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Sighing in delight, he tipped his head backwards as he propped himself up on his elbows. Though he had only been outside no more than an hour, his tanned skin was already deliciously warmed by the sunlight. It was surprising for it to be so temperate this late in the year, but he wasn't going to complain. There was little else he found more enjoyable than mornings like this. It was only during times like these when he could smell the barest hints of dew on the blades of grass below him and the distinct tang of greenery that surrounded him on all sides. It was the sound of Akamaru running in the distance, the dog's massive paws thundering across the ground as he chased his prey. It was the warm breeze that caressed his bare skin. But, most of all, it was the presence and scent of one particular being that made him smirk as he fought to keep his eyes shut, feigning sleep as long as he could.

Forcing his breathing to remain steady and his heartbeat to slow just a fraction, he inhaled deeply, tasting the very air that was laced with the unique aroma of the person hovering over him. He didn't have to look, nor think at all, as he quickly shifted before the newcomer realized he was awake. In less than the blink of an eye, he pulled the person to the ground, flipping the smaller figure beneath him. Instinctively pinning narrow wrists beneath his own powerful grip, he finally opened his eyes.

"Get off, baka."

Smirking down at the person who could emit such a deep voice that the hairs on the back of his neck stood in a mixture of arousal, and something that he couldn't begin to name, he found himself instantly captivated by a pair of impossibly blue eyes that held none of the seriousness that his voice had been filled with.

Those azure eyes rolled as their owner let out a sigh before allowing himself a moment of immaturity and puffing his marked cheeks outwards. Laughing, he did just as he was commanded, but not before pressing a gentle kiss to the other man's forehead. Slipping off the smaller man, he laid down on his side, keeping one arm wrapped around the firm abdomen he had, only moments before, been sitting on. Despite his gentle restraint, the smaller man still sat up slowly. Those beautiful blue eyes glared down at him and he could only chuckle at the pitiful attempt at anger. He could tell when the younger man was truly angry and now was far from such a time.

"Good morning to you too," he stated as he followed the other man's actions and sat up. Brushing a finger through his mussed hair, he pulled out a few twigs and leaves in his attempt to tame the eternally messy locks. His actions brought a small smile to the other man's lips as his angry features quickly melted into ones of amusement. Seeing that hint of a smile, he felt a warmth run through his chest and, unable to help himself, he leaned forwards and pressed his lips against the younger man's.

No matter how many times he kissed the handsome man before him, each time was like his first. Hesitant at first, he gingerly brushed his tongue along the man's plump lower lip, begging for entrance though they both knew he would immediately be granted it.

Happily swallowing the moan that erupted from the smaller man, he couldn't stop himself from shifting so that he could wrap his arms around the handsome blonde's waist, pulling his smaller frame into his lap where he could properly kiss the younger man senseless. A part of him couldn't help but be amazed at how long it had been since they had first met – when they had fallen in love – when every moment with the blonde was a new discovery for him.

Growing lost in the blonde's gentle arms, he groaned softly before crushing their lips together, his tongue tracing the achingly familiar cavern of his lover's mouth. Though all intelligent thought had left him as soon as he inhaled the scent of the younger man, a part of him was still sane enough to be amazed at how forward his usually shy companion was being.

Trying his luck, he shifted again as he pushed the blonde to the ground and pinned him with ease. Sucking teasingly on the handsome man's lower lip, he ignored the muffled complaint that came out of his lover. He wasn't certain, but it sounded like his beautiful partner had some kind of meeting he had to be at. Ignoring the soft protest, he instead trailed his hand down his lover's body, unnecessarily mapping out every inch of him. He already knew by heart every dip and curve, every defined muscle, and every scar on that beautiful body. Finally coming to the junction between long, powerful legs, he cupped his lover's growing arousal.

Unable to help himself, he let his fingers trail up and down the length of his lover's hardening member, mercilessly teasing his sensitive tip through layers of material, as he broke their kiss in order to nip the man's tanned neck that was begging for his amorous attention.

Almost as soon as his lips left his beautiful lover's, the younger man panted out a comment that made him smirk. "I have a meeting, Kiba… I can't be late! I can't get grass stains on my robes."

Kiba had to smirk at the blonde's half-hearted attempt at getting out of their interlude. Shyness was never a quality of an Inuzuka, especially when it came to lovemaking, but somehow Naruto pulled it off despite being one of the patriarchs of the clan. Few people outside the family knew that the powerful, and once quite loud and obnoxious man could be timid, but the fact remained that the blonde refused to do anything he considered to be fodder for one of his grandfather's smutty novels.

"What if someone sees?!" Naruto whined, still gasping for breath in the delicious way only he could do. Smirking, Kiba happily ignored him and instead went to work pulling his lover's thick robe away from his shoulders, slipping the man's muscular arms out of the expensive material while simultaneously kissing the newly exposed skin. Finally releasing Naruto's arms from the robe, Kiba began kissing his chest. Knowing that there was only so much his sensitive lover could take, he took one of the erect nubs between his sharp teeth and rolled it gently until Naruto let out a sound that made his lower body respond immediately.

