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Draco Malfoy thinks his life to be over when he is forced to conceive Lord Voldemort´s child. Will he find somebody whom he can trust with his secret and maybe even his heart? 6th year. Harry/Draco (Warnings: rape, slash, m-preg)

Chapter 1

S i r i n g

Draco was busy packing his trunk for Hogwarts when he heard a commotion outside his room. Surely Bitsy had crashed something again. The train would be leaving in about two hours time from Kings Cross Station and he was really not having time for such now. He was already late as it was.

Since his father had been put in Azkaban his mother was left with almost no money to run the house. The only house-elf she could affort at this time would be busy preparing breakfast, his mother giving her strict order that Bitsy was forbidden to help him packing his trunk. That was what his father´s imprisonment meant for him; he had to do house-elf work. Draco froze when he heard his mother´s voice in front of his door.

"Please, my Lord, I beg you! Not my son! Anything you want, but not this, please!" It was not like his mother to be bubbling hysterically, not the noble Lady Malfoy, always aware of the Malfoy standards to uphold, always in control, beautiful and cold like a statue.

Draco felt a knot forming in his stomach, a feeling of foreboding settling in his soul, chilling him from the inside. Whom would his mother be begging like this and why for Merlin´s sake? His question was answered when the door to his room flew open and several figures dressed in dark flowing robes entered his room; Death Eaters. Narcissa Malfoy tore herself out of the grip of one man holding her arm to prevent her from intervening and ran to a very tall figure throwing herself to the ground in front of him. She was holding onto the robes of this man as if her life depended on it.

"Please, my Lord, I´ll take his place, just spare my son. It would be my honour, but he´s just a child, he´s only sixteen." A sob interrupted his mother´s begging. She was now frantically kissing the hem of the Dark Lord´s robes who was staring at the beautiful woman at his feet as if she was a small insect, her only purpose in life to be crushed by his foot.

"You know why I have to do this, Narcissa. Lucius disappointed me, disappointed me deeply. I expected more from the Malfoy line. Draco is a very beautiful child, his punishment will give me much pleasure." Lord Voldemort looked straight into Draco´s eyes, the smile the lipless mouth of the Dark Lord tried to form making him want to hurl. Merlin, their Lord was here to punish him for his father´s malperformed duties? Draco felt his blood freezing in his veins while his heart pumped madly. He was going to die by the hand of a monster.

Draco had never seen his father´s master before in his life. The creature was ugly and definitely not human. Lord Voldemort was very tall and powerfully built. His eyes were narrow slits between which a dismal glittering red could be seen. Draco was sure that the creatures eyes would be shining in the darkness like a demon´s eyes. He could not suppress a shudder running over his body. The skin was of a light grey hue, his hair a shining black. Something was terribly wrong with the skin. It looked as if the skin was translucent, underlaid with snake scales. The nose was rather flat and there were no visible lips, just a straight orifice where humans had their mouth.

The thought of defending himself with his wand did not even enter Draco´s mind. It would have been useless anyway. His wand was lying out of his reach on his desk underneath the big window overlooking the Malfoy gardens. Not to talk about the non existent chance of him defeating five Death Eaters and the Dark Lord himself to get out of this.

"Mom?" Draco could not take his eyes off Lord Voldemort as his voice came out in the tiny whisper of a frightened child facing the monster who finally decided to crawl out of the wardrobe where it had been lurking ever since. And this was a monster indeed! Fear had frozen his soul.

"Avery! Take her out and stay with her until I am finished with the boy!" Voldemort ordered in his hissing voice.

His mother gave a yelp as she was pulled to her feet and tried a last time to beg her Lord not to punish their family like this as Nott shoved her out of the room and shut the door behind them.

Narcissa Malfoy´s screaming and crying grew fainter and fainter as the deatheaters stood unmoving, staring at the youngest Malfoy with malicious and dirty smiles gracing their faces. Even though they wore their white masks Draco knew from the lower parts of their faces left uncovered who was there to witness his punishment. Crabbe´s, Goyles´ and Nott´s fathers were present as well as his own uncle, Rodolphus Lestrange. Each of these men had known him since he had been born, but it did not seem to make any difference to them when it came to killing him as it seemed.

