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Summary: AU Every body thought she was a guy. But soon, they will realize how wrong they were, and when they finally found out, why is HE extremely affected by it? Main NejiTen, SasuSaku, ShikaIno, NaruHina

Tenten's POV:

Augh, I hate Mondays. Another week coming up, yippee! Oh joy. Oh hell, need to get up. Go feet, go! Damn, my feet are numb again, I guess I got to sleep again, maybe later the insensitive feeling of my feet would be gone! Yeah, who cares if I'm late? My feet refused to move anyway I snuggled in my sleep, as I shoved my blanket up my chin. Aah, this is another great morning. I chuckled softly, as I slept again.

My sleep had felt like it was just a minute passed, my eyes slowly opened against my will! What's happening, why am I opening my eyes? No, eyes don't!

Feet, I command you to be still numb! Oh great, my body's acting on it's own bidding. Fantastic! Sheesh. What time is it anyway?

I glanced at the digital clock beside my bed, and widened my eyes in shock. "OH HELL, IT'S SEVEN FORTY-FIVE! THAT'S FIFTEEN MINUTES BEFORE CLASSES, DAMN IT!" I screamed. No, no, no! A minute ago, it was just six o' clock! Or is it? Damn it, it felt like a minute ago. Gotta take shower, gotta take shower! HURRY TENTEN, HURRY!

I dashed towards my bathroom; it took me only a minute to take bath. Not like the other girls that would spend hours taking a bath! Jeez, but anyway… I dug into my closet, and finally found what I wanted!

As I got dressed, and put my hair below a cap, I dashed out of my apartment, while my backpack hung behind me. Okay, I gotta make it! Or else, Kurenai-baka would kill me!

I run and run, seriously! My legs felt like it was begging for me to stop, my feet are pleading me to slow down! But heck, this is my payback for my feet! Bwa- ha- ha- ha! Yes, I know, it's weird. Considering, I'm punishing one of my body parts, but who cares? All I care for now is not being late!

Finally, I reached the school. Just a few minutes after the school bell rang! Oh man, I didn't make it. But I rushed to our classroom anyway. I slid the door open, every student is seated and Kurenai-baka's standing with a book in hand. Oh crap, I really hate Mondays!

Normal POV

"Aah, Tenten. Late again, are we?" Kurenai greeted, Tenten pant heavily. "Sorry, Kurenai-bak-… Kurenai-sensei." Tenten apologized and sat at her chair, which is waaay back! "Hm, very well."

Kurenai continued in her lessons, while Tenten doodled in her notebook. But soon…

"Tenten!" Kurenai called, and she doesn't look pleased. Tenten looked up, only to meet a furious face.

"H-hai?" Tenten asked nervously, she's in deep trouble! Speaking of deep… Tenten's voice is deep, because in all these years, she had no parents, and that's why she grew tough and strong!

"Naniga mondaidesuka!" (What's the problem?) Kurenai said in Japanese. Her students are used to English, she often used Japanese when she's mad, and Kurenai knows that Tenten can speak Japanese. (Bear with me!)

"D-… Doka okoranaide kudasai!" (Please don't get mad.) Tenten spoke back, as the students stared at her to Kurenai.

"… Out!" Kurenai muttered, but loud enough for them to hear. Tenten scowled. She stood up, as he chair brushed back. She walked for the exit, but was mouthing words, like she's imitating Kurenai in a mocking way.

Tenten stood at the halls, leaning at the wall, her hands cupped inside her pockets, after an hour, Tenten yawned as Kurenai appeared. "I am not pleased, Tenten!"

The others could see the two figures because there's a window. They can see that Tenten's still the stubborn type.

"Heh, he's so stubborn, ne!" Naruto grinned.

"Yeah!" Kiba answered.

"If I were he, I would be really embarrassed." Hinata said in a soft tone, she had worked on her stuttering, but her voice is still gentle.

"Of course, Hinata-chan! You're a girl, no girl wouldn't be embarrassed when that happens to her." Sakura smiled, not really knowing what she's talking about. Why? Because, they have no idea that Tenten's a girl.

They haven't realized that she is a girl because of her baggy clothes. Her baggy shirt, that hides her curves, her baggy pants that hide her slim legs, and her long hair that's hidden beneath a cap. This class is section 4-E. They only change their classrooms during, gym, home economics, art, and Science. Because, these classes have other rooms for them.

Later, after Kurenai's long reprimanding, Tenten went in, while rolling her eyes, everybody greeted her with smiles. "You did it again, Tenten-kun!" Sakura cheered, Tenten wondered why they keep on calling her that. But she didn't bother to ask; it's just too… as in Shikamaru's vocabulary, Troublesome.

"Hm." She answered in a bored tone, and then yawned.

"OH MY GOD, TENTEN-KUN, YOU LOOK KAWAII WHEN YOU'RE YAWNING!" Tenten raised a brow, what makes a person cute when yawning?

"Tenten-kun, can I have your autograph?" A girl asked, with another girl behind her.

"Err, why?" She asked.

"Um… Tenten-kun… I like you!" The girl said with a blush, Tenten scowled. "Please… don't. Besides, I won't be good for you." Tenten said. Duh! You're a lesbian! Tenten thought, not knowing that they thought she's a guy. Oh Tenten, you're so numb.

"Whoa! Another? Seriously, who do you like, anyway?" Sakura asked. Tenten didn't bother to answer, but secretly she's screaming in her head… I like somebody! And she would glance to Neji once in a while.

"Oh, come on, Tenten-kun! Tell us!"

"Sakura, I believe that if I tell you, you won't like it." Tenten said coldly, and stood up.

"OH MY GOD! NOW I KNOW!" Ino shrieked, Tenten turned to her. "TENTEN-KUN'S GAY!"

What! GAY! I am not! I'm a girl, God damn it! Why would they call me gay?… Oh wait, DO THEY THINK I'M A GUY! Oh crap, I never thought… FRIGIN' RIGIN' BARG A DING DONG! THEY THINK I'M A GUY! Oh this sucks. Tenten thought as she groaned, whilst the others…

"Ewwwww!" Tenten decided to leave, it's too… bothersome to explain anyway. If she does, maybe they won't believe her; maybe they would force her to let them see her… you know. On her way out, she didn't know…

A pair of white eyes was staring at her emerging figure. Interesting. Neji thought with a smirk.

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