Ignoring his hardening member, Kiba began to taste every inch of his magnificent lover, trailing his tongue along hardened muscles that quivered beneath his ministrations. Finally reaching the dip of the blonde's navel, Kiba glanced up and found himself looking into a face that, a few years ago, had made him come without any other stimulation. Now knowing better control of himself, he still felt his member weep as he looked into blue eyes filled with desire. Swollen lips parted slightly in order for their owner to gasp, and a delicious blush graced those scarred cheeks. Though Naruto, with a great deal of blushing and stammering, denied it time and again, Kiba lovingly called his mate his walking wet dream.

Smirking, he heard Naruto give a soft whimper that told him his lover was no longer worried about being caught by someone. For a moment, Kiba glanced down as he ran his fingers along the smooth flesh beneath him. Naruto was, by far, the most desirable person in Konoha, but Naruto refused to believe it. For some reason, the blonde was blind to the fact he was the most wanted man to exist. He had his father's famed looks and spirit, his mother's intelligence, his grandfather's charisma, his grandmother's compassion, his guardian's patience and his godfather's loyalty. Somehow, he had inherited their best qualities and made them into his own. He was perfection and right now wasn't the first time Kiba wondered what he could have possibly done to deserve such a wonderful person.

Their story wasn't a secret. No, since their near-death experience so long ago, their tale became something of legend. Glancing down at his lover's chest, Kiba couldn't help but brush his fingers against the jagged scar that trailed down the younger man's torso. It was a mark that Naruto had hid out of embarrassment for some time, but was one that he had grown to accept and proudly display when they were alone or with family and friends. The mark, just like the blonde himself, was something that reminded Kiba how powerful love could truly be. Not once, in all of their years together, had he ever regretted any of his actions that fateful day. Every moment they spent together, Kiba was reminded how close he had been to losing the man he loved because he had been a coward. Resting his hand over his lover's breastbone, Kiba smiled as he felt the strong heartbeat.

When he was younger, he never thought he would be so happy to hear such a seemingly normal thing, but he now lulled himself to sleep every night as he rested his head on that muscular chest, listening to the powerful beats that told him Naruto would never again have to worry about his heart failing him. Not once, in all the time since that chancy transplant, did Naruto have a single problem and, for that, Kiba was infinitely glad. He never wanted to know that kind of loss again, because he knew that, if it ever came to that again, he would follow Naruto to death. There was no way he could keep on living without the blonde, not hearing his soft laughter or his grumbling, not seeing his bright blue eyes or his few smiles. It was a fate far worse than death for Kiba.

"I love you, Naruto," Kiba said quietly as he brushed his thumb along his lover's marked cheek. As Naruto pressed his darkened skin against the brunet's touch, he smiled. It wasn't often the shy blonde returned those precious, simple words, but they were ones Kiba repeated again and again, though they never lost their meaning over the years. He had once made the mistake of not telling Naruto and, because of that, nearly lost the love of his life. He would never take the chance of Naruto wondering about his feelings again.

Kiba had to take a deep breath as he studied the soft smile on his lover's lips. They had learned over time that words weren't needed, so long as they were sure of one another's feelings, but Kiba still outright told his lover how much he meant to him. He never held it against Naruto for being shy about his own emotions, not after the life Naruto had been forced to live for so long. He would wait an eternity until the blonde felt comfortable enough to scream his love from the top of the Hokage Monument. Gingerly touching his lips to the blonde's cheek, Kiba felt a wave of protectiveness overtake him.

Time and again, he tried to imagine what it was like to grow up without the love and security of a family. Oh, Iruka had done wonders in protecting Naruto, but there was only so much the kindhearted teacher could do to save the blonde from himself and the hatred of the ignorant villagers. Naruto had hidden himself behind that façade of happiness for so long, some people still found it strange when he didn't erupt in one of his excited bouts of screaming nowadays. No, now he could be considered almost soft-spoken. He wasn't timid – at least not in the same sense as Hinata – but he was someone of few words unless he was around people he was very comfortable with - namely, Kiba and their family and closest friends.

Few people outside their close-knit group truly knew Naruto as anything other than the powerful shinobi he truly was. Everyone knew of his and Kiba's love for one another and Naruto's unique lineage, but hardly anyone knew that Naruto loved sleeping in or that he was a sucker for cuddling. Kiba doubted that there were less than a handful of people who knew that Naruto's laughter – a real laugh and not one of his faked ones – was addictive. Even fewer could know for certain that Naruto watched him sleep whenever the blonde was awake and he wasn't, or that the man surprised him constantly with his love and thoughtfulness. Kiba suspected he was the only person to have ever heard Naruto hum a lullaby, or get his cheek kissed by the blonde when he least expected it.