"Put the boy on the bed!" Draco could not even proceed what was happening as strong hands gripped his arms and pushed him down onto his bed. Each Death Eater was holding onto one of Draco´s limbs as Lord Voldemort stepped closer to the head of the bed holding a small phial containing a violently green potion.

Draco´s breaths came in short gasps as the intimitating figure of the Dark Lord grabbed his jaw in one hand to dip the green liquid into his mouth. The liquid burned like ice in his mouth and he tried to spit it out, needed to get it out of him again, only to be stopped by a hand covering his mouth and nose. He tried to hold the liquid in his mouth instead of swallowing it but as his body started screaming for air his throat betrayed him and Draco felt the potion burning its way down into his stomach.

Draco stopped struggling as the deed was done. The poison was inside his body, no chance for salvation left. Lord Voldemort removed his cold hand from Draco´s face and stared down on him with a strange fire burning in his red eyes.

'This is it.' Draco thought as he felt heat rapidly building in his intestines. 'I´m going to die now. Dying. Merlin. I´m just sixteen. Why me. Please. I don´t want to die.' The frantic rumbling in his mind stopped immediately when the heat exploded into an unbearable burning which rivaled the Cruciatus Curse itself and he heard himself screaming before Draco knew he was going to scream.

He was writhing on the bed, held down by eight strong hands, tears leaked out of his eyes, fire seemed to liquidify his intestines, the pain was unbearable.

'Oh gods, please, please, make it stop, let me die now, can´t, can´t take this, please!' Draco screamed inside his mind whereas all the deatheaters could hear was a raw and primal screaming not much unlike coming from a dying animal. Suddenly the pain ebbed away to be replaced by a muted echo of the former heat.

"Is the process completed?" a male voice found its way through the haze in his mind, his senses dulled by the pain.

It took Draco to hear these words to realise that he was still breathing, gulping in air, gasping. His body was covered in a thick layer of sweat, shaking. Draco opened his eyes to see that he was still on his bed, still held down by the four deatheaters whereas the Dark Lord himself was prodding his belly as if he was in a medical examination, making him whimper in pain. Draco was confused.

"Did the poison not work?" he asked faintly. "Why am I still alive?"

The deatheaters looked at him, some confused, of course Crabbe and Goyle senior, some smirking.

"It was no poison, Draco, it was a potion to reform your internal organs to enable you to bear children." answered Lord Voldemort with a satisfied grin. Draco frowned; fear, confusion and shock battling in his mind.

"Why?" His whisper just a faint whisp of air as the situation weighed him down, constricting his breath. The next second he understood and his eyes opened wide in disbelief.

"I take it you understood your role in the punishment of the Malfoy family, Draco. I will not kill you. I will breed you." confirmed Voldemort.

"Undress him!" Draco wanted to struggle, wanted it so badly, but the potion seemed to have left him weak, too weak to stop them. He could only gasp in fear, unable to fight, as the deatheaters cruelly tore the clothes off his body and went back into position to hold him down. When Voldemort slipped off his robe to reveal a large, ugly piece of straining manhood Draco finally snapped.

"Please, you cannot do this. Don´t. Merlin. You can´t." Draco begged, his voice scratchy and broken from his agonizing screams, as he stared at Lord Voldemort´s groin. Panic was drowning him like a tidal wave, tearing at his mind like a rabid beast. "No, please, don´t do this, please."

Tears started to flow down his face as he struggled against the unforgiving hold on his limbs. Forgotten were all of his father´s lessons about 'Malfoys don´t cry!' or 'Malfoys don´t beg!' Draco´s only reward for his struggles was a quiet laughter coming from the demon´s unholy mouth.

"Please, let me go!" Draco´s pleas were like a whisper, the feeling of suffocating overwhelming. His heart was beating like a jackhammer in his chest while his lungs seemed to have forgotten how to function.

"Beautiful." said Lord Voldemort as he climbed on top of the bed, on top of Draco. "Are you still untouched, Draco?" asked Voldemort almost caring. Draco turned his face to the side so nobody could see him flushing. In vain. "Beautiful!" repeated the snake-like monster, a predatory look in his eyes.

