The battles had all been won, the fighting had ceased for now. There were many who were thankful for this unexpected peace that had settled over the planet for the time being, but Tifa wasn't exactly one of them. Sure it was nice that her life wasn't in danger anymore, but since the end of the battle the companionship she'd experienced with her friends had suffered a minor blow. Once the fight was over, the group dispersed, each person going back to life in the form it held before the recent events. Everyone seemed to have a home and a purpose.

Tifa felt indifferent to the situation, something quite unusual for her. With that, she decided she'd require a small break. An impromptu vacation was in order if she had any hope of accomplishing her goal of figuring out her life. Upon this realization, she had met Cloud at the door one morning with her luggage. He inquired as to where she was headed; she shrugged shortly and mentioned she'd be home again soon. She comforted him with the idea that she had a few things to tend to before she could resume her life there with their little family. After all, he always took the liberty to disappear for the same sort of reasoning, why shouldn't she be allowed that privilege? With that, she set off on her adventure.

Where she was going, she hadn't yet figured out. As she strolled down the street, an imaginary light bulb flickered on as it hit her. 'Costa del Sol! That's where I'll go!' She was excited. It was beautiful there; she'd surely be able to contemplate life while lounging in the sun on the shores of the small resort town. She was off in an instant, her destination clear.

Upon arriving in Costa, Tifa noticed the obvious change in weather. It was warm and a tad bit humid, but the differing feel was welcomed by her deprived skin. She stepped into the sunlight, shielding her eyes with a flattened hand. 'First order of business, find a place to stay!' She spotted an Inn not to far from where she stood, and she headed for it. Her luggage was heavy now and she needed a change of clothes.

Tifa booked a room on the upper floor, facing the beach. It was more than she needed, but she let the Inn Keeper hassle her into it with his explanation of the balcony and oversized bed. She tucked her luggage neatly into the spacious closet and unzipped one of the cases. She dug out a change of clothes and slipped into the bathroom. She noted the marble counters and oversized bath tub, the only reaction she had was the shake of her head into the mirror. This was a vacation after all.

Tifa emerged from the bathroom in a pretty summer dress she'd picked up before leaving. Her hair was neatly swept into a loose pony tail, skin glowing from the lotion she'd applied. She slipped her feet into a pair of matching sandals with a slight heel and left the room, her destination this time less certain.

Tiny heels clicked against the ground as she strolled down the walk near the edge of the sand. Depths the colour of red wine studied the tide lazily as it rolled to and fro against the moist sand. Small sigh of relief pushed past parted pair as she realized just how relaxing it was to feel the sun on her flesh and listen to the ocean. The next couple days were spent sleeping in and later strolling the shore, followed by sleeping on beach towels and then more sleep. She needed this peaceful rest more than anything.

On the third day of her vacation, Tifa found herself facing another day of the same. As she sat on her towel by the shore, she slowly realized she was a bit bored today. The sun began to sink low, as if it were about to dip into the ocean. She laid there thinking for quite some time and all at once she decided she was out to have a good time tonight. She hadn't had much human interaction thus far, what's the harm in socializing with some of the locals? She packed up her towel and made for her hotel room.

Once in the safety of her room, Tifa climbed into the shower and rinsed the sand from her form, letting the cool water run off her body heat. She was building a bit of a tan, and her skin was warm to the touch from all of the sun bathing she was doing. Once her hair was washed and conditioned, she reluctantly turned the nozzle bringing the water to a halt. She stepped out and dried off, choosing a small black dress from her closet. She slipped it on and glanced in the mirror, glad she had chosen such a flattering dress. The empire waistline fit her well, and the loose skirt came to an end a few inches above her knees. It was sexy in a feminine sort of way, and with open toed heels, she was dressed to kill.

The tips of her fingers toyed with the small black clutch she'd brought along, dampened lengths of deep brown tickling her shoulders in the ocean breeze. She was a little homesick, so her destination tonight was the beachside bar. She found the door and sauntered in effortlessly, feeling a bit of discomfort as every male eye landed on her. 'Perhaps the dress was a bad idea…?' She ignored her nerves and found comfort in a corner table just outside on the patio, ordering up a few cocktails. The concoction she chose arrived moments later in a disturbing shade of blue, a slice of pineapple cut over the edge of the glass. Interesting drink, but the taste was amazing. The rum was barely noticeable, but by the fourth drink she could feel the warm buzz it led to.