"You didn't answer my question, Dog Breath," Naruto seductively whispered into Kiba's ear, sending a shiver down the brunet's back. The blonde generally saved their pet names for when he wanted to mock Kiba for something or other, but lately, he had started to use them when he was trying to be a little bolder in the bedroom. The combination of that name and the tone of Naruto's voice was one that aroused more than just Kiba's curiosity.

Naruto further surprised him as he pressed their hips together. It would have been impossible not to notice the hardness that pressed into his leg. Thinking back on what Naruto had asked, Kiba let out a bark of laughter when he remembered. What if someone sees?

As his fingers searched out the hardness between his beautiful lover's legs, Kiba answered without a second thought, "If anyone sees us, they will say 'that is one very, very satisfied Hokage.'" Kiba heard the gasp of breath coming out of Naruto as he finished untying the thick robes that revealed the blonde's station, and couldn't help but smirk deviously. He was sure there would be hell to pay later when Naruto was thinking clearly again, but at the moment, his lover was writhing seductively beneath him, his whimpers muffled only by biting his lower lip.

Leaning backwards, Kiba shifted enough that he was kneeling between Naruto's tanned thighs. Grazing his lips along the Hokage's taut belly, he chuckled as Naruto bucked against him, shamelessly begging for his attention somewhere else. Bowing his head, Kiba gave no warning before taking his lover's weeping erection into his mouth.

As his mouth slid down the rigid shaft, Kiba heard a sound come out of his usually quiet lover that made him groan, which only served to stimulate Naruto further. Hands that had a mind of their own trailed across the muscular planes of Naruto's chest and abdomen, as Kiba tightened his lips around his lover's member, his tongue running along the underside of it. He felt Naruto's fingers weave into his hair, guiding his head as the blonde's lean hips began matching his seductively slow pace.

Naruto whimpered as Kiba let his sharpened canines graze teasingly along his sensitive flesh. The strong fingers gripping his hair tightened, but Kiba didn't mind the pull on his scalp at the moment. It was the first time Naruto had ever let him do anything outdoors in the daylight. He wasn't about to protest his lover showing his enjoyment of such treatment.

Adding suction to his actions, Kiba was rewarded with a muffled cry that made warmth pool in his lower body until it was bordering on pain. Doing his best to ignore his own need, Kiba began to speed up, his head bobbing in a natural rhythm that caused his beautiful mate to drop his head back, his mouth opening as he gasped.

"K-Kiba!" Naruto's exclamation, no more than a pant, was one that nearly sent the brunet over the edge. Added to the pulling of his hair and the blonde's thrusts, Kiba felt his self-control begin to crumble. He had never before wanted his lover more than right now, and the realization of that was a heady one.

Taking all of his lover's erection in his mouth, a part of him sure he would embarrass himself and choke at any moment, Kiba slid one hand down between his lover's spread legs and teasingly began to rub one finger against Naruto's entrance. In response, the blonde lifted his hips, thrusting his member even deeper into Kiba's mouth than the brunet thought possible. Unable to bite back the growl that rumbled in his throat, Kiba glanced up at his lover who had nearly choked him, but any and all hard feelings melted when he saw Naruto's face.

It should be a crime to look so delectable, Kiba immediately decided as he continued to watch his lover as he returned to his ministrations. Raising his head up slowly, he simultaneously began to slip one finger into his lover. Already propped up on an elbow, his head tilted so that he could watch, Naruto nearly fell backwards when Kiba's probing finger deliberately pressed against that sensitive spot, sending blinding streaks of pleasure throughout him.

Kiba smirked when he saw Naruto throw his head back, his Adam's apple bobbing deliciously as the blonde swallowed heavily to keep himself from screaming. It only took another moment for Naruto to look back down at him, their gazes meeting. Kiba quickly lost himself in those lust-clouded eyes as he sped up his rhythm just so that he could hear another strangled sound come out of his mate.

"Kiba!" This time, Naruto's cry was loud enough for Kiba to be certain anyone nearby would have heard him. Glad that Akamaru and anyone else who would have heard his timid partner had moved out of hearing distance some time ago, Kiba continued meeting his lover's thrusts until he felt a change in Naruto's entire body.

The blonde's muscular frame tightened underneath Kiba's fingers, every fiber of him quivering. Even with his inhuman hearing, Kiba couldn't discern what exactly Naruto was muttering – or if it was even words at all – but he had the feeling that not even Naruto himself was sure of what was coming out of his mouth at this point.

Hearing his lover's soft mutters turn into outright cries, Kiba mercilessly thrust his finger against his prostate while groaning around Naruto's member. It was that rumbling of his throat that sent the blonde over the edge, and Kiba had no other warning than the tightening of fingers in his hair and the airy scream that echoed in his pounding ears. Tasting the warm, salty liquid spurt into his mouth, Kiba continued to groan as he continued moving his lips up and down his lover's throbbing member, until the blonde fell backwards, his fingers slipping from Kiba's abused scalp.