"His legs." ordered the Dark Lord and Crabbe and Goyle brought his legs up and back leaving Draco open and vulnerable. He tensed and squeezed his eyes shut as he felt something warm and soft nudging at his entrance. It was embarassing like nothing Draco had ever experienced before. 'This is not happening, this is not happening', he repeated like a mantra in his mind.

Suddenly there was a burning pain and tearing sensation. Draco clenched his teeth. He wanted so much to scream for his mother, wanted her to help him, but he knew that she could not fight those men, and he did not want her to see him like this, in his absolute shame.

Why did this demon still move further into him, it hurt, it hurt so much, gods! Draco could not hold his screams back any longer when the violent breaching increased the agony to an unbearable level. Lestrange and Nott were holding his hands down above his head and he gripped their hands tightly, taking comfort from their warm hands, as the monster´s cold body pressed against his. Draco´s body was arching away from the bed in a futile attempt to escape the painful intrusion.

The Dark Lord seemed to enjoy himself while excruciating pain was searing through Draco, his repulsive face twisted in bliss and the wish to hurt. He proceeded to completely lie down on top of Draco, his corpse-like cold making him shiver, never stopping his violent movements, kissing him, pushing his tongue deep into the sweet boy´s mouth, swallowing his pained screams and sampling the taste of his tears.

Draco did not know how long it lasted, it might have been minutes or hours. He knew he was screaming, crying, praying for it to end. Voldemort had been right, Draco still had been a virgin. He had imagined sex in a different way, better than this, more enjoyable than this. Merlin, if this was it, he never wanted to be close to another human being again. This was unbearable, shame and agony tearing at the boundaries of his sanity. He felt as if he was torn apart, liquid flowing from between his legs in small rivulets down his sweaty skin, liquid he thought to be blood.

The squelching sounds, the moans of the dark wizard on top of him, his tongue in his mouth, the rotten taste of it, Merlin, the taste. He wanted to hurl so bad, wanted to die right now. Anything to make this stop. When the snake-faced Lord came to his completion, the pain increased with his brutality, and Draco screamed even louder in agony. His screams changed into a whimper when Lord Voldemort got up from the bed, violent sobs were shaking his hurting body. He was ashamed of himself.

"You did well, Draco. The punishment is completed. I hope this is a lesson for your father." Draco did not open his eyes, did not want to see any of them, did not want them to see him. He curled in on himself, still sobbing, when they let go of his limbs.

"Avery shall bring Narcissa to help the boy dress." ordered Voldemort.

"You will meet the Hogwarts Express and go to Hogwarts just as planned, Draco. It is your choice if you tell anybody that I´ve been breeding you as punishment for your father´s lack of skills. Severus Snape will be informed of your condition soonest to watch over the child´s development. When the time has come I will come for my heir."

Draco´s insides cringed at the idea. Want to tell anybody about this? Surely not, never in his life he would tell anybody about this shameful event. Avery and his mother entered his bedroom and Lord Voldemort gave some more orders to Draco´s mother and uncle before he left with the rest of the deatheaters. Draco felt his mother's hands on him, touching him so softly, trembling just as he himself was trembling.

"Draco, you have to get up. I´m sorry. You should not have had to go through this, my son." His mother pulled him off the bed and led him to the bathroom, where she washed Draco down as fast as possible and dressed him.

Draco felt like in a dream. He stood when his mother told him to stand, moved when she told him to move. Single sobs were still shaking his frame once in a while. His backside was still burning, blood still leaking out. His guts felt as if they were on fire and tiny cramps made him flinch all the time. He couldn´t go back to Hogwarts. What if they found out? Imagine Potter and his friends making fun of him, the deatheater wannabe, raped by Voldemort himself as punishment because his father fucked up. The Slytherins would tear him apart if they found out that he was lower than any of them now. Sobs started to wreck his body again.

"I can´t go back there. They´ll know." Draco looked at his mother pleadingly. She had to understand, please!

"Our Lord ordered it, Draco, there´s nothing we can do." She gave him a warm hug while his uncle, now devoid of his deatheater attire, took his trunk and prepared the portkey to Kings Cross.

"It´s time, Draco." he said. Draco went to his side and gripped the bracelet his uncle held up to him. Draco felt the familiar tug behind his navel as the portkey transported them within seconds to their destination. He stumbled and almost fell upon arrival on the platform because of a sudden dizzyspell .

