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"My fault? Why's it my fault?" Tenten yelled as she got back into her baggy clothes, since it would be better for Neji, right? So, Hinata gave Neji a box of Kleenex. "N-Neji-s-san, w-w-what h-happened?"

"I was just checking out Ten—"

"Pervert!" Tenten glared at Neji. Neji sighed, "let me rephrase that… I was just staring at Tente—"


Neji let out a frustrated sigh, "whatever, Tenten! I mean, what the hell? I'm a guy! Can't blame me for not doing so!" Everybody stood silent. This is not good.

"Oh my God, you're going to die, Neji." Ino clarified at the same time she nodded her head. Neji gave a confused look. "Why so?" He decided to ask. The questions were answered when he caught sight of Tenten.

A mad Tenten.

A fuming Tenten.

A frustrated Tenten.

An infuriated Tenten.

An exasperated, enraged, annoyed, aggravated Tenten.

"Jerk!" Normally, a girl would slap, but nooo, Tenten just has to be so brutal. He punched him hard on his face! Ouch.

"What was that for? I'm the one getting the nosebleed! Stupid woman!" Neji retorted. Tenten's eyes narrowed, "that's for being an arrogant bastard!"

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The Next Day…

Tenten walked towards the school with a glazed look upon her face. She was going to be late again if she didn't hurry, but that really didn't matter now. In fact, she was just forcing herself to go to school!

School starts in eight more minutes, but she was still twenty four minutes away from school… that was if she walked. But if she run, school was just ten minutes away.

So either way, she was so darn late!

But if she took a vehicle, she won't be late.

Speaking of vehicle, Tenten heard wheels screeching through the streets. She didn't bother to look who it was since it might be just some obnoxious guy.

And obnoxious guy it was!

"Hey!" A familiar voice reached Tenten's ears. She turned to see who it was, she let out a upset groan. "What do you want?" She asked dryly. The guy smirked, "you're Neji's girlfriend, right?"

I can imagine that you're all disappointed, seeing as it isn't Neji.

Tenten rolled her eyes, "oh please! (Censored) off! I don't even remember who you are."

"Uchiha. Uchiha Sasuke."

Tenten raised a brow. "Oh yeah. The Uchiha dude. Barbie likes you, right?" His eyebrows rose to his forehead. "Who?" He asked, curiosity traced on his handsome face (Aiiiieee! Gimme a break, fan girls). "Talk about clueless," Tenten attempted to walk away.


"It's Sakura, you idiot. Are you too stupid to notice that?" Tenten stated with a hint of boredom on her face. She tugged on her big jacket, it sure was windy that day.

"Really? She does?"

"That's what I said," Tenten yawned and walked again. He followed her with that jet-black car of his. "Do you want me a lift?" Tenten raised a brow by what Sasuke just said.

"You're saying that the popular dude is offering me a ride?"

Sasuke shrugged, "well, I have something to tell you."

"Then tell it!"

Sasuke shook his head, "no, it's not your normal conversation, Tenten. Jump in." Tenten didn't argue any further and sat on the passenger's seat. Instantly, she noticed the light pink, laced handkerchief almost out of his pocket. She widened her eyes.

"Oh God…"

Sasuke looked back at her, "what?"

She grinned widely and gave a menacing laugh, "I always thought you were gay!" Sasuke choked by his saliva, "what the hell?! Where'd that came from?"

She guffawed rudely, "Uchiha's gay! Uchiha's gay! I'm gonna spread this. Wait till Sakura hears—"

"What the hell are you talking about, woman?" Sasuke asked as his car swished and practically flew by his reckless driving! "Would you mind explaining to me why you have that girly hankie in your pocket?" She asked. Sasuke blushed slightly.

He let one hand leave the steering wheel and insert the piece of cloth fully into his pocket. "None of your business!" He answered harshly. Tenten continued to smile, "really? I could only see it now. 'Heartthrob? Actually gay!' My, my, it sounds beautiful!"

He rolled his eyes, "this handkerchief is important and you have no right to make fun of it!"

Tenten blinked simultaneously, "why?"

He decided to play along, "because I just llluuurrrv it!" He batted his eyelashes and swung his hand in a girly way. Tenten laughed, "good one!" She said between laughs.

"No, seriously, why's it important?"

Sasuke sighed, "jeez, it's from Sakura. Happy?" Tenten's jaw dropped. She gasped and afterwards glued a smile on her face. "Shut up! Really? How? Did she just gave it to you just like that?"

"No." He answered firmly.

"Then how'd you—"

"She dropped it during lab class when we were partnered." Sasuke stated.


"Enough about me, about you and loverboy. I heard you were childhood friends. Tell me, do you like him?" Tenten noticed that smirk cross his face. She glowered, "I won't tell you."

"But why? If you don't like him, you could just say no like what you usually say when someone asks you if you like someone."

Tenten sunk on her seat, "I don't want to lie."

"Ah, so you don't want to admit that you like Neji. Typical. I didn't know you were such a coward to—" Before Sasuke could continue, Tenten cut her off. Yeah, she never wanted anyone trying to hit her ego.

"I'm not a coward! Just a bit afraid."

"What's the difference?"

Tenten grunted, "whatever. It's different! I-I… (Censored)." Sasuke grinned as they parked at the school's parking lot. "It's not different." Tenten let out a snort.

"All right, all right! I like Neji! I FREAKIN' LIKE HIM! End of discussion?" Tenten answered but was quite surprised that she actually said that. Seemed like Sasuke was happy about it.


"What now?"

"Haven't you realized? You do not like him."

"I don't?"

Tenten exposed a confused look. She tilted her head slightly to the side. She looked like a baffled, bewildered, befuddled, bemused, and bamboozled kid. In short, she looked completely weird.

"You always steal a glimpse of him. You're not as tough when you're around him. You only bother to acknowledge his presence by fighting him! Obviously… you already love him!"

Now Tenten was confused as ever! She smiled at him slightly, "yes. Maybe I do." She opened the door and went out. "Thanks for the ride!" She gave him one big smile and walked away.

Little did Tenten know, a pair of pale eyes was staring. A guy with pale skin, ivory brown hair, and cool façade was staring at her… and he wasn't pleased.

Not if she just came from his best friend's car.

And they looked happy.

Yes… this guy was jealous.

This guy was Hyuuga Neji.


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Light Sneak Peek…

"How can you prove that you're not doing anything wrong with Uchiha?!"

"I don't like him, okay?"

"Prove it!"


She closed the gap between them and kissed him lightly. "Because, Hyuuga Neji, I freakin' love you!"