No Need to Say Goodbye

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She threw a punch at the elder Uchiha brother, who of course was easily able to dodge it. He watched her short, pink hair follow behind her with each graceful move. He knew something was wrong when he found that he was unable to predict these movements, but despite that fact, he still thought it would be easy to defeat her. She was obviously nowhere near as strong as his little brother whose now lifeless body lay near them.

She continued to rapidly throw punches and kick. She wasn't concentrating on accuracy or strength, but rather the memories of the previous nights which were replaying in her head.

She had watched him from beneath the cool, white sheets as he pulled the long gloves over his strong arms. She stared at the silver moon's reflection in his dark eyes. "Let me come with you," she said, already knowing what his reply would be.

"You know I can't let you come with me, Sakura."

"Then promise me, that we will be together again."

He approached the bed and sat down beside her, stroking her silky, pink hair. "I promise," he whispered into her ear. He rested his hands on her bare shoulders and leaned down to meet her lips in a gentle kiss. It broke his heart to see the sadness in her eyes when he pulled away.

He brushed his fingers over her cheek before pulling the porcelain tiger mask over his face. "Goodb-"

She put a finger over his lips and shook her head slowly. When she looked back up at him, a sad smile was upon her pink lips and tears began to form at the corners of her eyes. "You don't have to say goodbye, Sasuke, there's no point if we're going to be together again."

He nodded and stood up. He grabbed his katana and walked out the door. Then, he was gone...

It had been 2 days since he left when she felt a sharp pain suddenly come from inside her chest. She didn't even change out of her nightgown before she gathered the chakra to her feet and ran in the direction where she had watched Sasuke depart. She couldn't explain it, but for some reason, she knew something was wrong, and she would not waste another second waiting.

When she arrived at her intended location, she saw his bloody form on the ground. His elder brother stood above him, watching him with his blood red sharingan eyes. He took the katana lying beside Sasuke and held it over him, getting ready to finish what he had started.

"SASUKE!" she screamed as she ran to his side, ignoring Itachi, who just watched as she pulled the limp body of his younger brother into her arms.

Itachi stared into her empty green eyes, attempting to pull her into a genjutsu, but this was also ineffective. She was no longer in control of her movements. Her emotions had taken over, which were very deadly things coming from Sakura. Tears flew behind her with each step forward as she continued to throw punches at the killer of her beloved. He caught her right fist and threw a punch of his own, hitting her hard in the stomach which sent her flying to the ground beside the younger Uchiha.

She lied there a moment allowing the blood to spill down from her mouth. She stared at the body of the one she had loved for so long. Fresh blood stained his dark shirt around the wound Itachi had created.

New tears began to form in her eyes as she recalled how he was killed by the chidori that Itachi had copied and used against him. He hadn't expected his own attack to be used against him, and it had taken him by surprise when the glowing, blue ball of lightning hit him in the center of his chest.

Sakura reached out a shaky hand to brush the dark hair from his pale cheeks. "Damn you, Sasuke." she whispered before she kissed his cold lips. She sat up and removed the weapon holster from his leg and wrapped it around her own. Anger grew within her as she clumsily stood up. Her empty, jade eyes once again met Itachi's.

Her white nightgown, dirtied and stained with her former lover's blood, blew in the wind as she approached the elder Uchiha with a kunai clenched in each hand.

When she was several yards away from him, she charged at him with the kunais held up in front of her. He blocked each one with kunais of his own as she tried to get a hit on him.

He smiled confidently at her, "Are you angry, kunoichi?"

She continued fighting, trying hardt to ignore his words as she focused on trying to pierce his flesh. She would not be satisfied until she saw the blood spill out of his body, the way it had been when Sasuke was killed.

He continued to easily avoid her hits, "Are you angry, that I killed the one you loved?"

It got more difficult to ignore his words as her anger began to overflow within her. "Shut...up..."

His smile grew wider as he knocked the kunais out of her hands and grabbed her by the throat. Her eyes squeezed shut in pain and her feet dangled below her as he raised her to his level.

She struggled to turn her head to see her lifeless lover once more.

She felt the warm blood on her hands as she held his dying body in her arms. Tears fell down onto his pale cheeks as she stared into his red sharingan eyes.

"Please Sasuke, don't die! Don't leave me alone!"

He slowly reached out a shaky hand to stroke her cheek again, the way he did every time before he left.

"Don't cry, Sakura. It makes the pain so much worse to see you cry."

She tried to obey his request, but was unable to hold back the tears. "But you promised, remember? You promised that we would be together."

His vision became more blurry with each passing second, it pained him to know that he would not be able to keep his promise to her. Words began to form on his lips, but he struggled to get the sound out.

"No, Sasuke! Don't say it!" Her jade eyes were pleading him, the tears now falling freely.

He choked on his words. He smiled, trying hard to comfort her one last time. "Goodbye...S-Sakura..." His eyes returned to their original color and closed. The last time she would see those dark, gentle eyes she loved so much.

She was pulled back to reality at the sound of Itachi's voice.

"He was weak. His lack of hatred brought about his destruction. His love for you made him weak and worthless to me. Anyone who lets love get in the way of revenge deserves to die."

Her jade eyes shot open. In less than a second, she had bound herself to him with chakra strings. Her chest tightly pressed against his.

He once again smiled confidently, "I'm impressed that you were able to catch me off guard like that, but now we are both unable to do anything. What are you going to do now, kunoichi?"

His eyes widened when he saw the exploding tag clenched in her fist, in between their bodies. He tried to hide his nervousness as he spoke, "Would you really end your life, to kill me?"

She raised her head to look into his eyes. Tears spilled from her eyes as a grin formed on her lips, "I can't live without him. My life ended when you took his."

She squeezed the tag tighter, as her smile grew, "Let's die together, Uchiha Itachi."

See, Sasuke? There was no need to say goodbye. I told you we would be together again...

At that, the tag exploded. Sasuke hadn't broken his promise at all. Now, they could truly be together. Always. Never would she have to suffer the pain of the death of her first and only love.

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