Draco did not dare to look up, not for any of his his fellow students to see in his face what had happened. He was sure they would only need one good look at him to see what he had become. Lord Voldemort´s bitch!

"Enter the train, Draco!" He looked up at his uncle who levitated his trunk to the train and raised it inside for which Draco was grateful enough. He would not have had the strength to do it as dark points were dancing in front of his eyes and he had to use all his strength to keep moving his unwilling body.

"It had to be done!"

Draco did not know what to answer so he simply nodded, eyes on the ground again. It had to be done. His father´s master had decided that it had to be done, but it was meaningless to him. All Draco could think of was that his life was over, destroyed. The line was running through his mind again and again while he searched for an empty compartment. Draco could not deal with any of his friends right now, he wanted to be alone. It had to be done.

Draco entered an empty compartment and greatfully sat down immediately, wincing at the feeling of his sore backside touching the upholstered seat His uncle was storing his trunk and leaving with a short "Bye, Draco, stay well!"

Draco locked the door behind the darkhaired man with a charm as well as made the coach soundproof and sat down on the floor as he did not want anybody to even see his shape through the milk glass window in the compartment door. Grimacing he shifted to sit on his hip more than his back because of the pain. It had to be done. Draco´s heart stopped for a moment before it startet to race as the potion came to his mind again. Bear children. Merlin. Was he pregnant? He stared down on his flat and muscled belly while all reasonable thought left his brain.

No, that was not possible, even with a potion, not after only one time. Pictures of the rape started to flash in front of his eyes. Draco pressed his hands against his eyes as if it could stop the memories. Sobs found their way again out of his throat. Tears flooded his eyes. His life was destroyed. The train started to move as the blond boy was rocking back and forth in despair, sobs shaking his frame.

"Sorry, mate, we have to go to the front coach, you know, prefects and all." Ron said to Harry with regret in his voice.

"Sure, no problem. I will search for a coach and you can meet me there later, guys." said Harry in a hopefully understanding sounding tone.

Ron and Hermione had their duties as prefects. He knew, but it was still boring, boring, boring to sit anywhere alone until they finished their prefects meeting and patroling the train. Harry passed by many coaches before he came to one where he could see through the milk glass door of the coach that nobody was sitting inside.

"What the hell?" The door didn´t open 'Maybe that is why the coach is still empty.' thought Harry.

"Alohomora" A soft whisper was enough to open the door and Harry stepped backwards into the coach, pulling his trunk along and had the door already half shut before he froze. The coach was not empty. There was a sound like a stiffled sob behind him. A blond boy was sitting with his head on his knees crying miserably, his whole form shaking with sobs.

Harry shut the door with a soft click and locked it again before he made his way over to the figure sitting on the floor. He lay his hand softly on the shoulder of the shaking boy to get the shock of his life when the boy looked up startled.

It was Malfoy. Malfoy sitting here crying. Harry expected him to throw any rude insult at Harry but instead Malfoy just covered his face with his hands and curled in on himself more tightly than before even.

"What happened, Malfoy?" asked Harry with concern. Malfoy did not answer, just shaking his head repeatedly. Harry was really at a loss there. Something terrible must have happened to Malfoy for him to not even insult Harry, not even to be able to speak at all, just cry.

Harry sat beside the lost looking boy on a seat and looked at him for a minute before he reached out and placed his hand softly on the blond hair, caressing it. Malfoy tensed for a moment before he relaxed into the soft touch.

"Everything will be okay" whispered Harry. He did not know why he did what he did. Why did he feel the need to comfort Malfoy of all people?

"How can you say that" croaked Malfoy "you don´t know...I cannot live with it...I can´t..."

Harry had no idea what Malfoy was talking about. He continued playing with Malfoy´s soft hair, which seemed to calm him down.

"Do you need help?" Harry asked, feeling that he really would be willing to help Malfoy. The brat was a pain in the ass, but the way he was sitting here, crying, looking utterly lost and helpless made Harry want to hold him in his arms, never to let go, to protect the fragile blond from all harm.

Draco looked up at Potter´s face in surprise. Help? Did he need help? From Potter? How could Potter help? Would he want help from Harry Potter at all?

Hell, why not, Potter was the saviour of the wizarding world or not? Why could he not save him? Why had he not been there to save him when...