Just as she settled into contentment in her solitude outside, she heard someone take a seat at a table not far from her own. Not wanting to seem rude, she ignored the urge to turn and see who had taken the seat. She heard the waitress approach and ask for an order, and she was startled by the familiarity of the voice that answered. 'It couldn't be…' Tifa thought it better not to pay attention to her suspicion. She sat for a moment, and just as she was about to relax once more, she heard the voice pipe up behind her.

"Beautiful night, ain't it?" he mentioned. She attempted to pretend she didn't hear him, sinking into her chair and sipping the last of the blue beverage. That just wasn't going to suit him. She heard the chair scrape against the patio as he pushed back from his table; she also heard his footsteps as he approached hers. He seated himself opposite her, without asking.

Wine traced across the table to a familiar white shirt, haphazardly clinging to a lithe form beneath a black suit jacket. She was beginning to feel dizzy, a mixture of alcohol and surprise, perhaps. She dared to keep on her journey, following up to fire-engine-red strewn over a broad shoulder. 'Either this is a crazy coincidence, or…' Nope. Definitely not a coincidence. Her eyes met startled green opposite her. By the expression on his face, he was just as surprised as she was. Plush lips formed a perfect 'O' as her suspicions were confirmed. Reno had found her here in a bar, in Costa del Sol. They sat silently for a moment, neither one sure of what to say. Finally the silence was sliced.

"So… we meet again." He smirked; this situation could work to his advantage.

"So it seems." She nodded in agreement. They were once staunch enemies, but recently he had ventured more into the land of neutral ground. She wasn't sure what to make of him, but she came to the conclusion that a small conversation never hurt anyone, besides… she was a bit lonely. "What brings you to Costa?" She inquired.

"Vacationing. What's not to like about a resort town full of beautiful women in bikinis?" His smirk widened.

"Well lucky you." Sarcasm dripped off the words that came from her, she always knew he was somewhat of womanizer.

"And my luck just got better." He matched her sarcasm with a playful tone, sending a quick wink in her direction. Unwelcome warmth spilled into Tifa's cheeks once his comment registered. He was insinuating something, she just wasn't sure what. She opted not to press the matter.

She felt relieved when the waitress interrupted with Reno's drinks, plural. He downed one of the shots quickly; it didn't seem to faze him. A gentle laugh slipped from Tifa as she watched. He set the shot glass down and peered over at her inquisitively.

"What?" He asked.

"It's just that… I would have made such a face at the taste of that shot you just downed without so much as a wince!" She shook her head lightly at the revelation. All those years working in a bar and she still couldn't take a proper shot.

"Oh really? Ya' mean to tell me that you can't handle your liquor?" The curiosity was evident in his expression, and growing by the minute.

"I guess not…" She shied away momentarily, feeling a little embarrassed and proud all at once.

Reno watched her carefully and all at once it dawned on him, 'Reno, you're brilliant.' He pushed one of the remaining shot glasses onto Tifa's side of the table. "Take it."

Tifa glanced down at the shot glass filled with clear liquid, then peered over at Reno with narrowed eyes. She was about to ask why when he interrupted.

"Don't think about it too long, now… just slam it back."

Peer pressure from an ex-Turk wasn't about to persuade her, but when she noticed the puppy-dog sort of expression he was giving her, she finally had to inquire.


"Why not? I don't believe you can't handle a shot."

"Are you challenging me, Reno?" She leaned against the table and her eyes burned into him. He was distracted by the husky tone she unknowingly emitted with her last inquisition, but quickly saw an opening to his benefit.

"Yeah. I'm betting you can't keep up with me." He leaned against the table, mirroring her pose.

"Is that so?" If she hadn't already ingested four glasses of strange rum filled cocktails, she might have thought better of entering a drinking contest with a man twice her size. She might also have thought better of entering a drinking contest with a man who could be considered an alcoholic at times. Alas, those rum filled cocktails got the better of her. She swept the shot glass off the table and in seconds her head swung back and she felt the burn of vodka slip down her throat. It took some effort not to allow herself to portray a 'bitter beer face,' but she managed. She set the glass down and peered over at Reno, who had a silly smile plastered on his face.

