The Worst Possible Moments

By: Niiro Yuuyake

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Chapter 13

Staring wide-eyed at the bathroom door, breath held, heart pounding, I couldn't even focus on the door's handle.

Gods, this was not how today was supposed to turn out. Not like this at all.

Hiei smirked smugly at me as he settled comfortably on top of my lap. Inari! If I didn't need and love him, he would've been plant food a long time ago!

Everything was quiet. Mother wasn't saying anything, I was still holding my breath, and Hiei . . . well, if looks could talk, he would be cackling loudly and mocking me.

I suppose I did deserve this, huh? I mean, all I did was ask for a little sex? Was it really that hard to just lay back and receive a bit of lovin', Hiei? Was it, really?

Dropping my head into the wet palms of my hands, I sighed in defeat. My mind was running a mile a minute as I inhaled deeply; trying to think of anything to make this situation less embarrassing because Kami-sama knows there's no saving my ass now.

Suddenly, my mind came up with a devious revenge. For Hiei, not my mother (though she did interrupt us...right when I finally got some ass, too).

Yoko hasn't been out in a while, my cruel, vengeful mind supplied. Let him out! Yoko's in heat too! If you don't release him, your heat will last twice as long! Besides, Hiei could use a lesson in can't have your uke dominating you during mating...

I smiled in my hands, finally lifting my head. Those thoughts didn't help my current situation, but it did solve my heat issue.

Sighing again, I shifted and cleared my throat. It was now or later. And later would include actually facing mother; face to face with no wooden door between us...

"...'Kaasan?" I called. My voice wavered a bit. My nervousness was showing itself even in my voice. I don't know what I was afraid of. 'Kaasan said she was accepting of my being with Hiei even if she didn't prefer it. And I know she won't toss me out, I'm her only child.

But being caught in the act? In her bathtub? In her house? I still doubt she will get angry, yell, or even worse, kick me out but it was disrespectful. And not too long ago I did tell her we didn't do...this her house...

I don't like to disappoint Mother. Perhaps that was why I was afraid to tell her of Hiei...she did openly express wanting grandchildren...But Shui-kun can do that now!

Trying to calm myself, I called out again. "Okaasan?"

Just like the first time, there was no reply. I glanced up to Hiei, by the way, he was still firmly planted on my lap; I don't know when he started the gentle swaying of his hips on mine, but it became very clear where he was going.

"Hiei, you jerk, "I whispered, "I'm not screwing you now! My mother's right outside the door!"

It was like that smug smirk was permanently sewn on his adorably sexy face.

"You don't have to screw me, fox. I'm doing all the work, anyway."

My eyes widened, though not because of what Hiei said. That prick didn't even try to whisper or lower his voice!

I gaped at him in shock before clamping a wet hand over his mouth. The water was still very warm; I think Hiei was keeping it as such.

"Hiei!" I hissed in a hushed voice, "My mother's out there!"

Hiei snorted as he moved my hand from over his mouth. He placed both of my hands on his hips, then moved his own to my shoudlers, "She's gone." He purred.

Clearly that didn't make me feel any better. I stilled his gyrating hips and frowned, emerald eyes angry. "I'm not going to keep going after my mother just caught us!" For some reason, I was still whispering.

Hiei huffed angrily and yanked on a lock of my hair, "Well, I can't do it without you!" He growled.

"Not my problem!" I hissed back, "Get off, we'll finish later."

Glaring, Hiei didn't budge, "No. We won't. We do it now or not at all."

"Don't do this Hiei. I already have to choose between this annoying Heat and appeasing my mother; which would you choose?!

Scoffing, Hiei tightened his hold on my shoulders, "I would choose Heat!" He hissed, "It would be foolish to go speak to her with your dick as hard as a rock, anyway!"

Blushing, I glanced down to where my hips joined Hiei's. "If...If I don't go now, she'll think we're...having sex."

"We are, Fox." Hiei deadpanned, yanking lightly on a crimson forelock of my hair. He frowned, glancing away in annoyance. "Well...we were, anyway."

I sighed, nudging Hiei's firm abdomen. Readying myself for the most pitiful, needy look I could muster, I closed my eyes. "...Hiei..."

The Hi-youkai glanced at me, before snorting loudly. "Your loss," He said, gently removing himself.

I felt horrible but I think clearing things up with my mother is more important than sex now. How would Hiei feel if Yukina had overheard him having sex with me!? If that were the case, he wouldn't let me touch him for months! And yet he couldn't understand the position I am in?

Am I making the wrong choice? Choosing to explain things to my mother over finishing off this little bathtub fling?

No...I think I'm making the right choice. Hiei's just thinking with his dick...horny demon!

Even though I had everything figured out and decided in my mind, looking over at a sulking Hiei didn't make me feel as though I made the right choice.

After he had removed himself from my lap, Hiei slid to the other end of the bathtub. After a quick rinse-down, he stepped out of the bath. Not once looking over at me.

He wasn't smirking smugly. He didn't look angry or pissed off. His brow wasn't wrinkled in disappointment or a frown. Nothing.

