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Hinata grimaced, searching through her drawer, her desk, her pockets, and anywhere else she could have accidentily misplaced her hard-cover journal. Two days before, she hadn't been herself, laughing loudly for no reason, glaring at people (even the ones she didn't know), and staring into a broken mirror, smirking. Two nights before, she hadn't been herself, expression unneccessary hatred of herself, then denying doing anything on purpose. Two hours before, she had been thinking...thinking about how horrible her actions were, especially for herself. Two minutes before, she decided to search for her journal, and to perhaps write something in it, in attempt to forget about what happened two nights before. It's always two, she thought, glancing briefly at as two birds flew gracefully past her window.

It almost felt as though she was missing a part of her soul. Her journal, to her, was her thoughts. She always kept it as secretive as she could, since reading it would almost be like reading her mind. But now, she had lost it, or forgotten where she had placed it last. She sighed, and gave up, deciding to take a short walk outside, and thinking that she might come across it somehow.

At first, when Hinata stepped outside, she wondered if she should actually take a walk, or just sit and go over her thoughts somewhere. In the end, she sat under the same tree as she did the day she last remembered having her journal with her. The same feeling, the same thoughts, and the same hope came back to her as she quickly spotted the person that she had been thinking of most of her life. The kunoichi blushed a little as, like before, Naruto glanced over at her, squinting in the same strange way. Although Hinata wasn't surprised when Naruto walked up to her, she was almost shocked at the question he asked her...the question he had asked so calmly and softly, smiling in a warm way...She knew she would accept his request to go on a walk with him. She felt as if her heart was going to burst, and she hoped that she could calm down.

Hinata nodded, her cheeks becoming a bright red. Naruto beamed, "I knew it! Anyway, see you later, Hinata-chan." He turned, walking off triumphly, then he paused and asked in his normal hyper-active way, "Have you seen Sakura-chan around?"

Hinata froze, slightly confused. Didn't Naruto just ask if she wanted to go for a walk with him? "I...I'm sorry. I haven't," she said slowly, unsure of what just happened.

"Eh, 'kay, see ya around," Naruto said, turning to leave again. Pausing once again, he faced Hinata, "Do you think that question'll really work?"

The Hyuuga girl stared, "W-What do you mean, Naruto-kun?"

"You know, as in do you think the way I asked you to come on a walk...Do you think it'll work on Sakura? I mean, she knows she likes me, so if it works for someone that doesn't, do you think it'll work for her?" he grinned again, at the thought of Sakura falling for him.

"I...don't know," Hinata answered, softly.

"'Kay," Naruto walked off.

At least...he doesn't know...Hinata thought, as she stared longingly at the Uzumaki that was walking away from her. But...is that really a good thing...? Sighing, Hinata tore her gaze away from him, as she tried to give herself enough confidence to walk up to him and tell him. Perhaps she could get help from Sakura, since it seemed that Naruto was such good friends with her...perhaps Sakura understood Naruto, and she could tell her about him, so she could understand him too. She felt slightly sleepy, and there seemed to be a pain in her chest that wouldn't go away...a pain that she had felt before, but had never found out what it was, or what caused it. Beginning to close her eyes, one thought that was etched in her mind reappeared. I hate you, Hinata.



The ninja took a deep breath, and repeated what he had just said in the same calm way again, "Sakura-chan, would you like to take a walk with me?"

Sakura glared at him, "Why?"

Naruto stared at Sakura, now speaking in his usual way, "Aw, come on, Sakura-chan, you know you like me," he smiled a wide smile, "Please?"

Haruno Sakura continued her glaring, "Keep dreaming," she growled, "If you were more like Sasuke-kun, someone who actually works hard, is calm, and doesn't have an annoying attitude like you," she pointed at Naruto, "Then maybe I'd say yes. But you're always annoying me, you never know when to stop, and you're almost the complete opposite of Sasuke-kun, so, it's a NO."

Watching as the pink-haired kunoichi walked away furiously, Naruto made a face, "Sasuke-kun's soooo cool, Sasuke-kun's always soooo cool," he said in a mocking voice, "TCH, I could beat that creep anyday! Just not at some stuff. That basta---"

"You," a voice said...a voice that Naruto hated hearing, "You don't know what you're talking about do you?"

"YOU don't know what YOU'RE talking about," Naruto snarled, "You think you're so cool."