"S-shit…" Naruto whimpered as Kiba finally released his spent member with a satisfying pop. Sitting back on his heels, the brunet studied his lover, the taste of the younger man's seed still on his tongue. That salty, slightly bitter tang sent a shiver down Kiba's back as his own arousal began throbbing in need.

"Whatever happened to 'not outdoors'?" Kiba asked breathlessly as he quoted one of Naruto's many requests when it came to their sex life. The very fact Naruto hadn't slapped him the moment he had started touching the shy Hokage boggled the mind, but now looking down at his nude lover's trembling body, he was dumbstruck. A surge of blinding desire ran through him as his eyes caught the sheen of sweat on perfectly tanned skin and the rapid rise and fall of the shinobi's scarred chest.

"You're the one who started it…" Naruto retorted, but there was no bite to his grumble. The blonde only had to lie backwards so that he was no longer leaning on his one quivering arm for Kiba to chuckle. Before him was certainly one satisfied Hokage. "Shut up, you horny bastard."

"Horny doesn't even begin to describe what I am right now," Kiba replied with a smirk, ignoring the fact his words were almost indiscernible because, at that moment, his entire body, including his tongue, went numb when he saw the bright crimson cover his mate's marked cheeks. Shifting so that he could loom over his obviously exhausted lover, Kiba took a moment to brush his lips against Naruto's.

"I'm not stopping you," Naruto stated before returning the kiss with renewed desire. Kiba nearly squeaked when he realized what his painfully timid lover had all but demanded. It had to be a dream – and what a wonderful, delicious, and orgasmic dream it was! Not one to second-guess his good luck, Kiba pressed his weight down on his smaller lover, his stiff member pressing against Naruto's hardening one.

Littering his lover's neck in licks and nips, Kiba was unable to control himself as his lower body positioned itself at Naruto's entrance on its own accord. Without a single thought, he pushed into the blonde, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from the Hokage that matched his own cry in loudness.

"K-Kiba!" Naruto cried out, shifting his hips to better accommodate his mate, as his legs wrapped around the brunet's midsection. When he was fully sheathed inside his lover, Kiba let out a growl of possessiveness. A shot of animalistic lust raced through him as he took a moment to look down at the gasping blonde, whose fingers were climbing up his chest, leaving a searing sensation in their wake.

Pulling out almost completely, Kiba slammed back into Naruto and was rewarded with another gasp from his lover. Repeating his motions, painfully slowly for the aroused brunet, Kiba waited until he could feel a hardness jutting against his abdomen before speeding up. Despite his exhaustion only moments earlier, Naruto was able to keep up with his thrusts, despite the trembling of his own body as his own erection – still overly sensitive from before – was toyed with by one of his lover's hands. Kiba's other hand slipped under Naruto's hips, pulling the blonde's lower body into the air with ease.

Hooking his legs over Kiba's tightly corded shoulders, Naruto shifted the angle of his hips a fraction. The blonde gasped as his new position allowed his lover to fill him more completely than ever before. From the gasp that came from Kiba, the brunet was just as delightfully surprised as he was.

"Naruto…" In all their years together, Kiba had never once had such a blinding wave of pleasure hit him, as the one that now left him unable to think clearly beyond knowing that he was reaching his limits. Tightening his grip around his lover's erection, it took no more than a few strokes, matching his thrusts, to make Naruto come for a second time. As the warm fluid coated his abdomen and hand, Kiba shivered, feeling his own release washing over him in a mind-blowing avalanche of sensations, that left him trembling long after he came inside his beautiful mate.

For several moments, Kiba found himself soaring, no longer aware of his body or his surroundings. When he finally started to come back down from his high, he could feel the rapid heartbeat beneath his own and a warm body cushioning him from the hard ground. Powerful, but impossibly gentle arms were wrapped around him and fingers were delicately tracing circles in his back.

"Horny bastard," Naruto repeated with a chuckle, tightening his arms around his rousing lover. Kiba could only join in, laughing at his own quick release. Any other time, he would have been able to last for quite some time, but the sight of his lover – the taste of him – mixed in with the scents of the forest that now teased his nostrils, was just too much for the brunet.

"Oi, I'm not the one that was begging," Kiba mumbled groggily against his lover's sweat-coated chest, unable to muster the strength to look up into the blue eyes he knew were looking down at him.

"Next time you decide to sunbathe in the nude, please warn me," Naruto replied as he trailed his fingers down his lover's bare back, tracing the dips and ridges of his spine. He could only smirk when he felt Kiba shiver under his ministrations.

"It's nothing you haven't seen before," Kiba pointed out as he finally worked up the ability to slide most of his weight off of his lover, but he still kept one arm thrown possessively across the Hokage's chest and his legs intertwined with his mate's.

"And what if someone just happened to walk by? Anyone could have seen you!" Naruto hissed, but Kiba knew there was no real anger in him over finding the brunet lounging out in the grass with not a single stitch of clothing covering him. "Not to mention the fact your parents are coming over this afternoon for a visit… along with my family! I am not going to be the one to explain to my grandfather why my husband is laying out here with nothing on."

