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Warnings: Hints of incest, violence, yaoi, D/s(though it may not be in this chapter..I'm just warning you all ahead of time). OOCness...Oh! and before I forget, this is an AU fic. It is also VERY DARK! Be warned!

Summary: Itachi was a void. Like a back hole, he sucked in all that Naruto and Sasuke once had. The relationship they had worked so hard to build was being torn down right before their very eyes . . .Naru/Sasu, Ita/Sasu


Sasuke felt sick.

He didn't think he should have been driving, but it was better than staying home, and dealing with more of Itachi's anger.

Pulling into the lot, and parking his car, Sasuke stumbled out and toward the apartment Naruto shared with Iruka. His arms hurt badly, and no doubt, his wrist was probably sprung. Itachi had done a number on him this time.

But this time wasn't as bad as when Itachi had first learned of Naruto and his relationship . . . as more than just friends.

His neck would be bruised by tomorrow; Itachi had made sure to leave marks, if only for Naruto to see. And the bruised rings around his wrists and ankles would only be more initiative for Naruto to hate Itachi as much as Sasuke did.

After lightly knocking on the door, Sasuke leaned against the wall, waiting for Naruto to answer. Iruka had spent the day at. Sasuke was sure he wouldn't be back until the next day; Kakashi tended to keep Iruka busy . . . a lot.

Darkness was threatening to envelop his vision; Sasuke was sure he'd be out cold by the time Naruto answered the door. But just as he begin to slump farther against the wall, Naruto opened the door.

Naruto could feel his heart sinking into the his stomach at the sight of Sasuke. Despite all that they'd been through together, and all the times he'd seen the aftermath of Itachi's anger taken out on Sasuke, he was just as shocked as the first time he'd seen Sasuke in this condition.

He helped Sasuke inside, laying him down on the couch. Sasuke wasn't bleeding anywhere but slightly on his wrists where, Naruto suspected, ropes had burned into his skin.

Since Sasuke had turned 13, Naruto thought, it became slightly harder for Itachi to keep Sasuke on a leach, so to speak. Sasuke and Naruto had been friends for a long time. They'd been through so much together. When They had turned 15, Naruto decided to confess his feelings to Sasuke, and luckily, Sasuke felt the same. But that was before Naruto knew of Itachi's sick, little, twisted obsession with having Sasuke only for himself.

Itachi for one reason or another, felt that Sasuke was his property. Sasuke couldn't have a girlfriend, let alone a boyfriend. His friends weren't allowed over during the time Itachi was in the house. And Naruto, especially, couldn't be with Sasuke at anytime, let alone become Sasuke's boyfriend.

Rushing into the bathroom and getting a wet cloth and warm water, Naruto returned to Sasuke's side.

"Why does he keep doing this! Doesn't he realize that hurting you isn't changing your mind about being with me!" Naruto was downright upset!

He knew Sasuke would tell him it wasn't his fault that Itachi was a demented molester, but he couldn't help but feel that Sasuke was only getting beaten and raped because he chose to be with Naruto. Itachi never did like Naruto, after one incident where Naruto said a few crude things to Itachi, Itachi, since then, had given him dirty looks.

"Mind if I use the shower?" Sasuke whispered.

He felt dirty, if anything. Itachi had always managed to ruin things for him. The time he ran away, his friendships, his childhood, his relationships(only with Naruto, so far), and, of course, his life.

His brother did things to him that one wouldn't even do to their most hated enemy! But he never did anything that would permanently scar Sasuke for life . . . not physically, anyway.

Naruto helped Sasuke up, and led him to the bathroom. "I'll give you something to wear," He said, "Take your time, soak a while."

Sasuke nodded slightly. His neck hurt, his head, ankles, arms, and almost everything else ached! Why did Itachi hate his relationship with Naruto so much! Itachi wasn't a homophobe, Sasuke knew that from experience. He didn't dislike Naruto for the reasons everyone else did, so why!

His brother's jealousy was going to be the death of him one day, Sasuke mused, Itachi was a free murderer, and everyone who knew Itachi, knew it. But they weren't dumb enough, or brave enough, to turn on Itachi, not even Sasuke, Itachi's special toy would try something like squealing on Itachi. He had to live with him, after all.

