Wow after almost 2-3 years I finally decided to come back. I'm so sorry for those who waited for this story/chapter. But I decided to drop this story because I lost interest in this plot because recapping once again, I wrote these 2-3 years ago. However, like anyone else I do hate it when authors kill their story and leave with a lot of questions, so I will summarize the story.

Neji Story is basically, he was training, and he went home to shower/get changed. As he was changing, he noticed his computer was on so he takes a look. Cue tenten's seduction. Neji after a nose bleed, dirty thoughts and other things you guys can come up with decides he should go out for a walk to clear his dirty perverted mind. He does he passes by a bath house, hears ten ten's voice, and he couldn't help it but (he did it on purpose pftt) he activated his byakugan (Yeah you only see chakra but for this sake, he could see more) so he see a nude Ten Ten, nose bleed he passes out.

Shikamaru was probably the most challenging one to think of but basically he was fixing a computer, checked his e-mail to see if the computer was functioning, found the e-mail bloody nose, outraged. He goes off to see Ino, he is blunt and asks her up front if she was in a dirty music video, she is surprised asking how he knew (she was in another music video, lets pretend it's one of the opening or ending for Naruto Shippuuden). And he becomes all jealous and yells, "I do not want any other men to look at you!" And he makes out and yeah.

But basically that's the end of this . ): Sorry for keeping you so long and giving a crappy summary what happens.

I suck for leaving you guys hanging and I'm really sorry but I have a new story for Sasuke and Sakura. And I do plan to finish it. So please check it out!