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Chapter 13: Devoid : Part three of 3

"Because, judging by this-" Itachi squeezed Sasuke's hardening cock, "clearly you do."

Sasuke hiccuped, and lurched in Itachi's lap, trying to get his brother to release him.

Itachi just smirked, tightening his arm that was wrapped around Sasuke's torso. "Stop it, otouto. Don't make me angry."

Sasuke stopped moving but not out of fear. "Angry?" he coughed, "Angry!? You can't be fuckin' serious!" He turned as much as he could to face Itachi, "Fuck you and how you feel!"

Itachi's smirk faded quickly, and a blank look covered his face. "I'll ignore that." He mumbled, releasing Sasuke's flaccid member.

"Do what the hell you want." The younger boy stated, "You know what, Itachi, I don't care anymore . . . I just don't care." He hiccuped.

He could feel Itachi's hold loosening, but didn't bother to take the chance to move.

The elder Uchiha watched Sasuke, waiting for him to try anything. He knew his brother, knew Sasuke's attitude and behavior much better than Sasuke knew . . .

So Itachi watched, and waiting, releasing the boy from his hold.

"Otouto?" He mumbled, trying to get Sasuke to acknowledge his release, but the boy just snorted in resignation.

"Don't waste your breath, Itachi. Just don't." He slid, slowly, off Itachi's lap, sitting beside his brother. As he moved, he felt, what he was sure, was the hilt of a gun graze his backside as he moved. It could have been Itachi's hard cock, but he was sitting on that previously, and knew this wasn't it.

And idea struck him, and he had to force himself not show his excitement. He stayed close to Itachi, thinking.

The elder brother smirked internally. Sasuke really thought he was so clever, huh? Oh well, Itachi decided, he had planned to fuck his otouto senseless, maybe give Sasuke release, also and allow them to travel on home, while Gaara played with the blond boy, but now . . . well . . . Sasuke was making him very angry.

And so, Itachi waited. He waited for what he knew was the right time, and when Sasuke made a quick move for his .9mm, he grabbed the boy's pale, bruised wrist, and snapped it in an odd position, and twisted his otouto's arm behind his back. He pushed Sasuke face-forward into the leather seat, holding his arm behind his back at a painful angle, while pressing his, and Sasuke's body weight onto the boy's other arm.

Sasuke cried out, loudly. Pain shot thru his wrist, up his arm, to pulse in his shoulder, then back to his wrist. He heard the loud snap when Itachi bent his wrist, and knew it was broken, and could feel his shoulder snap out of place as Itachi applied his weight to hold him down.

He could feel Itachi's warm breath on his neck as his brother panted lightly, "I asked you nicely not to make me angry, otouto." And he pulled the bent and broken arm more, causing Sasuke to scream louder, tears trailing his cheeks, "And you ignored me, Sasuke." He used his free hand to grab a handful of Sasuke's hair, pulling the boy up, and forcing Sasuke's back onto his lap.

The boy's dislocated shoulder forced his arm to dangle at an odd angle off the side of the seat, and his wrist was twisted as it rested on the carpeted floor. He winced every time the limo rode over a bump, but his attention was once again captivated by his elder brother.

Itachi grabbed Sasuke's free, unbroken hand and held it tightly, looking down at the boy on his lap, "Do not defy me, Sasuke. I am getting very tired of your disobedience." Itachi's voice was slowly raising and the blank look on his face slowly turned into the look of an utterly pissed of Uchiha. "Enough, Sasuke. You are mine, remember that." He pulled out a small flip blade, and slid it down the front of Sasuke's shirt, slicing the shirt open. He stared at the boy's pale skin as a demented smirk graced his features, "Ani loves you, you know this, right, Sasuke?" His red eyes held a faraway look but the smirk was telling enough, "I've done much for you. So much, Sasuke. I've taken life for you! And in return, all I ask for is you!You! Sasuke, do you hear me!? Are you listening!?"He waved the knife around, too close to Sasuke's face for comfort, then suddenly froze, staring down at his brother. The smirk long gone. "You don't understand, do you? I guess I'll just have to make you see . . . make you understand how much I want you. And I won't let you go."

Sasuke inhaled deeply when he felt the cold touch of the sharp edge of the blade touch his chest, "Aniki . . . " He gasped out, but Itachi only responded with a slight upturn of his lips.


Everything became a blur in a matter of moments.

He held Kakashi in his arms, the stand owner beside him still on the phone with a dispatcher, as Iruka pressed the weight of his palms against the wound.

It was bleeding profusely, but Kakashi was conscious and not delirious, so the injury wasn't as serious as Iruka was making it out to be.