Draco started to cry again. Merlin, he really had turned into a crybaby. He grit his teeth and tried to stop the tears, deep breaths, deep calming breaths, that´s it.

"Potter, I don´t know if..." what should he say. He could not tell him what happened. Nobody could ever find out.

"Do you really want to help me?" he asked and Potter simply nodded.

"Why?" Draco could not understand why Potter would want to help him after all those years of exchanging insults.

"It seems you need help and I feel that I want to help you." Potter seemed a little bit uncomfortable now, even embarassed.

Draco chuckled miserably.

"I don´t know if there is any way to help me. It´s already too late." Potter looked concerned again.

"What happened?" Draco thought for a moment about his situation. Should he tell Potter anything at all? He liked the care that Potter showed him, he had even wanted to be friends with Potter some years ago, maybe now they could...

Hell, no, Potter would never want to be friends with Voldemorts breeding bitch. Draco sighed.

"You can tell me, I won´t judge you, I just want to help if I can" said Potter. Maybe...

"Voldemort punished me because my father failed and was imprisoned." Potter looked confused.

"Why did he punish you then?" he asked, looking like a small puppy with his big questioning eyes.

"He punished the whole family through what he did to me." Silence.

"What did he do to you?" Draco could not tell Potter, nobody could know. He just shook his head and hid his face behind his hands again.

"Please, I can´t tell you." Draco choked out. He would not cry again, would not cry.

Harry was really concerned now. Voldemort must have done something really terrible to Malfoy to make the usually big-mouthed Slytherin to behave like that. Suddenly Malfoy started to get up, swaying on the spot, falling against Harry.

"I don´t feel well. Need to..." He covered his mouth urgently and Harry understood. He unlocked the door and pulled Malfoy to the toilet close to their coach. As he supported the blond boy while he was retching Harry glimpsed a wet stain on the seat of the always neat and tidy boy´s trousers. Did Malfoy have a running stomach as well? He did not smell like that at least. Harry grinned. Imagine, Malfoy staining his own pants!

Harry shyly glimpsed down again and the smile vanished from his face. It looked like blood, but why should Malfoy bleed from his backside?

Malfoy crying, Malfoy´s family punished through what Voldemort did to Malfoy, blood on the seat of Malfoy´s trousers. Harry did not like the direction where this went to.

"I finished, you can let go of me, Potter" The Slytherin´s shaky and breathless voice tore Harry out of his thoughts.

"Sorry" Harry mumbled, shy now. They went back into the coach and Harry locked the door again.

"Why don´t you lie down across the seats?" suggested Potter. Draco looked at the blackhaired boy in surprise again, then he proceeded to lie down as he had said. His backside and intestines still ached fiercely and his pants felt wet as well.

"Malfoy..." Draco looked at Potter questioningly as the boy´s face was beetred by now. What got Potter so flustered?

"Malfoy, there is...uh...there is blood...on the seat of your trousers" Draco froze. He knew! Gods, Potter knew!

"Did Voldemort" swallow "did he ... rape you?" The last words just a whisper out of Potter´s mouth. Draco knew Potter was looking at him but he could not face him now as a cold wave of terror washed through his body, causing his whole body to tremble like a leaf. Draco stared down at the floor. His mind was blank, his emotions suppressed to save him from feeling, living this, making him empty and hollow.

"Draco, I´m sorry" Potter said softly as Draco felt himself starting to shake. Potter went to him, knelt by his side and hugged him. Draco felt so safe and cared for in his arms that he started crying again clinging to the Gryffindor´s robes just like his mother had done to Voldemort´s some hours ago. He knew, he knew and he did not judge him.

"Shshshshshsh" Potter made soothing noises and stroked Draco´s head again. Draco felt like a small child in his arms and he did not care, hell, he liked it. Draco cried until he felt himself slipping into soft darkness. The last thing he knew was that Potter covered him with his cloak.

Harry was still staring at Draco, not Malfoy any longer, Draco, when Ron tried to open the door. He unlocked it immediately and opened it.

"Blimey, Harry, since when are you locking yourself in?" Ron stopped and stared mouth gaping wide enough to catch a fish in it at Draco sleeping on the seats across from him.

"Ron, please, be quiet, Draco is not well, don´t wake him up." Harry whispered.

