You feel yourself being ripped apart, almost as if your very soul is being removed from your body. All of a sudden you have a sudden lurching sensation and you feel like you're flying at the speed of light. You look around and see flashes of Technicolor light, almost as if you are in a rainbow maelstrom. Then, a gut-wrenching stop and all goes black. Then out of nowhere you hear a voice, but it speaks in an odd unknown dialect. You try to run from it, but get nowhere. You try to scream, but no sound comes out. You drop to your knees and slam your fist on the ground, but feel as if nothing at all is under you.

You sit dazed for a few moments when another voice cuts through the silence. "It's ok, you're safe," It says.

"Who are you, where am I, and more importantly, what the Hell happened?" You ask while you hesitantly start rising to your feet.

"I am Balasdin, you are in the spirit world Aenir, and you got here by stumbling upon a gate." The voice replies seemingly void of all emotion.

"How did I do that?" You ask astonished.

"You seem to have been summoned by the creator, the most powerful being in all of Aenir. I am here to guide you on your quest to his palace."

"W… Wait, QUEST?" You exclaim "If he's so powerful why couldn't he have summoned me straight to his palace?"

"He must test you to see if you are worthy, but I suggest you do so because he is the only one with the power to return you to your world."

"Oh great, I get summoned to go on some quest that is completely mandatory and I don't even get a weapon."

"Ah yes, if it is a weapon you want, it will be a weapon you will receive." As soon as he was done finishing his sentence you began to feel a warm glow coming from your pocket.

"Whoa" You exclaim, "What the hell is that?"

"It is a sunstone, through it you can do many things. Just remember, you must concentrate very hard on your goal and then feed your concentration to the stone."

"Lets see what this can do." You mutter, then you start to concentrate harder and harder and a small red beam flew out from the stone and disappeared into the darkness.

All of a sudden the darkness disappears and you are left in the clearing of a forest, with a silvery moon hanging above your head. "Umm… Where am I supposed to go now?" You think aloud, "Maybe if I concentrate on the sun-jiggy it might tell me."

Sure enough a small red light shines off into the forest. You start to trudge through the forest, and that is where your adventure begins.

By: Kyle Lirette