I've had this idea for a while now, and I thought it would be interesting to write. I have outlines for the first few chapters, so we'll see where this goes. Going to write this a little differently..3rd person, of course. It will be completely from Zack's perspective, unless otherwise stated beforehand. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the characters I make up.

Chapter 1

It was finally here. The last day of school before summer vacation, and only ten more minutes to freedom. Zack Martin stared at the clock while sitting in his english class.

"Is it ticking slower today?" he wondered as the seconds slowly passed. His english teacher, Mrs. Hancock, was going over the summer reading list, but Zack didn't care. He looked over at his twin brother, Cody, and saw him vigorously writing down everything Mrs. Hancock was saying.

"What a nerd," Zack said to himself, smiling slightly. He snapped his head back toward the clock, thinking about how nice it was to have a twin brother. They shared everything; right down to the book list that Mrs. Hancock just finished going over. Zack knew he should have been listening to his english teacher, but what good is a smart, attentive twin brother if you can't use them for cheating purposes?

"3, 2, 1..." Zack whispered out loud as the bell rang. He jumped up and ran out the door, rushing to the bus stop. He was free.

At the Tipton...

Zack came running into the Tipton hotel, his home, and jumped onto one of the luggage carts, which was headed towards the candy counter.

"Hey Maddie!" Zack exclaimed as the luggage cart pushed past. He jumped off and leaned against the counter, smiling.

"Not now Zack. I just got here 10 minutes ago. At least give me another 10 to get myself together before you ask me out and I turn you down," Maddie said as she finished ringing up a customer.

"How do you know I was going to ask you out?" Zack said, leaning closer.

"Because you do it every day," said a voice from behind. Zack turned around to see Cody.

"You didn't even wait for me," Cody said, annoyed. Zack rolled his eyes.

"Why do I always have to wait for you? You know how to get off a bus," he retorted.

"Boys, it's not even the first day of summer vacation, and you're already fighting?" Maddie asked them. They looked at her innocently and nodded.

"I've got great news for all of you!" someone yelled out. Zack, Cody and Maddie all whipped around to see London galloping towards them.

"Someone's in a good mood," Cody whispered to Zack, as London beamed brightly at the three teenagers in front of her.

"I'm going on vacation to Hawaii!" London said happily, clapping her hands together.

"Yeah, that's just what I've been waiting to hear all day," Maddie scoffed, putting her head in her hands. Zack and Cody looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"But you're all coming with me! We leave tomorrow," London said, throwing her arms out. Maddie, Zack and Cody looked at her with wide eyes and huge smiles.

"Are you serious? This is so awsome!" Zack practically yelled, gaining the attention of Mr. Moseby and Carey, who were having a conversation about that night's performance.

"What's awsome?" Carey asked, walking over with Mr. Moseby and putting her hands on her hips.

"We're going to Hawaii with London!" Cody said, smiling wide. He, Zack, Maddie and London all started talking at once, and Carey waved her hands.

"Whoa! Wait a minute! You're not going anywhere!" she said, folding her arms. Before the twins could protest, London broke in.

"But I already told Daddy you, Maddie, the twins and Moseby would come. It was supposed to be a family vacation, but Daddy had to cancel; so I told him I would take my other family with me," she said, pouting. Carey and Moseby looked at each other with doubtful faces.

London rolled her eyes. "It's free and you get to ride on my private jet," she said, throwing her purse over her arm. Carey didn't hesitate.

"Boys, go pack." Zack and Cody high-fived each other and ran to the elevator while Maddie flipped open her cell phone to call her parents. Moseby's jaw dropped.

"London, I have a hotel to manage. I can't just drop everything and.." he started, but London silenced him.

"Moseby, Daddy already arranged it. Esteban will handle the hotel while you're gone. Besides, you have to come. Daddy says so," she said. Moseby groaned.

On the 23rd floor...

Zack and Cody ran into their room and pulled out their suitcases.

"This is going to be awsome," Cody said, opening his dresser drawers and putting his neatly folded clothes into his suitcase. He glanced over and watched as Zack threw his clothes into his own suitcase.

"Yes it will be, little brother. Just think of all the hot babes that are gonna be there!" Zack said, smiling to himself. "This is going to be quite an adventure," he thought.

What he didn't know was just how much of an adventure it would be...


I hate first chapters..I don't know if I like this one, either. And I was so excited about this story, but I don't know if it's coming out the way I intended it to. I might have to write up new outlines, because I keep changing things.

Let me know what you think. It seriously gets more interesting, I promise. At least, it's more interesting in my head. Lots of action...drama...angst...you know, the usual ;)

ps- I am not responsible for my historical inaccurateness..I make crap up, and I just want to let it be known.