Bill looked at his family as he stood there holding his dead brother. He hadn't believed Dumbledore when he has apparated to bill just after dawn this morning. He didn't believe that it was all going to end today. Little did he know that by the end of the day, he would be on the winning side and yet had lost so much.

Bill gently laid Ron on the ground and cleared his throat, "Mum."

Mrs. Weasley heard Bill and through her tears, looked up at her eldest son.

"Mum, I saw it. I saw it all. He kept fighting even after that snake had struck. He took out four more Death Eaters before he collapsed. One had been about to send the killing curse at Hermione. And he defended her with his last breath." Bill was only slightly surprised to find himself crying. "He's a hero mum."

Mr. Weasley nodded at his wife the looked to his children, "And now we need to take care of his wife." He stood and pulled his wife up beside him. "Come on dear. Let Charlie and Bill take care of this. We need to check on Hermione."

Mrs. Weasley nodded weakly and allowed her self to be apparated away leaving her children on the battlefield. When they arrived at St. Mungo's they were directed to a secure wing of the hospital that was out of the chaos that came from the aftermath of the battle. Mrs. Weasley allowed herself to be guided toward where they were told Hermione's room was.

Down the hall, they saw Harry sitting on the floor outside a door they assumed Hermione was behind. Mrs. Weasley kneeled on the floor beside Harry and cradled him like a child. She felt him shudder and take several deep breaths before he looked up from her face to Mr. Weasley's questioningly. He saw a slight nod from Mr. Weasley and knew this was not a nightmare that he hoped to wake from. He knew that Ron was in fact dead.

Just then, the door opened and the healer came out. "Mr. Potter, I understand you brought Mrs. Weasley in. Did you see what happened to her?"

Harry shook his head no, and Mr. Weasley interrupted, "My son, Bill did. Do you need him?"

Healer Jones nodded, "Yes. Mrs. Weasley's condition is unknown until we find out what curse she was hit with."

Mr. Weasley stood up and patted his wife on the back, "I'll be back as soon as possible." He walked down the hall to the floo network and flooed to the Burrow where Bill and his other son's were. He walked out into the garden where Bill and Charley were preparing Ron's body. He sat heavily on a stump and sighed into his hands.

Seeing their father, Bill and Charlie stopped what they were doing and went to sit by their father. Bill spoke first, "Anything else happen, dad?"

Mr. Weasley shook his head no, "Nothing I know about, Bill. But I was sent to fetch you. The healers need to talk to you about the spell that hit Hermione." Looking around the yard he asked, "Where are the others?"

Charlie answered, "The twins and Percy are digging out by the Quidditch Pitch. Do I need to get them?"

"No," Mr. Weasley answered. "If you can spare the time, Bill, the healers are anxious to talk to you. And I think Harry will feel better once you get there to talk to the healers." Mr. Weasley looked around his back garden remembering the many family dinners they had had and the many celebrations. He had been looking forward to celebrating the end of the war with his family in this garden, but now…he wasn't sure what would happen next.

Bill stood and offered a hand to his father, "Come on, dad. Let's get this over with so we can make the rest of the plans for Ron."

Mr. Weasley and Bill flooed back to St. Mungo's and moved as quickly as they could to the private area where Hermione was. They tried to keep a low profile when they saw that members of the press were already flooding the lobby. It was well known that Mr. Weasley and his family were close to Harry and Mr. Weasley and Bill did not want to attract any more attention to where Harry's whereabouts were.

As they approached Hermione's room, Bill began to feel very anxious. He has the sudden urge to run to the nearest pub and drown himself in a pint. Hermione's room was in the same hallway that Fleur had been. He began having flashes of that night and of the Delacours outrage that he had allowed Fleur to chase after the werewolf Greyback.

Taking a deep breath, Bill put a comforting hand on Harry's shoulder, nodded at his mother and pushed his way through the door into Hermione's room.

