Dear Readers,

I regret to inform you that I am going to be putting this story on an indefinite hiatus/discontinuation. The reason behind this isn't due to a lack of will to write but rather due to a lack of planning. I started this story without an idea, but no plan, and very limited experience writing. I just kept coming up with new and interesting ideas and twists to move the story forward, but with each new idea I unwittingly dug myself into a deeper and deeper hole. I forgot that this was a story and not a TV show which can go on forever, and by the time I realized that I had so many loose ends that there was no way I could ever wrap them all up or at the very least make a satisfactory ending.

I'll be starting on a new project soon, one that will be even bigger and better (but not longer, or at least I hope not) than this one, but it won't happen immediately. I've learned from my mistakes and will be planning this one out first. I just want to thank everyone that followed this story and I hope that I'll get to hear from some of you again. I've appreciated all the input you guys have given me since it's really helped me learn and grow as a writer.

Until next we meet (and I really do hope there is a next time).


Soul of the Silver Phoenix