I love you, and I want to be with you forever, which is why, will you Haruno Sakura marry me, Uchiha Sasuke?" Sasuke took out a velvet from his pocket and slowly opened it. Sakura stared shocked but yet happy at the ring. It had a pink cherry blossom gem on it with tiny diamonds surrounding the flower. It was set on a gold band.

"Sasuke, yes, yes I will marry you, but when we turn 18, the wedding should proceed seeing as that we are only 15!" Sakura and Sasuke smiled and then they heard applauds and cheering come around the forest.


"Congratulation Sasuke and Sakura!" Ino, Tenten, and Hinata said.

"Congrats Uchiha." Neji and Shikamaru said.

"Well looks like the secret is out and my little brother is going to marry my sister-in-law!" Itachi spoke. He had his arm around Serina. Sasuke and Sakura blushed at all the people who congratulated them.

"Aww, my baby sister is getting married!" Serina said with a grin. Sakura blushed even more.

After everyone was settling down with the news, Sasuke and Itachi still had one more gift to their beloveds. Sasuke gave Sakura a necklace. And to her luck it was the necklace that she saw when she was little. The cherry blossom necklace with her name engraved on it.

"Ah! Sasuke I love you! Thank you so much!" Sakura immediately put on the necklace and as for Serina's gift, Itachi gave her the ankle bracelet that she saw when she was 13 years old! 'Shining Light' was written on the bracelet, and Serina kissed Itachi and thanked him as well. She put it on her ankle quickly too. Both couples went their separate ways, with smiles plastered on each face.


As these two couples begin new lives, there is still one problem. What's the problem and why does it involve Orochimaru's death? And now, our happy couples will go through more pain and face the dead, in the sequel to Safe From Harm. Can't everyone just live happy for once? Be on the lookout for the sequel!

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