"You worry too much," Kiba replied before brushing his lips against the crease that had formed between his mate's pale eyebrows. Naruto glared at him for a moment, but finally gave up his annoyance with a sigh. "Anyways, I'm not the one who got questionable stains all over my robes when I have a meeting with Gaara in a little bit…"

"So you did know about the meeting!" Naruto stated accusingly, trying to glare at his lover, but the feigned innocence on Kiba's face made him give up with a sigh. Sometimes the man was just too cute for his own good. With a squeak, Naruto recalled what Kiba said about his Hokage robes. "Stains?!"

Kiba could only cackle as he rolled over to evade his husband's swatting. Moving to stand and hoping his legs were finally strong enough to hold his weight, Kiba snickered when he saw Naruto look down at the crumpled robes they had used as a makeshift bed. At that moment, the Hokage's flushed cheeks – proof of earlier events – turned an impressive crimson that Kiba never thought was possible for his tanned husband.

"Gaara will never let me live this down!!!" Naruto screeched as he pulled his robes back on, doing his best to hide the obvious stains on the material. Kiba could only chuckle; it wouldn't be the first time the Kazekage found out more than he wanted to know about their sex life. How many times had Gaara had the misfortune of walking in on them? Then again, with their heightened senses, Kiba and Naruto knew exactly what the redhead and his pale-eyed lover were up to.

Kiba snorted as Naruto began brushing his fingers through his hair, the long golden locks somehow returning to something close to normal within a few moments. The brunet didn't even want to know how bad his own hair looked. "So what is the meeting for?" Kiba asked curiously as he inched over to the edge of the clearing. Grabbing the pair of pants he had flung there earlier in the morning when he decided to lay outside in all his nude glory, he quickly put them back on before anyone did have the misfortune to walk by.

Naruto glared at him a moment, but could only sigh when Kiba returned to him, shirtless but at least having something modestly covering him. "Nothing with the villages… we were planning Kankuro and Hinata's anniversary party," he replied as he rolled his eyes; his husband knew full well what he and Gaara had been sneaking around for the past few weeks for. With three days left, the wedding anniversary was approaching quickly, but the two Kages were certain that they would pull everything together by then.

Kiba whistled as he came to stand in front of his husband. "Ten years, ne?" With that, he licked his lover's nose teasingly and quickly dodged the slap Naruto aimed at him. Hopping backwards, he smirked as he feigned surprise. "Our anniversary is coming up to, isn't it? I almost forgot." In all actuality, Kiba couldn't forget that they had been married for ten years, but he couldn't pass up an opportunity to rile up his husband.

"I'll sic Hinata and Haiiro on you," Naruto grumbled with narrowed eyes. Kiba could only laugh at the blonde's threat. His laughter subsided when his impeccable hearing picked up the sound of approaching figures. He didn't have to turn know who the four people entering the clearing were. Their scents were ones he knew as well as his own.

"Threatening Kiba this early in the morning? You should be ashamed of yourself, gaki." Kiba turned and smiled brightly at the beautiful woman who walked up to them, a dark-haired child curled up in her arms. The child was in every way her complete opposite – pudgy where she was impossibly slender, his features dark where hers were the palest imaginable.

Without another word, she gently placed the chubby toddler into Kiba's open arms, ruffling his hair before stepping back and studying the tall jounin and the babe sleeping contently in his arms. It was amazing to see such a powerful shinobi delicately holding such a tiny child, incapable of ever harming the baby.

"Arf arf!" Haiiro-sama just fell asleep. Akamaru's mothering hen complex was something everyone was surprised by, but very thankful for. The massive canine that now plopped down before Kiba, was the perfect nanny for the boy in Kiba's arms, as well as his sister who now slid down from the dog's back.

"So what have the four of you been up to?" Kiba couldn't help but ask as he knelt before the little girl now looking up at him with her unusual eyes. Her round face broke out into a broad grin that showed off her pointed teeth and distorted her facial tattoos ever so slightly. "What did my little Hinata-chan do this morning?"

"We chase Aki-Aki," the child stated proudly with her impossibly cute lisp. Akamaru only rolled his soft brown eyes at her nickname for him, but the dog never once tried to get her to call him by his actual name. Kiba glanced over at his dog, knowing that the leader of the Inuzuka canines was actually pleased with his pet name from the heiress.

"It seems that Haiiro-sama and Hinata-sama have already mastered manipulating stupid dogs," the beautiful woman stated smugly, receiving a half-hearted growl from Akamaru. Kiba could only chuckle – those two had had a rivalry for nearly ten years, for reasons no one else understood.

"Stop baiting him, Kyuubi," Naruto commented before he bent down and scooped the little brunette into his arms, swinging her around a few times before settling her against his chest.