In shock, Kakashi stayed put. If you haven't been stabbed before, then this silver-haired man is telling you now, it hurts. A lot.

The shock of the wound caused his body to tense painfully. As though clenching all his muscles would close up the wound, but in reality--even though he kept telling himself the clenching wasn't helping--it was making the wound bleed more. He just couldn't seem to relax his body.

The Konoha Police Department was first on the scene, and without much regard, they pushed Iruka out of the way, to make room for the medic team.

A lone medic came over to clean and bandaged the small scraps on Iruka's neck. He stayed by the man's side, trying the question and calms the brunette down.

Kakashi was hauled away as questions were thrown in Iruka's face. He glanced over at the stand owner for help, but the man was busy describing Itachi to an officer--something he might not live to regret, and so Iruka answered as many as he could while rushing toward the brightly colored Ambulance.

"Sorry, sir, but you can't ride in the EMV (emergency medical vehicle)."

Iruka blanched, "No, you don't understand!" he panicked, "You can't separate us now!"

The man held up his hand, trying to silence Iruka, "He'll be taken to--"

"Let me ride with him!" The brunette yelled, interrupting the medic, "Please, you don't understand!"

And officer pulled Iruka back, as the medic was closing the doors, "He'll be taken to the Suna Emergency Facility, in the next district over. You can meet him there." And with that, he closed the door.

"No!" Iruka screamed, as he turned, and shoved the officer away, rushing toward the vehicle.

The officer came up again, him and another one, trying to restrain the shocked man, but Iruka only turned, shoving one officer away again as the other one tried to trip and pin him. He punched that one, knocking him off his feet.

Two more came and they pushed him to the ground, cuffing his wrists behind his back. The medic who had earlier treated the brunette, pulled out a syringe and injected the young man with a calming morphine.

And all Iruka could do is sob quietly as he was half-dragged, half-carried toward a marked police cruiser, and sat in the back seat.

The officers thanked the medic as he rushed off to drive the Ambulance away.

Iruka fell over, laying on the hard metal seat as the two officers got in the front of the car. The dose the medic had given him was quickly taking effect and making him sleepy.

"Hey! Sit up!" One officer yelled, but Iruka could only cry, his body wracked with sobs as he closed his eyes, lying on the cold steel.

"This . . . this can't be happening." He kept mumbling, "Not now . . . this can't be happening . . . "

And just like that--with the blare of sirens starting--his life felt like it had fallen apart.


Naruto clenched his eyes shut, hoping beyond hope that he was seeing things, but upon opening his eyes, he was met with the same image.

He breathed deeply, deciding not to show fear, but he knew it was too late. It could have been that high-pitched girlish scream he did moments ago, or his shivering, sweating body that gave away his utter fear, but he knew that it was too late to act brave now.

"What . . . what is that thing?" he mumbled, blinking rapidly

Kankuro snorted, "Your worst nightmare . . . " He smirked, liking the sound of that.

Naruto shivered, listening as the wooden creature moved about. "Just . . . what do you want? I don't even know you and you're holding me hostage in some . . . underground sewer!"

Kankuro continued to smirk, "You know, trying to hide your fear isn't good for your health." He moved Karasu so, that the creature's body was directly over Naruto's.

Naruto jerked, stiffening as the wooden creature's hand--two of them-- molded around his neck. The hands didn't tighten, but just wrapped around, holding his neck in a snugly fit. "Why . . . why are you . . . doing this?"

Kankuro ignored the question, just like before. The smirk still on his face as he stared menacingly into the blond's blue eyes. "Have you ever been choked to within an inch of your life?" He asked conversationally, "Some people like to do that kind of kinky stuff during sex, so it must be an exhilarating feeling. Don't you agree?" As he spoke, the wooden hands around Naruto's throat slowly, very slowly, began to tighten.

"They say your life flashes before your eyes when you're on the verge of death. Do you see images of yourself as a child . . . playing with your parents? Your birthdays? Holidays? Deaths?" He took a step closer, nudging Naruto's head with his foot, "Answer me, you little--"


There was a loud slam that echoed throughout the house, followed by the call of his name.

The brunette snorted, annoyed, but turned away, looking at the door that led to the house. "Whatnow? I'm busy!"

There was light stomping, followed by the door being slammed open. In the door, Kankuro's older sister stood, a pissed off look on her face, "Did you not hear me fucking calling you!?" She growled.

Kankuro turned his attention to his sister, after glancing down at the blond boy, "I heard youloud and clear. Did you not hear me respond?"

"No. If I had, I wouldn't have asked that."

"Too bad." He mumbled, and turned back to the blond he was playing with.

