"They'll be here" Rory assured her son "my timeliness is not something inherited from my mother. She is always running late. She does have Luke to ready her but they do have a 30 minute drive and Luke can't work mircles. School doesn't start for another half an hour Will, I promise if they don't arrive in the next 10 minutes we'll go in without them."

"OK thanks Mom, it will be much more fun with them I guess, I just don't want to be late" Will explained.

"You won't be honey I promise, and your grandmother will certainly make today lots of fun. Katie is lucky she has Dad here to control Mum at my teacher's day she was flying solo, boy did that turn out interesting." Rory said laughing at the memories.

"I am glade dad's here too, you learnt your fair share of tricks form Grandma, and I hate to see what the two of you can accomplish together."

"Great" Marty said sarcastically "glade I know my purpose, it's not to meet my sons teachers, but to keep my wayward wife form getting into mischief with her mother."

"You know you love it" Rory said giving him a quick kiss and smiling as she saw Luke driving in to the parking space next to them.

"See I told you they'd be here" Rory bragged getting out the car to greet her mom.

"Hey" Lorelai said excitedly as she exited the car

"Hey" Rory replied looking at the stone building before them "It's not that big is it?"

"Not big at all kid, this is a mountain we've already climbed guess it's a lot easier the second time"


"Come on girls" Luke called as him, Marty and the kids walked towards the entrance.

"Coming" they called back catching up with their families and entering the school.

"Mom" Rory called as they walked past the staircase on there way to Katie and Will's lockers.

"Wow" Lorelai said thinking the same thing as Rory was.

"What?" Will asked looking from his mother to his grandmother.

"Well this is where we almost carved our names after my graduation" Rory explained.

"Imagine if we had we could shown them now that would have been so cool"

"Yeah thrilling, not to mention the fact you would have been defiling beautiful woodwork" Luke said less than enthusiastically.

"Hey Hon what's up with you, you're acting like we actually did it we didn't you know" Lorelai said taking his hand as they continued towards the lockers.

"I know, I guess this place just freaks me out" Luke explained putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her to him.

"It only gets better Hon, by the time we get to the other grandkids this building will seem like an old friend."

The four adults waited as Katie and Will got there books out their lockers and continued walking the halls for a further five minutes. Lorelai and Rory told stories of their Chilton experiences and Luke was even able to add a bit about the graduation. When the bell rang the adults followed Katie and Will to their English class.

"Wait" Lorelai said stopping at the door with a sudden epiphany "this is going to be weird isn't it?" Lorelai asked worried, she hadn't really thought about the situation in detail, to be truthful she had actually tried to ignore it. She had convinced herself that everything would be fine and it wasn't until right outside the door that she was beginning to think any different.

"Come on Mom, it will be fine no weirdness I promise" Katie encouraged trying to get her parents inside the class, she didn't want to draw unwanted attention.

"Katie baby, I know you just want to get through parents day but I don't think you fully understand the situation. I was engaged to your teacher, I was engaged to be married. We had a big party with present and dancing and little ballerinas and your dad carved me a wedding Chuppah. It was all on, everyone thought it was going to happen, including me, especially him. Then I freaked out and I ran, I ran away and cancelled our wedding over the phone. I saw him once after that at some Chilton thing and we kissed kind of a closure thing. I wasn't meant to see him after that, the kiss was meant to be the end. But now I turn up to school with my husband and our child and he will realise that I never loved him which I didn't and he will proberly think that I had feelings for Luke when I was engaged to him, which I did. Had we never met again then none of this would be a problem, he could go on thinking that we were something special but now he's going to realise we weren't. This is going to be weird, weird, weird, weird, weird." Lorelai ranted almost hysterically. Katie was personally pleased that everyone else seemed to be in the classroom out of hearing distance. It was very like them to be late.

"Mom, you need to calm down" Rory said taking the hand that wasn't occupied by Luke's and squeezing it for support and a hope that her mother would snap out of it. "You are sounding a little vain at present like you think Max still has a thing for you. This might be a little weird, but you need to get over that for Katie's sake and get in their to face another blast form our past" Rory said letting go of her hand and moving towards the door with Marty.

"Just for the record I think this is still going to be incredibly weird" Lorelai stated.

"You know what would be weird" Said a voice form behind them "If the person you were dreading an encounter with were to hear you talking about it in the corridor." Max finished with a smile.

"What you think we were talking about you?" Lorelai asked

"That's a bit vain isn't it? We were actually talking about the fact that once again we have to try and explain our family situation to a bunch of strangers who will think that I'm Rory's sister and Will's aunt."

"Oh sorry of course" Max said a little embarrassed "Well we better get inside otherwise they might not let us sit a test" he said trying to joke with the group who smiled politely at the joke. "By the way Lorelai" he started trying for one last jab "weird is a very boring word someone should buy you a thesaurus so you can use words like peculiar. Lorelai Gilmore and boring are not things that usually go together."