The healer looked up and immediately recognized Bill. He had been on duty when Fleur Delacour had been brought in and had remembered Bill's anguish when he learned of his fiancé's death and then her infidelity. Extending his hand to Bill, the healer introduced himself, "I'm Healer Smyth. I'm in charge of Mrs. Weasley's care. I understand you saw the curse that hit her. Could you describe it?"

Bill shook the healer's hand, recognizing Healer Smyth he gave him a weary smile. "It had a purple hue. The color was concentrated at the point where it hit Hermione and the color was dispersed and faded the further from the point of impact. I saw the same curse cast while in Egypt."

Healer Smyth nodded his head, "Do you know the name or what it does?"

Bill looked a bit shocked, "You mead you don't know what it does? It's a horrible curse. If it is not stopped it will cause her systems to fail one at a time." Bill took out his wand and began waving it over Hermione. A green hue showed up on her skin at the point of impact of the curse and had only spread a few centimeters. Bill quickly began casting other spells to see if Hermione had any other injuries.

After several long moments, Bill pushed a hand through his hair and turned back to the healer, "It seems that the curse has not spread much. I'm not sure why. When I saw it cast in Egypt, the bloke that got hit didn't live much longer that a day. But for some reason, Hermione has been able to fight it. It is concentrate on her right shoulder and has only spread down to her elbow." Bill paused for a moment, feeling a bit out of place he asked Healer Smyth, "Is the baby okay?"

Healer Smyth's head snapped up from where he had been writing on his clip board, "Baby? What baby?"

Bill looked a bit astonished and had to swallow before answering, "Hermione's baby. One of the spells I did checking for other damage also tests for pregnancy. If the curse had spread father that it has, she would need powerful treatments that could harm a baby. But since it's only spread a short distance, I should be able to reverse the curse a little bit at a time."

Healer Smyth thought that steam was going to come out of his ears he was so very mad. He strode to the door and bellowed out into the hall for the mediwitch that had assessed Hermione when she arrived. Seeing the horrified look on the Weasley's and Harry's face, the healer quickly back peddled as much as possible. "I'm sorry folks…it's been a very long day for us all and I can't read her handwriting. Mrs. Weasley is doing well and with Bill's help she will make a full and speedy recovery."

It seemed that everyone in the hall let out a collective breath. Harry spoke first, "When will she wake? When can we see her?"

Bill had stepped up behind Healer Smyth, "It will be a bit yet before she wakes, Harry. She is using a lot of magic to hold the curse at bay. I will begin working on reversing the curse as soon as the Healers finish checking her out. Healer Smyth has called for the mediwitch so we can make sure of the notes she took when she first arrived and then he is calling in another Healer for a second opinion." Seeing the mediwitch scurrying down the hall, Bill looked directly at Harry then his mum, "Why don't you all go get some tea. The tea shop is just up stairs."

Just behind the mediwitch, Bill could see a long mane of red hair winding its way down the hall, "Besides, here comes Ginny. She will want to know everything and if you lot go get some tea, you can find a private room to talk." Seeing that Harry was about to baulk at leaving the hallway, he turned to Ginny, "Hey smidge…take Harry and mum and dad for tea. They can tell you everything while the Healer finishes his exam. I'll send word if anything changes and if he finishes before you get back." He gave Ginny a hard stare and she understood that he really needed everyone out of the way for a few minutes.

Ginny grabbed Harry's hand and ran her other had though his hair and rested it on his cheek, "Come on luv…I was very worried when I couldn't find you." She tugged Harry down the hall, "Come on mum and dad, I think we could all use some tea."

Knowing his sister would keep everyone away until he sent for them, Bill turned back to listen to what Healer Smyth was saying, "Absolutely incompetent behavior. You know that it is standard procedure to do a pregnancy test on every woman who comes in here unconscious and is in her childbearing years. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

The mediwitch looked down at the floor, "I'm terribly sorry, sir. It's that we got busy and I forgot to do the test and by the time I remembered you were already in her so I figured you'd do one with your exam."

Healer Smyth took a deep breath and counted to ten. "Ms Hinder, the ward getting busy is no excuse for not performing your duties. If we had proceeded with the treatment recommended to reverse this curse on Mrs. Weasley, it would have killed the baby. Luckily, Mr. Weasley here assures me that he can reverse the curse and not cause any harm."