Sitting on the side of the tub, the raven-haired teen waited for his blond boyfriend to come and fill the tub with steaming water. Not a day before Itachi beat him, had Itachi fucked him. The hot water made him feel slightly cleaner, psychologically and physically, after letting his brother take him. It was just simply stupid to fight Itachi when he wanted something from you that you didn't want to give up, like you virginity.

If Itachi wanted something, and you didn't willingly give it up, he'd take it . . .

He'd take it the cruelest way he could think of; that didn't involve your death . . . unless, of course, he wanted you dead.

Naruto returned with a towel and shorts for Sasuke. He filled the tub with steamy, hot water, then undressed himself, while Sasuke did the same. It wouldn't be the first time Sasuke came over beaten and hurt, in need of caring. Naruto always showered with him, making sure Sasuke didn't think of . . . hurting himself.

Sasuke never asked for help, but just by coming over, Naruto knew he needed it. He wouldn't say 'thank you' either, because to him, it'd be admitting he needed help, and that's something he wouldn't do.

So a nice blow job, or hand job did the trick.

"Get in." Sasuke obeyed and slowly stepped into the water.

When he was fully seated, Naruto also got in, behind him. Lifting a wash cloth from under the water and added a squirt of shower gel, Naruto began to slowly wash Sasuke's back.

Slow, gentle circular motions, Naruto washed Sasuke, pulling his back to Naruto's chest. He moved to wash Sasuke's chest, kneading and making his was up to the raven-haired boy's neck.

Sasuke flinched.

He didn't want to be touched, but if he cleaned himself, he'd scrub his skin raw. Naruto knew that, and so after the first incident when Itachi hurt him, and he'd tried to shrub off the immoral actions of his brother, he'd rubbed his skin red. Naruto, since then, would take the liberty of washing him.

"Better?" Naruto gently nuzzled the side of Sasuke's face.

Sasuke didn't answer. It was going on 1am, and he was getting tired. After spending almost all day with Naruto, and the night getting yelled at and beaten by Itachi, Sasuke was in dire need of sleep.

Naruto moved down to wash Sasuke's hips and thighs. Noticing immediately that Sasuke didn't flinch, Naruto breathed a sigh of relief. Itachi had only beat him . . . nothing more . . . not today, anyway.

The blond couldn't help but get a bit curious. Usually when Itachi, the evil bastard, decided to 'reclaim' Sasuke, he'd get very rough. Beating, bruising, hickeys, Sasuke had it all after a night with Itachi. But Itachi wasn't one to skip out on sex with Sasuke.

And especially not when he knew Sasuke had previously had sex with Naruto!

Even if he only planned on beating him, sex was always involved. It was his way of "making Sasuke understand that he belonged to him" Itachi'd said. Sasuke told Naruto almost everything Itachi said, but he left some things out. Things like Itachi chaining him up, and making him beg to be taken. Degrading him . . .

But Naruto knew . . . Sasuke never had to say it, even an idiot could see what kind of sick game Itachi played with Sasuke. But Sasuke covered up well. No one knew, except himself, Sasuke, and Itachi . . . possibly Kakashi, but he never said anything to them. Iruka never asked why Sasuke was over most of the time, so Naruto was sure Iruka was oblivious.

"I said, are you done?" Sasuke repeated. It was his second time repeating the question. Naruto was lost in thought . . .

"Huh? ...oh, yea" Naruto got out of the water, "You're staying over? Iruka could take you home when he comes . . . "

Sasuke nodded. Stepping out of the tub and wrapping himself in a towel. "I drove here."

"Oh. Well, stay, anyway."Naruto walked out of the bathroom, naked, followed by Sasuke, who had put on the shorts Naruto gave him. "Hungry? I HAVE RAMEN!"

Sasuke smirked. "Dobe . . . " Naruto really knew how to change the mood . . .

"RAMEN, IT IS!" He yelled, running into his room, and coming out with a shirt and a pair of boxers.

He tossed Sasuke the shirt, and slipped on the boxers, himself. He knew Sasuke didn't want to show off his bruises, the evidence of his brother's indecent acts. And, to be truthful, Naruto didn't want to see them. They made him feel angry, and guilty . . . knowing not even he, the great Uzumaki, could stop Itachi from abusing his lover.