"It's Danes" Luke said simply as Max walked into the classroom trying to keep some of his pride intact. Luckily Katie and Will had entered earlier sick of the unsure-ness and wanting to talk to their peers. They had not seen the first rally of the Danes versus Medina, which had left the Dane's 2 Medina 0.

Lorelai squeezed Luke's hand a little tighter and walked into the classroom ready for the weirdness to begin. She was pleased she had talked herself out of earlier embarrassment and knew that nothing else could be said by Max to at least the end of class. I mean he wouldn't jeopardise his teaching position over this would he. No, no he wouldn't do that. For all Lorelai knew he was happily dating or even gay, she was no longer hung up on him so why would he be hang up on her. Everything was going to be just fine, and if not she had her faithful husband by her side.

"Right" Max said addressing both the students and parents who were now settled in the classroom. "I thought today since its parent day we would take a little heat off you students and put the parents in your position. What we'll do is go through each of you students and you will choose one of your parents to tell the class about one of the topics on the board. You will get to choose the topic and show us how much you know about your parents."

Throughout the class whispers where heard as both parents and students discussed the various categories.

"Right just before we begin I would like to add that categories may only be used once so some of you may end up with something you know nothing about. Good luck and I hope you are cleverly creative." Max finished explaining.

"She better choose you" Luke whispered to Lorelai who just laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

"Right" Max began again ready to start the game "First up is Daniel Merrifield"

"I pick my mom and turkey basting" said a very young looking freckled boy. His mother reeled off a very practised sounding sentence about the amount of layers and space to leave for each to dry, that by the looks of her she had instructed her maid many times."

"Thank you Mrs Merrifield, that fine performance earns you a B+."

Max continued to move through the students at random each parent sounding proficient in there knowledge of various subjects. Lorelai would randomly whisper to Luke what she would have said and he would smile or roll his eyes at his wife accordingly.

"You know" Lorelai whispered looking around the parents not interested at all in the present topic of yachts "I just realised that all these people are younger than me. This is my second round at the whole Chilton thing before I was younger now I'm older than everyone else. Isn't it funny how things work out?

"Mmmm" Luke agreed as both of their attention was draw to the front of the class as Max called Williams name.

"My mother will tell you about coffee" Will said confidently causing a small gasp from Lorelai as she had been picking out the topic for herself.

"The elixir of life" Rory explained simple causing the class to laugh and Lorelai to smile and pat her on the back.

"Couldn't have said it better myself" Lorelai whispered.

"Katie Danes" Max announced next he had stopped grading a few turns ago as some of the grades were being disputed and he had planned this as a fun activity. It is amazing how the upper class get competitive.

"My dad will talk about fishing" Katie announced surprising both Luke and Lorelai.

"Ok very well" Max said hoping to catch the monosyllabic mountain man off guard. He knew this would do nothing in terms of gain for him in anyway but he felt that if Luke found nothing to say it would help him feel better about his fantastic communication skills.

"Fishing is all about patience" Luke started sounding disappointingly clear and confident. "It's all very well to hook the fish but if you try reel it in too quickly you are likely to loose it. The fish will just end up some other man dinner. Patience, that's the key." Luke finished happy with his loaded answer.

"I can't believe you did that" Lorelai said angrily as they got into the car to drive home.

"I'm sorry, ok, it was stupid I was jealous and it sounded like a good idea in my reverted back to caveman mind."

"But why Luke, why the hell would you want my ex-fiancé at our wedding? How would you feel if it was Nicole that I had invited?"

"Need I remind you that one he said no, two he was going to be Rory's step father a one stage an this is her wedding too and three Rachel is coming to our wedding in fact she is also taking photographs."

"OK one you are lucky he said no and politely explained his other plans, two you are Rory's stepfather and why the hell would you want to remember that he was ever in the running and three Rachel is happily married with 2 children I'd hardly count her as a jealous ex. Max but is still alone he took great pleasure in trying to make you look bad and in trying to call me Gilmore. All this evidence clearly points to the fact he is still mad at me ditching him."

"Lorelai ok I know it was silly. I was stupid, I'm sorry and I love you" Luke said taking her hand which she let him do but made no move to return the action.

"I know honey and I love you too which was part of the reason for leaving Max although I didn't know it at the time and it is a another reason he should not be at our wedding."

"Would you just kiss and make up already" Katie yelled impatiently form the back seat "I want to go home.

"I think I can do that" Luke said leaning in a kissing Lorelai softly.

"Mmm" Lorelai said softly as they pulled apart. "By the way honey I did think the fishing pun was clever, over the top, but clever."

"Well, from you Mrs Danes that is a high compliment"

"Yeah well don't let your head get too big, I take some of the credit for your wit"

"Fair enough, after all you are my inspiration."

"Mum, Dad, save it for the honeymoon and get me home now" Katie yelled from the back seat rousing her parents so that her father started the car for the trip home.

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