The mediwitch looked up and for the first time noticed Bill standing in the room. She sputtered and then whispered, "But…But sir…he's…he's…a werewolf."

Healer Smyth's eyes hardened as he looked at the mediwitch. "Ms Hinder, you will report to your supervisor's office immediately and wait there until I arrive to discuss this with you."

Looking startled the mediwitch could do nothing but nod and scramble out of the room.

Healer Smyth turned and began to apologize to Bill but Bill cut him off, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause a problem. I'll show you how to perform the counter curse and then I'll go. My family will be glad to stay and give Hermione a hand."

Healer Smyth put a restraining hand on Bill's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Mr. Weasley, Bill. I wish you to stay. You have the best knowledge on how to help your sister-in-law. Ms Hinder's attitude is not shared by myself nor the head of the obstetrics' department." Seeing that Bill was about to continue his withdrawal, Healer Smyth continued, "Bill, you are the best hope of saving Hermione and the child."

Bill looked up at Healer Smyth and nodded once then took a seat to wait for the head of the Obstetrics' department. They did not have long to wait and few minutes later a rather rotund woman came ambling through the door dictating to a quill as she walked. Seeing Healer Smyth she stopped her dictation and extended a hand to him, "Good to see you Bob. It does my heart good to get a consultation today of all days." Seeing movement from the corner, Healer Janis turned and eyed Bill, "Are you the father?"

Bill shook his head no, "My brother was. He died today."

Healer Janis nodded, noticing the tale-tale hair she asked, "You one of Arthur Weasley's boys?" Not waiting for an answer, she continued, "I'm terribly sorry. But if what I hear, that Harry Potter has given us a bit of peace for a while at least." Turning back to the bed, Healer Janis asked, "So what is her condition?"

Bill listened with half an ear as Healer Smyth went through the story. He watched as Hermione lay there, not moving. His heart went out to her. He didn't know what they were going to do when she woke up. Tradition stipulated that Ron's burial could not take place without the closest relative present and since Ron and Hermione were married, that made Hermione his closest relative. But the burial also had to take place with in three days according to wizarding law. Bill did not think Hermione would wake up before those three days were up.

Bill was jerked out of his musings by Healer Janis asking him a question. He blinked several times and looked up, "I'm sorry, ma'am. I was just thinking."

Healer Janis gave Bill a small smile knowing that he truly did have a lot on his mind. As the head of her department, she had been the one to confirm that Fleur was pregnant and the paternity of the baby. She had also heard the rumors of his drunken binges. She patted Bill on the back, "its okay son. We've all had a lot to deal with today. Now tell me about this curse that hit her."

Bill spent fifteen minutes describing how he came to know about the curse and how the counter curse would work. Healer Janis took her quill and began taking notes. She nodded along as he spoke only stopping him to clarify a few points. After Bill finished, Healer Janis began her exam. Knowing that she was already pregnant, her exam did not take long. Taking a step back, she addressed both Healer Smyth and Bill, "The babies are fine. I see no evidence of compromise. They are two weeks and tree days old and are growing normally. Discounting the cursed area, Mrs. Weasley is in good overall health and should not have any trouble carrying the twins to term. Once she is back home, I would like her to have monthly check-ups until she is 16 weeks along. Then we will do bi-weekly check-ups for six weeks and then go to weekly check-ups." Turning she addressed Bill, "I suggest that you wait until tomorrow, if possible to cast the first counter curse. This will give her some time to restore some strength."

Bill nodded, "What ever you two suggest, we will follow. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to summon my family so they can hear the good news."

Healer Smyth nodded and opened the door, "That's fine Bill. We will leave you to tell them." He took a small orb out of his pocket and handed it to Bill. "This will alert you should her condition change and we need to begin the counter curse sooner. Hopefully this will allow you and your family to go home and get some rest tonight."

Bill nodded and shook both Healers' hands, "We really appreciate all you're doing for Hermione. Thank you."