Sasuke took a seat on a bar stool in the kitchen. He didn't know why Iruka had bar stools, since he didn't actually have a bar with alcohol, but that was Iruka's choice to make.

As Naruto went about making them some ramen, Sasuke went back into the bathroom to get his clothes. He'd throw them in the wash, then put them back on in the morning before he left. Wearing Naruto's clothes around Itachi would only provoke Itachi to do more damage. And Sasuke wasn't sure he could take another beating . . . not so soon, anyway.

Emptying the pockets of his pants, and setting the objects, a cell phone, keys, and a few dollars, on a side table, he dropped his clothes in the wash.

"Ramen's almost done!" Naruto was always loud, how his neighbors slept, was beyond him.

Sasuke grabbed his cell phone and headed into the kitchen, where Naruto was pouring the ramen into bowls.

"Let's eat in the livingroom. That way, we could watch T.V. and eat at the same time!" Naruto declared.

Sasuke only nodded, and carried his bowl into the livingroom, setting it on the table beside Naruto's. While the blond flipped through channels, whining about how nothing good was on, Sasuke walked back into the kitchen.

He was quite thirsty. After getting choked, one could only get thirsty. He placed his cell phone on the counter as he poured two drinks. Just as he placed the pitcher back into the refrigerator, he heard a faint rumbling noise.

Sasuke turned to see that the sound was coming from his cell phone.

He had put it on vibrate, so he could receive calls from Naruto at home or while Itachi was in earshot of hearing a ring tone; Naruto only called Sasuke's cell phone, Itachi would hang up on him if he called the house.

The phone was vibrating wildly on the counter, begging to be answered!

But Sasuke knew who it was on the other end . . . and right now, he didn't want to deal with Itachi's bullshit. He wanted to just ignore it, but as he looked up, he noticed Naruto standing in the entranceway of the kitchen.

Whether Naruto wanted him to answer the phone or not, Sasuke knew he had to. If he didn't, Itachi would just come over and make a scene. Itachi knew where he was when he wasn't home. All the time.

There wasn't a time Sasuke could remember, when Itachi hadn't known where he had been. He was sure his older brother had spies watching him . . .

Naruto went to grab the phone, but he knew better than to answer it. He handed it to Sasuke, and motioned for him to answer it.

Sasuke only nodded. He sat down on a bar stool, Naruto sitting beside him, and answered his cell.

"...Sasuke speaking." The raven-haired teen always answered his phone that way, never a 'Hello' or Moshi, Moshi'.

"Why do you defy me, Otouto?"

"You force my hand in this, you know? Do you not understand why I punish you?"

"I..." Sasuke bit his tongue, he didn't know what to say.

"It's for your own good, really. You disobey my orders, purposely, then cry when I serve to you the consequences of your actions."

Sasuke was tempted to hang up the phone. He shouldn't have to listen to Itachi justify why he hurt and degraded Sasuke the way he did. There was no excuse for his big brother's actions, and Itachi knew that. Sasuke knew that. And, dammit, even Naruto knew it!

So why did he want to apologize for leaving home, right after his brother told him not to leave?

"It's better this way, Sasuke. Come home . . . And maybe I'll be gentler with you."

Naruto could see how much paler Sasuke had gotten. He could only hear snippets of what Itachi was saying; words like defy, force, and punish. Words that didn't sound good, especially when coming out Itachi's mouth. His voice always held a threatening tone, even when he spoke to Sasuke. Even when Sasuke obeyed him!

"No . . . I'm going to stay here, tonight. I'll be home once day break." Sasuke was whispering, Naruto noted. He always spoke low, when he addressed Itachi, maybe trying to hide the quiver in his voice, when he was near Itachi.

"See?" Itachi sounded thoroughly pissed, "And you beg me not to discipline you for how you behave."

There was silence for a while, then Naruto heard it as clearly as Sasuke did.

"Don't leave, Otouto. I'll be there. Oh, and Little brother, you know I have . . . friends nearby, it would be in your . . . and Naruto's best interest to stay put. Understand?"

Sasuke hung up the phone.


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