"Daddy, we pin Jii-Jii too!" The toddler squealed, uncaring that her brother was sleeping mere inches away from her. Naruto raised his eyebrow, wondering how the little girl and her equally small twin had pinned Kakashi. Then again, the once hard-hearted jounin did melt when with his beloved niece and nephew. Just last week, Iruka had captured pictures of Kakashi playing "horsey" with the twins. Naruto now kept multiple copies of those for whenever he had the need to blackmail his godfather. That thought made him chuckle, remembering the first time Sasuke had been conned into babysitting his two little cousins. The twins had only once heard their father call him 'Teme' and, from that day on, that had been his nickname, much to the stoic man's chagrin. Though he tried to be annoyed, even Sasuke was unable to stay mad at the twins for mocking him constantly. They, much like their brunet father, were just too cute for their own good at times.

"You did!" Naruto exclaimed, surprise and pride in his voice as he squeezed the little girl to his chest. "What about Ruru?" He inwardly sniggered, infinitely happy that the twins had picked up on Kakashi's nickname for the academy teacher. It was priceless to see Iruka's face fall the first time the twins called him it. He had all but kicked Kakashi out of their home for a week, going on about corrupting the minds of the youth. Iruka really did despise that nickname.

"He sleepy!" Hinata pouted, her pale eyes telling Kiba and Naruto that she and her brother had done their very best to wake up the exhausted academy teacher. Of course, both men had the feeling that it was her and her brother's fault that Iruka was tired. It seemed like the teacher never got to rest whenever his niece and nephew came for a sleepover. Kakashi, on the other hand, slept like a log and only roused when Iruka had the twins go bounce on his stomach to wake him up.

Kiba had to smile as he glanced at the twins. The two children were, by far, one of the greatest parts of his life, equal only to Naruto. Even now, nearly three years after their birth, Kiba still couldn't thank his best friend – his sister in all but blood – for giving him this gift. The only things that revealed their maternal bloodline were their lavender eyes. Their olive-toned skin, their dark hair – even the red marks down their cheeks – everything else about them proved their Inuzuka lineage. The twins were, in nearly every way, his and Naruto's children.

Glancing down at his beloved son, Kiba smiled sadly as he recalled the boy's namesake. It had been nearly eight years since the head of the Inuzuka canines had passed, leaving Akamaru to take over. As soon as he first held the small babe, Kiba knew that it was the only name he could give the fragile baby, in memory of his beloved friend and family member for helping him. In those first few months after he essentially came back to life, it was Haiiro who helped him and his father to work out their differences. It was because of that canine that he and his aging father were now able to smile at each other and, on the rare occasion, laugh together as they watched the new generation of the Inuzuka clan play.

Similarly, his daughter had been given the name of the woman who Kiba owed so much to. When Hinata and Kankuro were told the horrible news – that it would be almost impossible for the Puppet Master to father children – they resigned themselves to a childless marriage. It had nearly destroyed Hinata for a while, until she told Kiba that she would give him the ultimate gift – a child to continue his line.

Instead of becoming parents themselves, Hinata and Kankuro sat back selflessly and watched as Naruto and Kiba fumbled with parenthood. No number of books and advice-filled conversations prepared them for the sleepless nights and stress-filled days, but every moment was worth it. Kiba looked down at his son, knowing he wouldn't have changed anything.

Pressing his lips against his son's hairline, Kiba decided he would have to visit Hinata later and thank her again for being a saint. Ever since she had found out that miracles could truly happen – that she and Kankuro had conceived a child all their own despite the bleak diagnosis – the couple had permanently moved to Konoha. Their first son was born only a few weeks ago, but already was proving to be just like his shy uncle for whom he was named for. Already, the red-haired baby had mastered his uncle's coldest glare. Of course, little Gaara's expressions lost their effectiveness as soon as he broke out into peals of laughter when someone swept him up into their arms and tickled the boy.

Most people assumed that the baby was named after his uncle because of his shockingly bright red hair, pale green eyes, and everything else that made him into a miniature of the Kazekage, but Kiba was one of the few who knew he was named thus because it was Gaara who ended up delivering his nephew when he and Hinata were walking back together from a relaxing day at the Hidden Village of Waterfall. Perhaps the most surprising part was that Gaara had, mere moments after his little nephew let out his first wail, decided he was squeamish and promptly passed out cold. It was a secret Hinata had only let leak to Kiba and Kankuro, but it had somehow gotten back to Neji, who now mocked his husband to no end.

"So how is little Gaara? Probably already his uncles' favorite, ne?" Naruto asked, pulling his husband from his thoughts as he smirked at the Kyuubi and Akamaru. It was no secret that Gaara and Neji had no urge for children of their own, pointing out that both of their lines would continue through their siblings and cousins' children, but that didn't stop them from already beginning their plots to spoil their newly born nephew.