Now Ron and Hermione were staring at him as if he had sprouted horns on his forehead.

"Draco?" inquired Hermione.

"Yeah, well, we were talking some, and I call him Draco now. He is really not well, so try and let him sleep. Voldemort ... did something really terrible to him." Ron´s face sported a nice shade of red now.

"What are you talking, Harry. What could anything that You Know Who did to Malfoy make you all of a sudden like the git now?" Harry sighed. That would be going down well.

"When I entered Draco sat on the floor crying, he did not insult me as I expected, after some talking from my side he told me Voldemort did something to him to punish his father for failing and then he started feeling unwell and I helped him to the toilet where he vomited and I saw..." should he really tell them about the rape?

"What did you see, Harry?" asked Mione patiently.

"I am not sure if I should tell you this." Draco would not be happy at all if Harry revealed what had happened to him.

"What do you want to say, Harry, you keep secrets from your friends because of Malfoy? Is he now more important than we to you?" Ron´s face turned an unhealthy shade of red.

"Hush Ron! Harry, do tell us what Voldemort did to Malfoy. It seems this whole thing is very important to you and we should share it if we can help too." Harry looked at Ron who grudgingly nodded, so he sighed deeply.

"I...I saw a bloodstain on the seat of his trousers. When we were back in the coach I told him about it and he was looking terrified. When he started to shake I asked him if Voldemort raped him and he started crying again. Well, I tried to comfort him and after some more crying he fell asleep. I think he´s in shock and he´s also not feeling fine, it seems like he is having stomachpain and he is still bleeding, and he was dizzy and vomiting as I already told you. Should we take him to Poppy when we arrive?"

Both Ron and Hermione now stared at Draco who was frowning and flinching even in sleep.

"This is sick." ground Ron out. "Is this what they are doing to their own people? I thought Malfoy was a Death Eater also."

"Ron, don´t be ridiculous! He´s just sixteen, how could he be a Death Eater by now?" scolded Mione. "Anyway, Harry, from what you are saying Malfoy might have inner injuries which require medical treatment. He doesn´t look well at all. I think it would be the best to take him to Poppy straight away."

"That is what I was thinking also. Let us wait until everybody left the train, then we take the last carriage to Hogwarts and take him straight to the infirmary." Ron said quietly.

Harry felt very relieved that his friends wanted to help Draco also. He did not know why, but he felt like he needed so badly to help Draco.

"Thank you, guys." he smiled at them in relief, happy to have such supportive friends.

"It´s okay, Harry. We´re almost there, let´s change and wake Draco up." said Hermione. Harry put on his Hogwarts robe fast and went over to Draco.

"Draco, wake up, we have to dress you. The train is almost there."

Draco felt somebody shaking him and opened his eyes. Merlin, he felt like falling asleep and staying asleep for the next onehundred years. He got a real shocker when he saw the mudblood and the weasel beside Potter. Why had they not cursed him by now?

"It´s okay, Malfoy, Ron and I will help you also. You don´t need to be afraid of us."

Why the sudden sentiments? Oh well, he could think about it when he had finished sleeping. Draco closed his eyes again only to hear Granger´s voice nagging him on.

"Malfoy, you have to open your eyes. I guess you are not feeling very well, but we have to get you to a carriage and then we´ll take you straight to the infirmary. Try to sit up."

Draco groaned as Granger and Potter started pulling him up, the motion causing him to get dizzy again. He flinched when they forced him up to sit on his sore backside. Then a cramp hit him much stronger than the small ones he had felt before. Draco curled in on himself and started to whimper.

"What´s the matter, Draco?" Potter again, concerned. Draco gritted his teeth against the pain, so he could not answer, but when the cramp subsided he tried to sooth him.

"It´s no big deal, just a little cramp." he forced out, but even he could hear the strain in his voice.

While Granger brought out his robes Weasley was staring at Draco as if he couldn´t believe that he was not insulting his mudblood girlfriend or his sickleless family. Why would he, Voldemort´s breeding bitch, do such. Even a Weasley was now above him, he dare say even the mudblood had a good shot at being superior to him...and still suddenly these people seemed ready to help him, be friendly to him.

