The Worst Possible Moments

By: Niiro

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Warning: Yaoi, sexual innuendos, sexual situations, embarrassing moments, shounen-ai, language. . . (I'll warn you as the chapters go . . . )

Summary: Kurama has the worst possible week of his life! He ends up walking in a on few people while they're trying to get it on. And not to mention he's in heat, and Hiei's being selfish! K/H Yaoi, Lemons(to come)Kurama's POV


It was Sunday night, when Hiei finally returned, and came to my house. He came through my window as usual as I was preparing for bed. He rested against the window sill, with his back against the side of the window, and his eyes closed.

I rested on the bed, reading, and waiting for him to make the observation. But he didn't say anything; he never does. So I spoke first:

"Hello Hiei, how are you?"

He just 'hn'ed and continued resting.

Now I hadn't seen Hiei in about two months, so I was tempted to jump him when I sensed his ki, and he came through the window. I wanted so badly to tie and bound him to the bed so he couldn't leave again, but that would have caused him to yell out something obscene, and that would cause my mother to come rushing in, and THAT wouldn't end well . . .

"How was your time with Mukuro?" I knew the answer, and he knew I knew the answer, so I figured that's why he just ignored the question.

I sighed and closed the book, setting it on the night stand. I pulled the cover off me, and noticed when I glanced up at Hiei, that he was watching me with the most adorable, curious look I'd ever seen him show.

"Hiei, " I said, "what's wrong?"

He looked out the window, but didn't close his eyes. "Nothing." He said as his brows were knitted together in frustration.

As I looked closer, I could see his little, button nose, sniffling a little.

And I smiled.

Good . . .

I stood up, and let my smile widen. Approaching Hiei, I said: "Are you sure there's nothing wrong?"

When I stopped beside him-as close as I could get beside him without touching I knelt down. I immediately noticed his was shaking, slightly.

And with that knowledge in mind, I turned my smile into a smirk . . .

Hiei sighed, although it sounded more like a pant, then looked me directly in my eyes. "You're in heat." He stated.

I didn't answer him because it wasn't a question but more of an observation. There was a moment of silence as I slid forward a few centimeters, until my chin was on Hiei's thigh. I slipped my hand onto his inner thigh and caressed it lightly, while purring.

Hiei tensed for a second, then relaxed, And looked down at me, with that red-hot gaze of his. I could feel myself getting harder. This would be a fun week, indeed . . .

but . . .

Other than look at me with those sexy eyes of his, Hiei didn't budge, and that just wouldn't do. we BOTH were needed for what I had in mind . . .

I slid my hand from his inner thigh, closer to his groin. And finally he smirked. And that smirk was only making my pajama pants tighten . . . and that wouldn't do . . .

I stood up, not taking my hand away from Hiei, as I tried to get out of my pants with one hand. That wasn't a good idea, obviously. But thank Inari, Hiei moved my hand away from him, and begin to massage my hard-on through the pajama bottom.

I stopped trying to get my pants off for a moment, just relishing in the feeling of what he was doing, and how good it felt . . . then just when I was about to slip my pants off, he pulled his hand away.

And smirked!

The bastard smirked, while I was writhing to be touched!

And he said, rather smugly, I might add, "you should know better, Fox. You're a loud screamer, and we wouldn't want to wake your ningen family."

I was thoroughly pissed. And he didn't seem to care, as he dragged my back to my bed, and threw me on it.

He turned his back to me and headed back toward the window, leaving me horny and hard! and I wasn't about to take that . . .

Just before he made it to the window, I jumped him! That's right, I jumped him. Tackling him to the ground. He landed on his stomach and started cursing continuously, while squirming.

I, on the other hand, started grinding myself hard against that ass of his! He did some more cursing, and one particularly loud growl, before tossing me to the side.

"Dammit!" he hissed, "just for that, you're going to wait!"

I growled. He couldn't be serious! "You owe me one! When you were in-"

"Bullshit!" he spat, "We were mating when I was in heat . . . it was just a coincidence that I was in heat at the time." He stated firmly.

I rolled my eyes. The bastard was serious . . . heh, what a joke! "Exactly. Hiei, " I was trying my best not to pounce on him, especially while he was panting like that, "we are mates. You should be here for me while im in heat!"

He smirked and in a flash of black, he was sitting on the window sill, "Tomorrow, fox, "he said as he leaped out and landed on a nearby branch, "when I'm sure we won't be interrupted."

And then he was gone . . .

And I was up off the floor and at the window as fast as I could move, "HIEI, YOU BASTARD! GET BACK HERE AND FUCK ME!" I yelled loud enough to wake the dead . . . and the living!

Obviously Hiei ignored me, since he didn't come back, but someone heard me.

My mother came rushing into my room, pale and eyes wide, "Shuichi?" she said, worriedly . . .

And despite how embarrassing that moment was . . .

there was still a lot more to come . . .

That folks, was the beginning of a very long, very odd, and very embarrassing week for me

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