He just...looked! He grabbed the towel off the rack, did a quick pat down and slipped on the shirt and shorts(which has draw-strings so he could tighten them about his waist) and headed toward the bathroom door. All before I could get out of the tub!

"Hiei!" I called, sadly, "Please don't be angry."

Honestly, I don't believe I did anything wrong and I don't really get why Hiei feels upset or whatever. He totally ditched me that first night when he found me in heat; I didn't give him the cold shoulder!

Sighing loudly, I quickly got out of the bath; the water was getting cold anyway. Hiei turned to face me as I grabbed another towel and dried myself off, forgetting about my hair.

"Hiei," I said lowly, trying my best to get him to sympathize with me.

I wrapped the towel around my waist--I didn't bring myself anything to wear, and rushed the few steps over to my lover. "Why are you so angry? I said we'd finish later." I reached out and placed my hand comfortably on his shoulder.

Hiei yanked his shoulder out of my hold, scoffing rudely, "I'm not angry!" He growled, "I just--Whatever." He said, looking away.

Frowning, I stared at him sadly, dropping my hands to my sides. Hiei still stared at the bottom of the bathroom door as I turned away from him to pick up his clothes. I half-folded his cloak over my arm and tossed the frilly, little, yellow buttercup scout skirt in the hamper as I turned to face Hiei again.

"You seem angry to me. If you're not, than why are you so snappy?"

Hiei turned to glare at me, a very light, almost unnoticeable flush on his cheeks. "I said I'm not angry!"

I shrugged, frowning, "Then what's wrong? You're not happy, obviously."

Hiei's glare didn't falter, "Of course I'm not happy! You just stopped fucking me, right in the middle!"

I shifted uncomfortably. I was still hard(under the towel), I wish Hiei wouldn't speak so vulgarly.

"And I said we would finish later. I'll make it up to you, any way you want. Just calm down."

Hiei growled, "I am calm! Who said I'm not calm!? Do I look un-calm to you!? I'm calm, see!?" He panted as he actually started to calm down.

"Koi, are you sure you're OK? I understand that you're...unsatisfied...but I said we'd continue in a few minutes. You act like you're the one in heat and have just been cut from having sex! Remember, I'm the one in heat. I'm the one who has the hold out." I stared tiredly at Hiei, "When your heat comes, I promise I won't let anything stand in the way of relieving you."

Hiei frowned, quickly turning to face the door; away from me. "Whatever." He muttered.

I blinked, staring at Hiei's back. Was that a blush I saw? Just before he turned away? Oh...I'm pretty sure that was a blush...

"Hiei...are you blushing?" I asked, moving to stand beside him so I could see his face.

His ruby eyes widened, before he lightly pushed me away, "No!" The blush darkened but he tried his best to hide it from me.

"You are blushing!" I laughed, "Why're you blushing!?"

"Am not!" Hiei defended. He lightly punched my arm to get me to stop laughing as he moved closer to the door, "It's not funny!! I can't help it!"

I coughed, forcing myself to stop laughing. "Hiei...why are you blushing? Are you embarrassed by something?" I didn't expect Hiei to come down with me to speak to Mother. Especially since he didn't agree with me talking to mother now rather than later.

The cute hi-youkai coughed lightly, glancing over at me out of the corner of his eyes, "No! I'm just..." He shrugged, unsurely, "...Hot, I guess."

Snickering, I moved closer to the door so I could see more of Hiei's face. Sure enough, he looked hot. And not just sexy-hot either. His face was misted in sweat and his cheeks as well as over the bridge of his nose was tinted red. His large ruby eyes were half-lidded as though he was tired or sleepy and he looked ready to pass out any second.

"Hiei, you don't look good at all." The bathroom was no longer steam-filled, and I'm sure by now the bath water was cold. I placed the back of my palm on his cheek to feel his temperature.

Hiei shivered at the contact and made a low sound in the back of his throat. Soon after, I was able to hear him purring. I frowned, pulling my hand slowly away and watched as Hiei unconsciously leaned toward my hand. Hiei half-lidded eyes were focused on my hand as I moved it slowly from side to side.

Finally, I placed my hand on his other cheek, palm down. Hiei shivered again, moaning almost inaudibly, then purring.

I smiled, leaning forward to peck a kiss on Hiei's pouty lips, "Hiei..." I said, knowingly, "Are Heat?"

The half-koorime blinked once then a few times more as he pulled away, outraged. "No!"

I smiled wider, "Oh really? Seems like you're in heat to me? Could it be that your heat came about as a result of mine?"

Hiei glared at my smugly smiling face before snorting. With denial written all over his lovely pale face, he grabbed the doorknob, "Shut up, Kurama. You don't know what you're talking about." He said, walking out of the bathroom.

I smirked, "Uh-huh. Whatever you say Hiei." Following behind him, I just chuckled to myself. So that's why Hiei was so angry, his heat had started so suddenly and I stopped him from getting even the slightest bit of release.

I'll really have to make it up to him, I thought, smirking as my eyes flashed gold, but I'm sure with a little Youko help, that won't be a problem.


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