Gryffindorks, a Slytherin would never understand their way of thinking. Harry helped Draco to put on the robe while still sitting and then helped him to stand up. It was a good thing he was still holding onto Draco because the next moment Draco´s vision went black and he felt himself falling.

"Ron, help me!" Draco heard Potter calling from afar and he felt another pair of hands supporting him while he felt himself feeling steadier and his vision returned.

"Thank you!" Draco gasped out when he felt he could stand on his own again. Something must have been seriously wrong with him cause he never was one for fainting ever before, so Draco did not even argue their idea of taking him to that bitch Pomfrey. He followed Granger´s knowing stare to the seat he had been sleeping on and found a bloodstain there. Wonderful, did Potter tell them everything? He felt his face heat up and tried to avoid their stares. He knew it, they would all know. That had been the reason why Draco had not wanted to go back to Hogwarts.

"Malfoy, it´s okay, you have nothing to be ashamed of." Weasley of all people! Draco nodded, grateful but still too embarrassed to face any of them.

"I think they all left the train, we should go to the carriage now." Harry said calmly.

"Hold onto me if you feel weak, Draco!" He nodded again, still looking down. They made their way to the carriage, his legs were shaking but he did not want them to know. To climb into the carriage was almost too much for him and Harry had to help him inside. He was panting at the time he sat down, sweat shining on his forehead, positioning himself sideways as was easiest for his sore backside.

The three Gryffindors all looked concerned at Draco, a strange feeling for him, as he still did not know why they suddenly cared. Draco stared out the window, so he would not be forced to meet their pitiful glances.

They were in the last carriage so at the time they arrived in front of Hogwarts' entrance doors the others already had gone inside. Ron and Harry helped him down, out of the carriage. Nevermind that he did not need it of course. Then they started their way up the stairs to the infirmary while Hermione went to get Pomfrey from the Great Hall.

How all of a sudden had they gotten first names in his mind? Oh well, later he could think about that phenomenon. Ron and Harry went on Draco´s left and right while they climbed the stairs to the infirmary. Who had had that rotten idea to put the infirmary that far up?

Draco´s breath was coming in rasps, his body covered in sweat by now. Another cramp hit home and he felt more blood running down his legs. Draco froze immediately and could not stop the moan that escaped his lips while he bent forward and slung his right arm around his stomach while with the left he was holding on to Weasley of all people.

Yeah, back to second names. Seems he was not feeling so bad after all. Finally the cramp eased up and he could stand almost straight again.

"We can go on." Hell, was that his voice? He had to try to sound less suffering the next time he opened his mouth or he would destroy the little reputation he might have left, Draco decided.

"How long still?" He was gasping. Well, like a small child, but he didn´t care, he didn´t feel too fine again. Better they made it to the infirmary soon.

"We are almost there, Draco. Can you make it?" Harry, always concerned. Draco was nodding, he thought so at least because he felt so dizzy right now, he didn´t know where up and down was.

"Holy shit, Harry, I almost fell back down the stairs with him falling on me like that." Harry chuckled. What were they talking about? Why was his head hanging in front of the weasel´s chest? Merlin, he had almost fainted again! This was embarrassing.

"Sorry!" Draco whispered.

"It´s okay, Malfoy, I don´t hope it was your ingenius plan to throw me down the stairs like that." rumbled Weasley.

"Come on, Draco, we will help you, we are almost there." Harry wound Draco´s right arm around his shoulders and they went on again. Draco was swaying like a drunk while being held up by two Gryffindors. Embarrassing! Merlin, the stairs were over, finally, just some more steps and they were in front of the entrance to the infirmary.

Draco was whimpering by now. He felt so terrible. Harry and Weasley were talking but he could not concentrate on it, he had to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. They stopped. A bed, thank you, thank you! The Gryffindors tried to untangle their limbs from his as they helped him lay straight on the bed. Draco was whimpering again as his stomach hurt really bad.

"It´s okay, Draco, Madame Pomfrey will be here any minute now." Harry was trying to sooth him again.

"Shit, look at the blood on the floor, Harry!" Weasley sounded concerned. Why?

"Please, Poppy, come on, where are you!" whispered Harry. The boy was delusional, he was searching for a poppy. This was not the time for flowers, a pain relieving potion would be appropriate right now. Draco would have cared more about Harry Potter´s state of mind if his stomach would not have decided to cramp again.

