Here is a new story for you! This one is dedicated to those who haven't seen Destiny and haven't seen Neo. I wrote it on account of that I just like to write things that could've been. Like What if... Thus the name of the story. What If...

Italics- thinking

Normal- everything else.

Bold- signs

The Birth

Murrue was in pain. She had Andy holding her hand all the way, but it still hurt.

"Now Murrue, calm down. You know I would do this for you if I could" came an oh so familiar voice. The one she heard in her nightmares. It was Mwu's voice.

"Mwu" Murrue whispered through tears. Andy felt like crying. He wasn't even here to see his own daughters birth, he thought. Mwu, you idiot!

"One more time, Miss Ramius. You are doing well, and you boyfriend thinks so too!" the head nurse nodded to Andy.

"I am not her boyfriend!" he muttered angrily.

"Sorry, but who are you then?"

"Her brother" Andy said, still angry. Andy would never dream of taking Mwu's place. After all, Mwu still was here, just not visable.

Andy was taken from his thoughts when a quiet whimpering entered the room.

"Here she is, the baby!" the nurse exclaimed.

"Can I hold her?" Murrue asked, weak from the childbirth.

"Of course! Do you have a name in mind?"

"Yes, Nina Maree La Fllaga" Murrue said.

"Very pretty. Now, we'll get you cleaned up and the baby cleaned up and all of your friends can come see you!" with that the nurse stalked away.

Lacus held Nina, then Cagalli, then Erica, then Kira, then Athrun, then Dearka, then Milly...

The list was so long. Murrue had called Andy 'Uncle Andy' as though to say, you will be part of her life. And that was what Murrue wanted.

Maybe he could be a proxy father to her, Murrue thought, stroking her baby's beautiful cap of blonde hair. Yes, maybe a godfather too.

The Baby stirred. Then she opened her eyes. They were ocean blue. Like Mwu's...

"Murrue, how are you? I can see her. She is beautiful, just like you!" Murrue heard the voice of an angel from far away. But it sounded as though he was right next her.

"Yes, she is gorgeous, only, just like you, Mwu" Murrue replied as she began to cry. The baby moved slightly when she was hit with warm tears.

That was all Murrue needed to say it. She was going to go away. Her friends couldn't help her forever, and she had no hope of loving again. So she would move. So very far away. Where none of her friends could find her, or Nina.

Sixteen Years Later

at the Orb recruitment facility

"Why do you want to be in the military?" the warden asked them all in turn, but Nina wasn't listening. She was thinking about herself. What she was. She was the daughter of some guy who died in the Bloody Valentine war. "Miss, you need to pay attention!" the warden snapped, bringing Nina back from her daydream.

"Sorry" Nina muttered.

"Anyway, name, rank, why you want to be in the military, what team you are signing up for, any recommendations and who are you related to"

"Ensign, because my father was, Waltfeldt, Andrew Waltfeldt and Murrue Ramius, Murrue Ramius-mother and some war heor who fought to save Orb in the Bloody Valentine war. My name is Nina La Flla..." Nina couldn't finish it.

" If you aren't going to finish your name we will call you Ensign Nina. Welcome aboard to the almost all male Walfeldt team. You are the only girl. The talk with the war veterans is in an hour and I will check your recommendations and family. Have a nice life!" and then the warden stalked away.

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