"See?" She smiled, proud of her ability to hide the cringe that still fought to be shown with the after taste of vodka lingering in her taste buds.

"Impressive." His sarcasm was quite pronounced as he matched her shot, downing the last shot glass quickly. His gaze landed back on Tifa, a cocky smile displaying on his lips.

Tifa huffed and turned in her chair. Upon catching sight of the waitress, she motioned her to the table. "We're going to need a few more shots. I'll also have another of the blue thingies." Her words were slightly slurred by now, and 'thingies' wasn't normally in her vocabulary.

Reno was amused by her wording, and laughed as the waitress left. Tifa turned back to him, and her head tilted to the side. Dark curtain of silk slipped over her shoulders and cradled against her neck, sooty lashes fluttering lightly as she focused on her companion. Reno noticed her beauty there in that moment; he lifted his hand from the surface and reached across the table, idly brushing loose strands from Tifa's face. The sensation of his hand against her cheek sent a chill down her spine, and the only thing that brought her back to reality then was the sudden appearance of shot glasses and a blue cocktail. Reno retracted his arm and grabbed one of the shot glasses.

"Better get to it… before you lose." He teased. With that, Tifa shrugged off the strange interaction and swiped up her own shot glass. They downed the vodka in unison. Both glasses clanked hard against the surface of the table and they glared at one another. It was beginning to look like somewhat of a show-down between the two, as they downed the alcohol shot for shot.

Reno began to feel a slight buzz, and he was sure Tifa had to be well on her way to drunk. She took yet another shot, one-upping him quickly. This time she grabbed the slice of pineapple from her cocktail and placed it lightly between painted lips. She savored the sweet flavor, playing it up a little. How anyone could make eating pineapple sexy, Reno didn't dare to guess. He could only watch in awe. In his distraction, she caught him watching her.

"Mmm." She purred, teasingly. This sent the hairs on the back of Reno's neck into a flurry and his flesh crawled for a moment.

"That good, eh?" He choked out the words, attempting to ignore the sensations roaming throughout his body.

"That good." She followed. She was feeling quite drunk in the present moment, but that didn't stop her from trading the sweet slice of fruit for the rest of the drink. Slender fingers encircled the glass and she lifted it from its ring of precipitation. She teased the edge of the glass, licking the traces of sugar from the rim, kohl lined depths never leaving him.

Reno could have died right then. He suddenly felt much warmer than he did a moment earlier. He watched, hypnotized by her actions as she finally tipped her head back downed the rest of the blue liquid. He studied her neck as she did so, admiring the elegance of the delicate skin.

Tifa returned the glass to its spot and her gaze fell back to Reno. She noticed his expression and was that a trace of lust? She couldn't be sure, but it seemed as though his eyes were telling her of his desires. They were lost to the world in that moment.

Through the deafening silence came half a sentence. Reno caught it at the last moment, and suddenly he saw the waitress hand waving in front of his eyes. He shook his head and gave a surprised look to the waitress, who informed him the bar would soon be closing.

"Well, looks like I won this round." Tifa proclaimed.

"How d'ya figure?" Reno seemed shocked. He clearly had her beat, seeing as he was only buzzed.

"I had five of these blue… thingies, and one more shot th'n you." Her speech was less than impressive. Reno laughed and gave in.

"All right. Ya got me!" He exclaimed. "Now we better get out of here before the waitress kicks us out."

Tifa agreed and they found themselves just outside the bar. "So, are you at the Inn?" Reno asked.

"I—I am." Tifa stuttered, nearly toppling over.

"I think I'd better walk you to your room, then." Reno steadied Tifa as she wobbled, taking her by the arm and starting in the direction of the Inn. She was surprised he could actually be such a gentlemen, even with a buzz! She hadn't the energy to insist she'd be all right, nor did she believe it. She went along peacefully as they headed to the familiar Inn.

They were half way there when Tifa slipped from Reno's grasp and ran toward the beach, reaching the sand in a moments notice. 'What the…?' Reno was shocked, 'Damn she's fast.' He couldn't just let her run off; there were some strange characters in this town. He shook his head and chased after the running girl.

He watched as she came to a stop, just at the shore's edge. He caught up to her and panted in his exertion, it wasn't easy running with a buzz. She giggled at him, prodding his side with her finger.

"My, my… someone's out of shape!" She taunted.