"Tell me where Hinata is," the younger of the two remaining Uchihas demanded.

"...And you think I'd tell you?" the loud genin asked, with a slightly sheepish grin, "...'Sasuke-kun!'..."

Throwing his signature glare at the Uzumaki boy, Sasuke slightly frowned at the mockery. Making an attempt to ignore the last bit, he let out his answer in a somewhat normal yet dangerously low voice, "Yes."

Staring, Naruto frowned a little as well, "...Why do you want to know?"

"None of your business."

"Well, then it's none of your business where she is either."

Turning and beginning to head in a different direction from which he came, Uchiha allowed a few aloof sounding words escape his now smirking lips, "You probably don't know."

Pausing a moment, Naruto frowned, "I do! I saw her a while ago when I asked her something!"

"And what was that something?" said the mocking voice of the other.

"NONE OF YOUR BUSI--" Uzumaki started, only to be interrupted by his own realization that the Uchiha had already left.


Resting her eyes, the young Hyuuga female gently placed her head on the edge of the bench which she was sitting on. The event that had occurred hours ago was still causing her mind confusion. To be alone with her thoughts...she had oppurtunaties for that moment to think many times...yet she couldn't bring herself to ponder these problems. A few times she had thought that it was perhaps because she still felt fear towards the hate and failure that she possessed. Taking in a deep breath, Hinata began to drift off into a slight sleep...a slight sleep that she had been somewhat hoping for moments ago.

"Hey, Hinata-chan, are you alright?"

The sudden voice startled her a bit, and she quickly lifted her head and opened her eyes. "Yes, I'm fine, Sakura-chan..." she responded, "...Thank you for asking."

"That's good," the pink haired kunoichi smiled, taking a seat beside her, "You looked kind of...different."

Blinking, Hinata blushed slightly, hoping that 'different' didn't mean anything bad, "And how are you, Sakura-chan?"

The other smiled again, "Oh, I'm fine, but not much has happened," Sakura paused for a moment, "Oh, except that Naruto asked if I wanted to take a walk with him...That was a few hours ago."

Hinata tried to pretend to be surprised, "...Really...?...What...did you say?"

"Oh, I just told him no and a few reasons why. Skipped the part about wanting to read over some notes and stuff alone though," Sakura frowned, "He'd probably offer to help me or something," turning to face Hinata again, she waved a lazy hand and added, "You know how he is."

Nodding slowly, Hinata tried to smile normally. Sakura was a kind person, but the Hyuuga still didn't fully understand why the Haruno had said no. There was a slight moment of silence, which made her wonder a bit why Sakura wanted to have a conversation with her. Inside her, there seemed to be an impression that she was boring to everyone, although she hoped many times to be more interesting.

Facing Hinata again, Sakura smiled, "What about you?"

There was another silence, but it was a short one, "...Nothing very interesting," she replied, "...I lost...something...and that's about it..." Hinata turned slightly, trying to ignore the fact that she had left out certain things that would've made the conversation more interesting.

"What did you lose?"

"...Just..." Hinata paused, lowering her head and staring at the ground, wondering if she should continue, "...my journal..." she stopped, blushing and hoping dearly that Sakura had not read any such thing lately.

"Oh," smiling again, Sakura added, "I'll tell you if I see it."

"...Arigatou-gozaimasu..." she replied, raising her face to look at her and thank her.

"Dou itashimashite," the other responded, smiling, "Well...see you around!" The kunoichi stood up and began to walk away, smiling and waving to Hinata as she did.

Waving back, Hinata resumed resting her head, but she kept her eyes open and stared at the sky.


The Uchiha stood like an inanimate body in his room, going over some things that had entered his memory. One of them was why he assumed that the journal was the Hyuuga heiress's in the first place, and why he had bothered to ask Naruto at all. Occasionally, fragments of a memory of laughter and childish yet soft singing would appear in his mind, always occumpanied by a soothing looking background of a fresh green field, and a beautiful blue sky. A few whisps of clouds could be found in the sky as well, and a small green hill with an elegant tree on its top.

Two forms could always be seen in the fragments as well, both that looked strangely familiar. Every now and then, words would sing back to him from within his mind, although he had long forgotten where they had come from. Letting out a breath, he retreated from the corner and moved towards his bed. It was now around midnight, and he had been standing for quite a while.

Closing his eyes and trying to fall asleep, a memory of a soft smile appeared in his mind once again.

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