"Owwww" Draco was writhing and moaning. The door opened and loud footsteps were approaching.

"What did you brats do again? Fighting on the train? Mr. Malfoy, suffering again? What is it this time?" That nurse was a bitch. Ever since the hippogriff incident two years ago she hated him.

"Please, Poppy, he really is in pain, he almost fainted several times since the trainride." Why was Harry calling her a poppy? Delusional, he knew it!

"Then tell me what you did this time." asked the nurse impatiently.

"We didn´t do anything, Madame Pomfrey!" Ron answered with a nervous tremor in his voice.

"I believe that Voldemort...raped him as punishment for Lucius failure." said Harry quietly. Pomfrey gasped, a hand on her bosom.

"You Know Who did this? Well, apart from the obvious abdominal pain Mr. Malfoy is experiencing did you see anything else? You mentioned dizzyspells to almost fainting. He is bleeding also as I can see."

"He was also vomiting on the train."

"That does not sound too good. Miss Granger, be so kind and hurry to the Great Hall. Once Professor Dumbledore finished his speech tell him and Professor Snape to come to the infirmary immediately. You will stay in the Great Hall and attend the welcoming feast, dear. Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley will join you after they helped me to tend to Mr. Malfoy."

After Granger left the room Pomfrey was leaning over Draco, trying to make him look at her.

"Mr. Malfoy, can you hear me? Tell me how you are feeling." He shut his eyes again.

"It hurts.." Draco whimpered.

"I know that, Mr. Malfoy, tell me where it hurts and how." Draco gasped. This woman´s nerve.

"Stomach cramps, my guts burn like fire...my back hurts...dizzy, tired, m´bleeding."

"It will be okay, Mr. Malfoy, let us undress you now so I can have a better look at you."

"No!" he whimpered pathetically before he could stop himself.

"It´s okay, Draco, we will do it slowly, okay?" hushed him Harry. Draco nodded slowly. They then carefully pulled off his clothes, nothing like the Death Eaters had torn off his clothes.

"Ugh, I think I´ve gonna hurl." Weasley said when he saw Draco´s bloody pants.

"Mr. Weasley, I think it is for the best if you leave to the Great Hall to join the feast before you loose the contents of your stomach in here. Mr. Potter will you be able to stay?" Harry nodded and Weasley left the infirmary just when Snape and Dumbledore entered.

"What is going on here!" thundered Snape and looked as if he wanted to jump Potter.

"Voldemort... raped Draco as punishment for Lucius failure. Draco is hurt." Potter said in a very serious and calm voice.

Snape´s face turned whiter than Draco ever thought it possible and even Dumbledore´s eyes lost their merry twinkle.

Pomfrey prodded his stomach which made Draco almost scream in pain, it still came out as a whimper and he tried to hold her hands to stop her. Harry softly removed his grip from Pomfrey´s hands and held his hands instead while the old nurse continued her prodding.

Snape still stood there blinking and staring at the blood on Draco´s legs and the floor.

"This is not possible. This cannot be happening." whispered Snape as if in shock. Suddenly he stepped to Draco´s side and stared at him intently.

"Draco, did they give you any potion to drink?" Draco nodded miserably.

"Tell me how it looked like and what it did." Another cramp hit Draco and he curled in on himself while he gritted his teeth against the pain. Draco pressed the bones in Harry´s hands together in a deathgrip causing Harry to hiss in discomfort. Harry was trying to sooth Draco again but unfortunately it did not help this time. The pain was so intense that Draco was biting his lip to stop himself from screaming out loud, but after a minute of increasing agony, rolling in waves over his weakened body, it was too much and he could not suppress the scream any longer. Pomfrey put two spells on Draco which greatfully reduced the pain but also left him dizzy and faint.

"Draco, the potion, how did it look like and what did it do to you?" asked Snape again.

After some gasping he answered, slurring like a drunk "Green liquid, hurt so much, thought 't w's poison t' kill me, he said 't makes me able to bear his child, so that he... he" Draco started sobbing softly again. "can breed me as punishment for father´s missing skills."

The last thing Draco saw before he fell into darkness was Harry who looked down on him, the concern gone from his expression, replaced with shock and disgust.