"Hey! Am not." He insisted, trying not to be insulted by her slight crack at his ego. She only laughed at his bruised ego. "Now what are you doing down here?" He asked.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Her speech was improving already, perhaps she was more tolerant of alcohol than he had assumed.

"I dunno?" He shrugged.

"I want to go for a swim." She stated it so plainly, he couldn't tell if she was actually serious.

"Uh… I don't know if that's the best idea."

"Why not?"

"Let's see… It's dark out, you're drunk, I'm buzzed and we don't have swim suits."

"So?" She giggled and kicked off her shoes. She clearly wasn't kidding. Reno pressed his palm to his forehead. This was the sort of thing he dreamed of, but here in the moment he almost felt guilty for getting her so riled up. "Are you… Chicken?" emphasis on the chicken.

"What? No!" Reno couldn't believe she called him a chicken. He stuttered on his own words, trying to find a reason why he was right about the idea of swimming. He wasn't coming up with too very much. Before he knew it, Tifa was playing with the hem of her dress. She was almost itching to take it off, he could sense that much. It wasn't too much longer before his buzz set back in and alcohol controlled his inhibitions, or lack thereof. "I'm not chicken! I think you are." His words pushed her.

"Me? It was my idea!" She gasped at his accusation. That was it. Slender fingers shot from the hem of the black dress to the straps. Slowly, she pushed one down and it hung loosely around her arm. She trailed her fingers gingerly across her chest to the other strap, which found itself slumping down to her side. She moved with graceful fluidity, and the black dress which made one final attempt to cover her curves finally fell down in a wrinkled mess in the sand. Reno blinked, emerald depths scanning the lacey black bra and matching panties. He was in utter disbelief.

Tifa smirked one hell of an evil smirk and closed the distance between them. "You can't swim in that!" She informed Reno of this novel realization. She grabbed the lapels of his jacket and pushed it over his shoulders and down his arms in one quick movement. Fingers worked diligently to unbutton each of the crooked buttons connected to the white shirt. Reno didn't move… he was a little frozen in the fact that Tifa was undressing him. Once his shirt joined his jacket, she went to work on his belt.

Reno came to, and took her hands in his own. Wine clashed with emerald as she peered up at him. The milky moonlight danced across her face and she found a gorgeous smile trace her lips. The bravery came from the alcohol this time, but he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. Sensation raced through her veins as he did so and she slipped her hands from his. Her fingers went back to his belt, and she tugged him harshly against her. His lips crashed into her own as they met in a passionate kiss.

Moments later, she had his belt off and he hadn't even noticed. Their lips parted and with that, his pants fell to the tops of his shoes. 'It feels awfully chi— Oh shit.' There she was on her knees, untying his shoes. For a moment he thought she was going elsewhere with it. She had his shoes and socks off quickly, and he stood in his boxers on the beach with a half naked Tifa. What a predicament.

Before he could mention how strange this was, she straightened up and grabbed his hands. She ran again, pulling him straight into an oncoming wave. They fell into the chilled salt water, and instinctively he grabbed for her and pulled her close. Strands of soaked silk molded to her features, as she giggled and pushed away from him.

"Hey! Come back here." He reached out, but missed her as she crawled away in the knee deep water. She made a safe distance and splashed him quickly, soaking what was left dry of tousled red. He gasped at the playful gesture, and pretended to be angry.

"Ugh! The nerve!" He exclaimed. With that he was after her and she made for the sand. He caught her and she flailed around, falling on her back in shallow waters. He came crashing down on top of her, but caught his hands on either side of her so as not to crush her. She peered up at him, the tide tickling her back as it retreated into the sea.

He dipped down, pressing his body against hers and meeting her in another kiss. She felt waves of energy throughout her body like she'd never experienced before. If someone would have told her that she'd be kissing a former enemy named Reno yesterday, she would have died laughing, but it wasn't so funny any more.

Her hands came up against his chest, and ran down his firm stomach. One ventured further into unknown realms, and brushed against him in a way that caused him to growl. She must have hit a nerve.

Their adventure turned into a steamy innuendo, but Reno cut the action short. "We should get back to the Inn." He lifted himself off Tifa, and helped her up. She was so crazy by now that she didn't care where they went.

She pressed herself against him and brought her lips to his ear. Her warm breath tickled his ear lobe and she whispered "I want you."

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