Amy sighed, staring at the beautiful ruby setting sun. They all were back, safe and sound, and currently having a party at Rouge's Club, which was closed at the moment so then they could have their fun. But Amy didn't want to be indoors right now. No. Instead, she wanted to behold a glorious sight that nature made everyday. The sunset.

Meanwhile, Sonic was staring at her through one of the windows.

"Hey, faker. What are you staring at?" Shadow asked, walking up to the blue hedgehog.

"Oh…well…" Sonic moved aside so the ebony hedgehog could see.

The instant he saw it, he had to stifle a laugh. Sonic saw this, and frowned. Shadow looked up to see the sour face, and immediately changed to seriousness.

"You should tell her," he informed, crossing his arms over his chest.

Sonic sighed, releasing the frown. He looked back out at the window. "I know…"

Shadow furrowed his eyebrows. "If you know, then why aren't you?"

No answer.


"I just can't tell her, Shadow! I can't!" the blue hedgehog replied.

"And why not?" Shadow laid a hand on the table beside them.

When he didn't hear a reply, he continued. "You are making this harder than it should be, Sonic."

Sonic sighed. "I know…but…I don't know, Shadow. Maybe something's wrong with me. I can't tell Amy because I'm…"

Shadow waited patiently.

Sonic sighed again. "…I'm scared."

Shadow furrowed his eyebrows. "You're scared? Of what?"

"That's just it! I don't know!"

Shadow reached out with a hand and laid it on the blue hedgehog's shoulder. Slowly, Sonic turned to face his look-a-like.

"Never be afraid to face your unknown fears. They are like creatures of the night. You do not know what they are, yet you know they are there," he stated.

Sonic looked down. "I guess…"

"Now…go and do what you must," Shadow instructed.

Sonic looked back up, and nodded. As soon as he left the building, Shadow sat down to watch…

"Hey, Amy. Something wrong?"

The pink hedgehog turned around to see Sonic walking up to stand beside her. She shook her head.

"No. I just wanted to watch the sun set. Want to watch it with me?" Amy asked, looking at him. "I'd like the company."

Sonic hesitated. "Uh…sure…"

Amy smiled, and then turned her gaze back to the setting sun.

"You know, Sonic? Whenever you run away when I try to hug you, it hurts. Why do you run away?" she asked suddenly.

Sonic was taken aback. "Well…I…um…"

Amy waited patiently for her hero's answer. Sonic sighed. Now would be a better time than ever…

"Amy…there is something I have to tell you…" he began, but the pink hedgehog interrupted.

"Answer my question, first," she informed.

Sonic sighed again. "I don't really know why I run away. I guess it's because I just don't like it when you gush all over me."

Amy turned to face the blue hedgehog. "Well, if that was what it was, then why didn't you ever tell me?"

Sonic shrugged. "I guess it was because you never wanted to listen."

Amy put her hands on her hips. "Well, I would!" She paused a moment to calm herself down, and then asked, "Anyways, what were you going to tell me, Sonikku?"

Sonic winced slightly. He hated that nick-name. "I…well…" Say it! his mind yelled.

"Yes?" Amy inquired.

Spit it out already!



Sonic took what seemed like the biggest breath in the world, gripped Amy's arms, and said, "Iloveyou."

Amy seemed confused. Sonic said it so fast, she had no idea what he just told her. "What?"

Sonic sighed, not meaning to grip her arms tighter (but he did), and said more slowly, "I love you."

Amy's eyes widened. "You…love me?"

Sonic looked down and nodded, loosening his tight grip on her arms.

"Oh, Sonikku!" Amy wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight.

This time, Sonic didn't feel like he was choked. Instead, he felt like a big weight was lifted off of his shoulders. He was surprised at first, but slowly, he wrapped his arms around her as well.


Sonic and Amy turned to see everyone else.

"HEY!" Sonic exclaimed.

Amy only giggled. Sonic rolled his eyes and looked at them, seeing that Shadow was in the front, smiling. The ebony hedgehog winked at him. Sonic winked back.

"Okay, okay! Show's over! Let's leave these two love birds to themselves!" Shadow exclaimed, herding Knuckles, Rouge, and Tails back inside.

Once the door shut, Amy turned to Sonic. The two just stared at each other in silence for a moment.

"Sonic…you don't know how happy I am!" Amy suddenly said.

Affectionately, she laid her head on his chest. Sonic couldn't help but let his cheeks form a light shade of pink. Gently, he lifted a hand and laid it on her head. Slowly, he started to stroke her bangs.

Amy sighed happily, opening her eyes slightly.

Suddenly, a slow grumbling came from Sonic's stomach. The blue hedgehog blushed all the more. Amy's eyes opened completely. She lifted her head and looked at Sonic. The blue hedgehog laughed nervously.

"…Guess I'm hungry. Um…chili dogs?" he asked.

Amy giggled. "Sure. My treat," she answered.

Sonic smiled, and took her hand. The two began their journey to a chili dog stand.

"Hey, Sonic?" Amy asked suddenly.

"Yeah?" Sonic answered.

"Would you call this a date?"

Sonic was stunned. "Definitely not!" he said quickly.

"Aw…why not?" Amy complained.



"Don't push it, okay?"

"Aw…but why not? A date would be really sweet—"

"I said don't push it!"

And as we hear their bickering in the air, we must leave the two, and bring this story to a close….


I know, I know. Horrible ending. Short, and abrupt. I know.

Krystal: Can we get to the disclaimer already?

All right, all right! I do not own any characters. They all belong to SEGA. There, you happy?

Krystal: Yes.