Really Stupid Cupid

Summary:Slightly AU, Tobias is human. Marco is voted his class's Cupid, so he has to get the voted couple together. And guess who they are... the couple will be the two who'll never seem to realize they like each other... Tobias and Rachel. And Marco only has till the Valentines Day dance.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own any of this... though I wouldn't mind owning Tobias...



"And this year's Cupid is..." Mrs. Walden announced, "Marco!"


I sank into my chair, while snickers sounded around me. Looking about, I saw Cassie wave daintily, Jake give me a thumbs up, and Rachel blow a kiss. And I knew who had convinced people to vote me as Cupid.

Every school has a really dumb tradition. Ours is the 'Cupid' tradition, or as we teenagers call it, the 'Stupid Cupid' tradition. It's when a poor, poor student is voted as the person who has to get the elected couple together by the Valentines Day dance.

And this year, that poor kid was me.

Marco, the sixteen year old (a/n: I've tweaked the ages a bit) Animorph, who already has enough problems. For some reason, I felt that Rachel was the mastermind of this plot. I had to get her back... wait a sec... What was the mighty Xena's main weakness? Duh.


They obviously were hot for each other, but wouldn't admit it. Or don't even realize it themselves. I had to get them voted the couple. Since Cupid's works are secret, the couple isn't actually announced, though. That would make it harder. Ever since Tobias got back to human, and was put to the proper age by the Ellimist, he has apparently become quite the heartthrob for girls. And Rachel is... well, Rachel.

But hey, I'm up to the challenge.

Now, how to get people to vote...


Let's just say that I won't be buying those new sneakers for a while.

"Marco," Mrs. Walden muttered to me at the end of the day the next day. "Your couple is Rachel and Tobias!"

"Really?" I asked, pretending to be surprised.

I looked at the two. They were talking, both visibly nervous. Rachel, the blonde beauty, with her icy blue eyes that warmed when she was around him, Tobias, the newly appointed soccer captain, who girls gushed over. Man, I don't get it. It has to be he eyes. Thanks to his Andalite roots, Tobias's eyes change from brown to a strange green every now and then.

I am up to the challenge.

It'll just be kinda hard.



Yeah, I'll admit it.

I totally helped Rach with the Cupid thing.

But it's Marco. The same Marco who always calls me 'Earth Mother', which is more aggravating than it sounds. I had too.

Jake was helping me with an injured racoon in the barn when Marco ran in.

"I know who the couple is!" He shouted.

"No," Jake smirked sarcastically, "You? Cupid?"

Marco rolled his eyes. "Rachel and Tobias."

"Oh, you'll have a hard time with this one," I chuckled. Rachel and Tobias are always in denial about their feelings. But now, since Tobias is fully human with his powers again (thanks, Ellimist), they shouldn't be that way. I mean, look at Jake and I-

OK, not a good example.

I mean we're (as Rachel put it) together, and all, but we aren't broadcastiing it to the world. Still, we're going to the Valentines Day dance as a couple.

Marco began to look thoughtful.

"How am I supposed to get them together, anyway?"

I felt the guys' gaze on me.

"What?" I spluttered, "I'm a girl, but that doesn't mean I'm Venus!"


"The goddess of love," I sighed.

"But you are Rachel's best friend," Jake pointed out. I sent him a 'thanks a lot' look.

"Does she talk of Tobi-" At this moment, Tobias walked in.

"Toby a lot?" Marco quickly switched to talking of the young Hork-Bajir seer.

"Oh yeah, Ket sure does!" I grinned.

Tobias's brow creased. OK, I'll admit it. After the Ellimist helped him out, Tobias became HOT! His messy brown hair was now something all the guys were trying to accomplish, and his eyes were gorgeous. Bad Cassie, BAD CASSIE!

"Oh, been to the valley of the free Hork-Bajir?" Tobias smiled fondly. Toby was his namesake, and he knew her well.

Our heads all bobbed.

"So, Cupid, who's the couple?" He smirked at Marco.

"Um, not allowed to tell."

Tobias rolled his eyes. Usually, Marco is not such a great secret-keeper, but this time, he needed to pull his plot off.

"So, asking any chick to the dance?" Jake asked. I gave him another look. This one was: 'I despise that you call females chicks'.

Tobias noticeably blushed at this. He looked down. "Uh, no."

"Not a certain blonde?" I teased.

"Rachel?" This time, he was scarlett. "No! She's one of my closest friends!"

When Tobias wasn't looking, I mouthed, "Denial!"

So, my first Animorph fic. Whaddya think? R and R!