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Chapter 3, The Follow-Up was originally a longer piece. I guess I just needed to let Dawn go and see what happened before I could boil it down to the short format. So here is the deleted scene. Enjoy.

The Follow up. (Long version)
By Old Scout

"She's here already?" Yesterday she was two hours late, now she was a half hour early. "You're sure it's Miss Summers?"

"Yes, Sir. She checked out." The Sentry said. "She seemed quite exited to be here."

Jack found a teenage girl with long brown hair sitting at his desk going through his drawers. "Yeep!" The girl yelped, jumped to her feet and slammed the drawer shut. "Hi."

Jack glared.

The girl edged away from the desk. "Sorry about that. I was just a.." she swallowed something. "Looking for some gum."

"You're not Buffy Summers."

She stepped forward and offered her hand. "Dawn Summers. Buffy couldn't make it so she asked me to come." She smiled triumphantly.

"General O'Neill." Jack offered before sitting at his small desk. "And you know about.."

"This is sooo cool being in the Pentagon." Dawn said as she sat down in the guest chair. "Isn't this office really small for a General?"

"Well, I'm only here tempor.."

"Hey, have you ever been to Area Fifty One? Andrew swears there's a real spaceship there."

"No, I..."

"Wait you're from Colorado Springs." She said enthusiastically.

"How'd you know?"

"The coffee mug." She pointed to his Tommy's Hockey Shop mug. "Oh, do you work for the Air Force Academy? Do you think you could get me in there? Do they need linguists?"

"No, I don't work…"

"Oh, my God, you must work for NORAD." Dawn practically squealed. "I should have known that's why you're interested in Sunnydale."

"Yes, well what can you tell me about the Amulet?" Jack said trying to get the girl focused.

"Oh, it was ugly. They really didn't say where it came from." She looked around the office. "This is just sooo cool. Can you give me a tour? And you know not just the regular tour places but some of the cool war rooms and stuff?"

"About the amulet…"

"Oh, oh,.." Dawn sat back and pointed at Jack. "I have a question for you. Why does Riley call the Air Force the Chair Force?"

"I really don't know…"

"You know if I don't go to the Academy I could still go to O.C.S. after college." Dawn said. "Hey what difference does it make? Do Academy officers get better jobs then O.C.S. officers? Would I have to cut my hair? Because I don't know if I could do that."

"Not if you keep it up while on duty. Now about this vampire who wore the Amulet?"

"Oh, that would be sooo cool." Dawn said. "But it must suck for the guys that they have to cut their hair. Do they ever get mad about that? Do any of the women ever cut their hair like Demi Moore did in that movie? She looked really cut but you know Buffy could still so kick her ass."

"Miss Summers, the vampire?"

"Oh, yeah. Spike. He was really cool." She reflected for a second. "At least to me. Of course that was because he was so into Buffy. That was kind of gross and weird. She was always threatening to kick his ass, then asking him to watch me. One time he had this ro…ah, doll made up that looked just like her. It was pretty sick. But he was always nice to me."

"And where did.." Jack began again his head was starting to hurt.

"Hey, what do they really do in Cheyenne Mountain? Now that the cold war is over it's not like we need to keep watching Canada for thousands of incoming missiles or anything. Andrew says you guys have a transmogrifier that can duplicate people and junk. Ah, Mister General, why are you banging your head on your desk? Should I call somebody?"

"Just shoot me." Jack groaned.