"Even Shukaku is a sucker for the little brat," the Kyuubi replied with a chuckle at her fellow demon's downfall under the adorable baby who loved to tug on his uncle's matching hair. No one had to point out that she had a large soft spot for her own kit's offspring, her beloved grandchildren, if one wanted to be technical. Though not related by blood, those two babies now in their fathers' arms were as much Naruto's as anyone could ever hope them to be. Their personalities were so much like his own, it was hard to believe he didn't donate anything genetically. In them, she could see the baby Naruto would have been, had it not been for his unique circumstances. He would have been the bouncy, ever-laughing child that his own children were.

Leaning back on her feet, the demon looked at the two men through her permanently mortal eyes. Ever since Kiba had awoken nearly ten years ago, she decided to permanently bind her chakra to the pair of young men, which left her in her current form. No one could mistake her for a human, but at the same time, she was allowed to move around the village without striking fear into every heart. People now saw her as a respected figure that had aided in saving their beloved Hokage – and it was because of the efforts of that blonde and his lover that she now smiled when she looked at their unconventional family. They taught her the full spectrum of human emotions, but mostly, they showed her what she had never known in her demonic life before being contained in Naruto. They taught her what it meant to love and be loved in return. Those two men, who now looked at each other as though no one else could see them, were the two most courageous beings she had ever met, but they weren't simply strong because of their abilities or their energy. No, it was far more than that.

The two men, the famed patriarchs of the Inuzuka clan, weren't simply each other's best friend, but each other's lover, partner, and other half. To anyone with an ounce of sense, it was obvious that they were made for each other. Even now, ten years after their near-death experience, their love for one another was so strong, no one could ever doubt what they felt for one another. It was in that bond that she could see their strength.


Kiba silently spun around when he heard the floorboards behind him creak, threatening to wake up the two toddlers now curled up in their cribs. Letting out a sigh of relief when Naruto stepped into the room, he knew that the twins wouldn't wake up. If anything, his husband's presence put them into a deeper sleep. It was one of Naruto's unique abilities that had saved them from insanity on many occasions in the past. Gesturing for Naruto to move outside the room, Kiba followed him and, with all the caution an elite jounin such as he could muster, he closed the door.

"They're finally asleep?" Naruto asked, though he already knew the answer. It was more of a sigh of relief than anything else, but Kiba still nodded his head slowly as they continued down the hallway to their own bedroom.

"They were exhausted. I love when they visit Kakashi and Iruka," Kiba replied happily as he pulled his mate into his arms. "They might even sleep until a sane hour tomorrow morning." Both men reveled in such a wonderful thought. Neither shinobi was sure where the twins got it from, but the two toddlers were up before sunrise every day and, if their fathers dared to sleep in after six, they were in their room, bouncing on them until they were fully awake. Lately, Kiba and Naruto had finally given up on trying to lock their door, since even that wasn't enough to keep their children out. Apparently Kakashi was already teaching them many advanced shinobi skills, which included picking locks and torturing their tired parents.

Naruto could only shake his head when he looked up at the brunet and saw the lustful glint in his eyes. Slapping away Kiba's grabbing hands for a moment, he finally leaned into his husband's embrace and pressed a kiss against the taller man's neck. "I can't believe it… nearly ten years…"

"You say it like we're already getting old," Kiba replied with a snort. Since this morning, he too had been thinking about their past ten years together, but he didn't think of it as a long time. To him, everything passed in the blink of an eye. "We aren't even thirty yet…"

"That's not what I mean, baka," Naruto said as he rolled his eyes. "Ten years together is really long… the only people who have been together longer than us are Iruka, Kakashi, Gaara, Neji, Hinata, and Kankuro." Naruto put up his fingers as he listed the names, and then he looked up into his husband's amused face.

"Well, technically, your grandparents have been together on and off for far longer than they care to admit…" Kiba pointed out with a smirk as he let his hands trail down his lover's back. "Anyways, we just happen to have admitted our feelings for each other earlier than our friends. If I wasn't such an idiot, I would have told you back when we were in the academy together. We would have definitely been together the longest then!"

"You aren't an idiot," Naruto replied reflexively before pressing a kiss between his husband's collar bones. "And that still isn't what I meant. I mean, within ten years, we have gotten married and had two beautiful children. You became an elite jounin seven years ago and I've been Hokage for four years. It just seems like so much has happened in such a short period of time."

"Ten years is over a third of your life," Kiba stated, smirking when Naruto smacked him gently for being purposely difficult. "I know what you mean," he added before gingerly kissing Naruto's head. At times, he was amazed at his own good fortune, but now that he thought about it, everything strangely seemed to have a ring of familiarity to it. "Hm…"

"What 'hm'?" Naruto questioned as he stepped back to look at the brunet with a raised eyebrow. Kiba was about to open his mouth to say 'nothing,' but caught a glimpse of his lover's expression and thought better of brushing off his surprised sound.

"I was just remembering something from… a long time ago," Kiba replied as he smiled down at his lover. "Tsunade had me read a letter from your father."

