"Wow it's so big" Katie exclaimed as they drove through the gates of her new school. She looked around at the large buildings and stone gargoyles and felt a wave of pride surge through her body. She Katie Danes had made it to Chilton academy, she knew she could do it, everybody did but it was still a major achievement. Coming form Stars Hallow and not belonging to the high class society that Chilton was based on made admission solely on effort and had nothing to do with the money or status of her family.

"Have a good day kiddo you sure you don't want me and dad to join you?"

"Yeah mum I'll be fine I can do this is just another step towards Harvard right"

"Yeah it is kid" her mother replied.

"Bye Kat have a good day" her father added as she exited the car with a wide grin ready to take on the world.

"You ok" he asked his wife as they moved slowly away form the school knowing what or better who she was thinking about.

"Yeah I am just thinking about our beautiful smart daughter" she replied with a smile. Luke took her hand in his anyway showing her he knew how she was feeling, what she was feeling and that he was there for her. They drove home in silence Luke still holding his wife's hand stroking it softly.

"Lorelai" he said breaking the silence as they arrived back in Stars Hallow outside the diner.

"You want to come in for a coffee or go straight to the inn"

"There are too things I never say no too, one is coffee and I think you know what else I am talking about hon." She replied cheeky smile on her face thinking all done.

"A simple yes was all I needed but I guess after all this time I should be used to your mouth" he replied happy she had stopped thinking about the past and was ready to focus on the day.

"You think you would" she said leaning in to kiss him "I know you love my mouth" she said pulling away.

"Yes I do. Now lets get you inside for a shot before you start withdrawal symptoms, you daughter was so excited this morning she drunk all the coffee I had brewed."

"Hey" a tall, dark haired boy greeted as he stopped at the locker next to Katie who was currently unloading her books.

"Hey" she replied "you new today too?"

"Yeah is it really that obvious"

"You just have the same vaguely excited yet overwhelmed look on your face."

"Right I guess at least we are starting a beginning of the year, so there are many of us in the same boat" her replied "I'm William by the way"

"Yeah I guess so it would suck coming in part way through. Katie" she said extending her hand and shaking his.

"Nice to meet you Katie, do you live around here?"

"No far away my family lives in Stars Hallow small town about 30 minutes form here. What about you are you from a high society Hartford family?" Katie inquired doubting that this boy had come from the snobby class that her mother often talked about because he seemed so down to earth.

"Well I live in Hartford but not in the richest parts. My great grandparents where the rich snobby type but my Mom cut herself off from them, both my parents are hard working. Dad is a computer wiz designs websites and my Mom is a writer mostly journalism but she is working on a novel too. What about your parents?"

"Dad owns a diner and Mom…" just then the bell rang interrupting the teenagers talk.

"Well it was nice meeting you William…?" she hesitated wanting to know his last name.

"Hadley" he supplied.

"Nice meeting you Will Hadley, now I know it's a long shot but did you happen to take any notice on you orientation tour and remember where room 18 math was?"

"Sorry but at least we are lost together that is my class too."

After wandering around for several minutes looking for a friendly face they found one. They asked for the directions and to there embarrassments were actually right outside the classroom. So they walked in and took a seat each side by side both ready and excited about there first Chilton lesson and challenging workload.

"Hey" Will said walking up behind a flustered looking Katie "you look a bit annoyed"

"Oh hey Will, yeah well I planed to take a bus home but I managed to miss it"

"I can give you a ride if you like it would be no problem, it was fun having a talk at lunch we could continue it" he said eagerly. He wasn't quite sure what it was about Katie but he liked her. She was fun and cheeky as he had found out and he liked how he had just started calling him Will without permission. He thought they could become good friends because they came from similar families.

"Sure why not" she smiled "but you better drive safe my dad is known to lose his temper if his little girl is not looked after."

"How can you not love that song" Katie questioned as they pulled up at the diner 35 minutes later.

"If you had a mother who played it over and over again you would learn to hate it too" Will replied.

"Well actually my mother does play it all the time and it had the complete opposite effect on me" she replied grinning.

"Ok sure maybe it is a chick thing. I guess I will see you at school tomorrow" he questioned as she started to gather he bag and jacket.