Temari marched down into the room, and smack the slightly taller boy over the head, "That fucking mutt-of-a-boyfriend-of-your's broke into my room!" She yelled.

Kankuro waved her off, "He must have thought it was mine. Now leave. I'm playing!"

All the while, Karasu's grip was getting tighter and tighter. Naruto could feel the creature's thumbs pressing into his throat, almost painfully.

"Hm..." She glanced over to see, the barely stable blond boy sweating profusely, while Kankuro's crow held his neck. "Go get that fucking weirdo out of the house, before I ask Gaara to do it. You know he doesn't like Kiba as it is." And when Kankuro didn't move fast enough, she pulled him along, "Now."

By the time Kankuro reached the top of the stairs, he had to bring Karasu along, because he could only be so far away, before the strings attached faded.

Naruto sighed, watched as the creature walked, oddly, behind the siblings. He wished he could reach up and massage his neck, but he was still securely tied.

And so, he wiggled and struggled, hoping and trying to get free.


Neji stared out the window, forcing himself not to look at the scene across from him. Beside him, Kisame seemed unfazed by the bickering and fighting duo, maybe because he was used to it.

Neji on the other hand, could barely stand hearing Sasuke--someone who he had associated with stoic and distant--scream bloody-murder as his wrist was snapped. Grimacing, the Hyuuga forced himself to try to ignore any and all sounds coming from the younger boy.

He wasn't sure what he was more disgusted at, the fact that he and Kisame could sit and ignore(barely) the boy's pleas, or the fact that Itachi could cause such harm to his own little brother.

When Itachi's voice rose louder than normal, Neji couldn't help but turn to see what had cause the cold man's change. He listened, realizing that something was terribly wrong with the older Uchiha.

Horribly wrong.

He knew Itachi was a sick fuck. The man screwed his little brother, for Kami-sama's sake. But that was something Neji put aside. Itachi was a great leader, and had an unimaginable talent for controlling and persuading. With his talents, Itachi could become a successful world leader. He had the intelligence, strength, man power, influence, and money. There was nothing really stopping him from blackmailing all the politicians and becoming Prime Minister in a few years span . . .

Except the Uchiha wouldn't let go of Sasuke.

He watched, glancing in horror over at Kisame for some type of response, as Itachi pulled out the small blade.

And he knew.

And came to the conclusion that Itachi was just a very intelligent and composed sociopath. Or a well-hidden schizophrenic.

And no one was able to see this. Establish that this man shouldn't have custody of his brother, let alone be allowed to roam free . . . No one except Sasuke.

And now, himself.

Thinking quickly, Neji decided what he would do. He chose the brother he would side with.

The limo came to a stop at an intersection, and right then, when Itachi placed the tip of the blade on Sasuke's chest, Hyuuga Neji turned so his back was against the door and pulled out his hand-held glock(1), and cocked it.

The barrel pointing at the head of Uchiha Itachi.


Kankuro smirked as he led the drunken Kiba down the flight of stairs, into the basement.

"And we're gonna play and torture and maim and kill . . . "

Kiba nodded, though not really listening, "Yea, " He mumbled, "maim, kill, torture . . . I got all that . . . but when are we gonna fuck?"

Kankuro smirked, "Pick a time: before, after or during?"


"You know, I do have to let Karasu finish what he started," He led his boyfriend over to the bound blond on the murky floor, "Meet Karasu's toy for the night." And with that, he kicked Naruto over the head, lightly.

Kiba blinked a few times, confused. He shook his head a bit, then kneeled down beside the tied-up boy, tapping the boy's face to get him to open his eyes.

Naruto blinked. He was so tired. He knew the ropes had chafed his skin, but he was still struggling.

He couldn't say when he had closed his eyes, but he heard when Kankuro had entered, and had kept them closed.

He looked up, blue eyes widening.

Kiba glared down at the boy before looking over to his boyfriend, "Kanky-babe . . . "


Kiba started untying the bonds, looking back down at Naruto. "You can't keep him, let him go."

Kankuro hissed, "No way! What the hell are you doing? Gaara brought him here. I can't let him go!"

Kiba stood up, glaring at Kankuro while growling, "This is my friend, Kankuro. You'd better let him go."

Kankuro blanched, staring wide-eyed, "Kiba . . . "

"Let him go, Kankuro. You shouldn't have gotten involved with what Gaara does. Those Uchiha's are a bunch of twisted assholes."

Kankuro noticed Kiba's drunken attitude vanished, but he only nodded, sighing "All right, Kiba."

And they went to untying Naruto.


Correction:(1) A glock is a brand of guns. Thanks to Naitachal666 for that bit of info.

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