"I read it," Naruto whispered as he moved closer to his husband, burying his head against Kiba's strong chest in order to hide the wateriness of his eyes. It was a note his grandmother had given to him the day of his 'official' wedding to his beloved husband. She had given him a weepy smile when he had finished reading it, and all she could say was that she, and everyone else, had misinterpreted everything his parents had told them in their letters. Gingerly kissing his husband's breastbone, Naruto let out a shaky breath, glad that he had some kind of proof his parents – people he never truly knew, but still loved with every fiber of his being – approval of his life with Kiba. "What about it?" he asked, unsure he wanted to know why his husband had read that same letter.

"I was just wondering if everything would have happened the same way if your mother hadn't foreseen everything," Kiba said as he dropped his head to rest his chin on Naruto's head. "I'm glad she and your father approve of me, but it is kind of surprising that they knew about Haiiro and Hinata and that you would become Hokage…" he trailed off, closing his eyes. He could still remember what it had been like to tap into abilities similar to those of Naruto's mother. He had seen how unsure Naruto's future had once been, but his mother-in-law had been so certain of her son's future when all Kiba could have seen were blurry and fading possibilities. Now, on the off-chance he used the borrowed Uchiha abilities, he would see that Naruto was going to live a long and happy life and that, for the rest of his own days, he would be at his husband's side.

Smiling to himself, he knew better than to tell Naruto that he had the same ability as his mother. He had kept it hidden for ten years, not because of any selfish motive, but because it was a power no one should have and, in ten years, he had used the ability only a handful of times. Namely, on their wedding day, the day their children were born, and the day Naruto was named Hokage. The three greatest days of his life, he had been unable to help himself from peeking into the future and what he saw was enough to make him chuckle now.

"Did you ever wonder what your father meant by becoming a father yourself?" Kiba smirked, recalling one image that had resurfaced itself time and again, since he saw a glimpse of their happy life together. Even now, that pair of impossibly blue eyes still were as clear as though he had truly seen them before him. Of course, the slight animalistic shape of them, mixed with the deep red marks down rounded, unscarred cheeks, were enough to assure Kiba who exactly that little boy had been.

"I am a father," Naruto stated proudly, but saw a flicker of something in Kiba's eyes that made him wonder what his lover was getting at. As soon as it hit him, he took a step backwards and found his jaw dropping. "You mean for me to… but we have the twins already…"

Leaning forwards, Kiba pressed a gentle kiss against Naruto's furrowed forehead, but didn't know how to tell his blonde mate that the twins were only the first of a small army of brats he had seen. He never wanted a house filled with children until the first time he held his own and, having fallen in love with them, he knew that it was about time to repopulate the dwindling Inuzuka clan. It didn't matter to him or to any other member of his clan anymore who possessed their unique traits. They had accepted Naruto with open arms and now, despite his blonde hair and blue eyes, he was just as much an Inuzuka as Kiba. Running his finger along the marks that trailed down his husband's cheeks – tattoos that Naruto had been proud to receive nearly ten years ago – Kiba smiled. In return, Kiba too had marked himself as belonging to his lover. Anyone who had ever seen him shirtless knew of the large black mark that covered his left breast, and it brought a smile to the faces of those who knew of his and Naruto's relationship. It was obvious what that permanent spiral meant.

"What did you see exactly?" Naruto asked curiously, surprising Kiba enough for the taller man to take a stumbling step backwards. "Oh, don't try pretending you don't know what I mean. I've seen your Sharingan before and it didn't take much for me to figure out what you were seeing."

"You knew?" Kiba asked in amazement, momentarily staring at his lover. The pale eyebrow that rose in response made him chuckle. He should have known that the most powerful shinobi in the village – and the man who had stolen his heart – was someone who knew his every secret. "I'm sorry I didn't tell y-"

"Shh," Naruto said as he pinched his husband's lips between two fingers. "I understand… I'm just curious about what you saw. I don't want to know the entire future. I already know that." That final statement made Kiba furrow his own eyebrows, trying to figure out what his lover meant by it. Few people who had known Naruto as a problem child would have recognized him as the extremely intelligent, perceptive and compassionate man before Kiba now. Kiba had seen that amazing change come around and couldn't help but chuckle at his own stupidity in thinking Naruto would not have pieced things together a long time ago.

"I saw a little blue eyed boy… he might just turn into one of the greatest shinobi Konoha has ever seen…" Kiba hinted, smirking at his husband as Naruto blinked several times before breaking out into a true smile that seemed to light up Kiba's entire world. Before dropping his head down to kiss those upturned lips, with all the passion he felt for his lover and best friend, he asked a question: "Now, what do you think our future holds?"

Needless to say, it was some time before Naruto got to answer that question. When he finally had the chance to tell his husband about his prediction, he foretold a long and happy life together, surrounded by family and friends. It was one that had the ring of a fairy tale, but one that Kiba knew for certain wasn't simply wishful thinking, but a true possibility. After all, their story might be one filled with mythology, but more importantly, it was the endless love between a dog and a fox that let them find their very own happily ever after.


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