"Yeah but if you like coffee you can stay for a cup my dad makes the best coffee in the world I'll shout you a cup it's the least I can do."

"No one in the world could drink more coffee than me and my mother. It would be a sin to refuse a cup." He said secretly glad he could spend a little more time with his new friend.

"Come on in then and just for the record I am sure my mother could drink more coffee that you and your mother put together. Sometimes I think the only reason she married my father was for his burgers and coffee but then I see the way she looks at him, they are so cute. Don't tell my dad I said that though."

Will just smiled and followed Katie into the nice little diner. They walked over to the counter and both took a seat.

"Dad" Katie called and a man walked out of the kitchen.

"Your dad's upstairs with your Mom Katie, they have been there five minutes I am sure they will be down soon. Can I pour you and your friend a coffee?"

"Thanks Caesar but do you really have to ask"

Caesar poured them each a coffee and Will lifted the mug to his lips and took a small sip.

"Wow" he said as the dark liquid aroused his taste buds and slid down his throat. "You were right this really is the best coffee in the world"

"Never doubt me I am always right my perfect tests scores are the evidence as well as my perfect mother. Us Danes girls we are two of a kind"

Just then Luke walked out from behind the curtain that lead to his office upstairs. His lips were red and moulded into a wide smile as moved behind the counter noticing his daughter.

"Hey Katie we didn't expect you home so soon I was just about to make you a snack so it would be ready when you got here. How was your day?"

"It was great dad but I missed the bus so Will gave me a ride, I guess the trip was quicker with out all the other stops. To thank Will for the ride I asked him in for a coffee and it seems you have another admirer of you black death." She explained gesturing to Will as she did.

"Hello Will was it, thank you for giving my daughter a lift would you like a burger?"

"No thanks Mr Danes I should be heading home soon and I am afraid if I try your burgers as well I might want to purpose marriage as this coffee was so good" Will said jokingly in his normal fashion. Luke couldn't help but smile he could see why Katie liked this boy he was so much like Lorelai and her. Yet he still replied in his normal fashion.

"It'll kill you"

Just then Lorelai too made her way down the stairs her lips with a fresh coat of lip gloss and the same smile on her lips.

"Hey Luke coffee now" she said sitting next to her daughter eyeing the young man next to her.

"William Hadley" Will said putting out his hand to shake it as Luke placed a coffee cup in front of Lorelai. Lorelai looked between the two a few times before picking up the coffee taking a large gulp and then shaking hands with Will.

"Will gave me a lift home because I inherited my mom's genes and managed to miss the bus.

"Nice to meet you Will" Lorelai said after another mouthful of coffee. Just then his cell phone began to ring and he noticed the sign prohibiting them.

"I better go that's my mom she'll be wondering where I am it was nice meet you all. See you tomorrow Katie."

"Bye" Katie replied waving as he walked outside flipping open his phone.

"Come on Katie that was your first chance to get your new friend to help in the fight against diner rules" Lorelai wined smiling at her daughter.

"Mom I believe that is your fight and you are the only one who can get away with it because you take dad upstairs where you shut him up with your lips."

"Ok sure but you could too if you just tried harder how come you got my eating habits and personality yet refuse to help tease your dad with me? Anyway how was your fist day at your new school apart from meeting a totally spunky guy?" she asked giving her daughter a wink as she talked about Will.

"Good I am already feeling challenged and I like it."

"Aww your just like your mommy I feel challenged everyday as I talk your dad into giving me my 10th cup of coffee and my 5th burger." The girls laughed together and smiled widely as Luke set down burgers and fries in front of each of them.

"So the first day went well then and you meet a girl" Wills mother asked as they sat in front of the television that nigh eating dinner.

"Yeah the classes were great and Katie is really nice, we had coffee in her town and I swear it was the best coffee in the world mom" he replied enthusiastically

Rory just smiled to her self and thought of the real best coffee in the world and the people who drank it. She dreamed of one day sharing it with her son and showing him where her love of coffee had come from but at the moment it was not possible too much time had passed those bridges had been burned too long.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter and the story idea. I really wanted to write something original and this idea just popped into my head. Give me some feedback on what you think and if it is a goer I will give you chapter number two.