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"What about you, Amy? He saved you, too," Nick says, coming up to where she and Russ are kneeling by a puddle.

Amy bites her lip and glances up at her little brother. "Yeah, I know," she replies quietly. She feels Russ's eyes on her. Biting her lower lip again, she lowers her head in an attempt to hide her face and continues to "wash up."

She has been told four times (twice from both Nick's and Ron's points of view) of Russ's rescuing her and how he had performed CPR, saving her life.

An unlikely knight in shining armor, Amy thinks as she risks a quick peek over at Russ; he has returned to getting the mud off his arms. And one who knows CPR. Even Paul doesn't know how to do that. Her lips twitch.

She blushes when Russ suddenly looks towards her and catches her watching him. Instantly she drops her gaze and resumes washing off the slim from her hands.

She has never really noticed Russ Thompson before. They have been neighbors for a number of years and have gone to the same schools, but she has hardly ever talked to him. He is real quiet and shy -- at least when she's observed him. He is on the football team, but he isn't that good at it, from the three games she saw him play so far. He isn't cool or popular or anything. He is not like many of the other boys at school.

When she does take notice of him (which is usually because he unintentionally causes a scene or something) he is simply the kid next door, who's a bit clumsy in word and deed. Like this morning, Amy muses, recalling how he had stammered half-sentences while they had been waiting for Ron and Nick to return from the attic; he had definitely been embarrassed and unsure.

Truthfully, she has never gone out of her way to be friends with Russ. She thought herself too good to be friends with him. His clothes are not the latest in fashion. His hair is always unkempt. And he is not as attractive as a lot of the popular guys she hangs out with. But his hair isn't really that bad, Amy studies his damp hair for a moment. And he is cute, though not in a "hot" sort of way. She shakes her head slightly. And he knows CPR. Slowly she stands and tugs on her sleeves, suddenly feeling nervous. "Russ," she says quietly.

The boy looks up at her inquiringly. Taking a breath, she holds out her hand to him. "Thanks." Against her will, she blushes.

Russ blinks in surprise and slowly takes her hand and shakes. He gives her a small smile. "You're welcome, Amy." His cheeks are red as well.

Amy smiles back shyly and slowly withdraws her hand. She nods slightly and goes to see what Nick is up to.