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Mother Dearest

A Month and Three Weeks Later

0600 hrsNina and Prayer's Room

Prayer loosely hugged the woman who lay beside him. After moving in almost a month ago, the girl's stomach had grown. She looked like she was going to give birth to a small baby elephant. People stared at them in public, probably because Nina looked so young, and few even asked when the baby was due. They had to correct them with the term "babies" constantly. But having no regrets, Prayer still held Nina's hand in public, making the scene look like a cute and happy couple.

But all was not well for Prayer.

He'd been growing more and more detached from his own family. His mother hated Nina; clearly, outright despised the woman he, Prayer, wanted to marry. If that had caused enough disputes, Prayer's father wanted to children, if they were Prayer's, to be enrolled in an academy.

Prayer had not been to see them again after that argument, which took place three weeks ago.

Nina sighed, and rolled to face Prayer, her eyes still shut tight. Prayer knew that Nina must've been feeling the strain on Prayer with his relationship with his family, but he was happy she'd said nothing about it. Maybe she knew what it felt like to hate someone you'd known your whole life?

Nina dreamed on, hearing a voice she'd remembered only hearing once before. There was a baby, wrapped snugly in a pink blanket, being rocked in a lady's arms. The voice had said something about the baby being beautiful. After feeling a wet drop hit her forehead, Nina began to believe that baby was her.

"Nina," the voice said. A faint outline of a ghostly hand tapped her shoulder. Turning around to look, she saw a figure that she'd only seen in old photos. Mwu La Fllaga.

"Nina, I am very proud of you," the ghost, Mwu, said, fading into the darkness. Nina reached out a hand, sobbing slightly, though she had no idea why. She felt angry at him going away so suddenly, like she hated him…

"Come back," she opened her eyes. Her hand was latched onto Prayer's shirt, as the person who owned hat shirt stared uneasily at her.

"What is wrong, Nina?" Prayer's calm voice soothed her, even though she could tell it was worried round the edges. Her eyes were wet and still heavy, as though she needed more sleep.

"My dad, he was in my dream. He said he was happy for me…"

Prayer smiled knowingly, and Nina sighed, knowing she didn't have to say anymore to be understood. That was the kind of bond they shared. That was their lover's connection.

1400 hrsOrb HQ

Nina sat waiting. She knew the adults, and Prayer, where discussing her due date. But surely that couldn't be for another month or more at least. And at least if they were going to talk about her, they should at least talk loudly! Nina huffed, poring over her magazine.

"Nina-san," Cagalli looked outside. "You may come in now!"

Nina looked up begrudgingly from her gossip magazine and sauntered in. Why hadn't she been in there from the start?

"Nina, we discussed your due date, and since there is no way to know for sure, you are going to have an induced birth in a month or so's time. But before then, we must have the baby shower, so guess what! Next weekend, meet us all here, and prepare to have a good time!" Cagalli smiled cockily. Nina, feeling there was NO possible way out of the plan, nodded. Prayer just barely managed to hold back a giggle. Nina just looked at him sadly. That made him bite his tongue.

1600 hrsOrb Private Hospital

Nina had bawled, begged, pleaded, hit and had tried to kill, Prayer. The pain was unbearable, and the weight it put on the twins caused them to have a field day kicking the hell out of her bladder.

"Prayer, you may have got me into to this predicament, now get me out of it!"

Prayer just shrugged, holding his beloved's hand, walking with her slowly (as she was "waddling") into the MRI scan room.

"So you're back again Miss La Fllaga?" the same nurse they had last time exclaimed. Nina merely nodded with a glare in her eyes that read "hurry up and get this over with or I will claw your eyes out bitch!"

Needless to say, the nurse gulped before continuing.

"Ah, I see one! It is a… boy!" the nurse chattered away happily. Hearing he may have a son, Prayer smiled. Though he didn't know why.

"And that one is…"

"A girl?" Prayer guessed using his odd ability (it seemed) of reading peoples minds.

"Yes! You two will have a healthy looking boy and girl in about three weeks or less!"

"Three weeks or less!?" Nina thundered. She'd been expecting them to arrive in about over a month. But no, the two figures she saw on the screen looked almost like fully grown babies.

"Shit," Prayer mumbled Nina's next thoughts quietly as Nina practically galloped to the nearest toilets.

Prayer sat around, wondering why Nina took so long to get ready for bed. Maybe it was getting harder for her to find something that would fit to wear to bed?

Prayer inwardly sighed, wondering why she couldn't sleep nude like she did when he first moved in. Then he realised what he was thinking, and wanted to kill himself for remembering that week.

Nina stepped out, wearing what she had worn the night before. With Nina's hardly being able to move around properly (much to people's dismay) she couldn't do the washing, and with Prayer at a desk job, he couldn't do the washing as often as he would've liked. So they would have to recycle clothing, for about two to three days in a row.

Nina sat down on the bed, making it tilt slightly to her side. And then she burst out into tears.


She faced him, tears lining her eyes and streaking down her cheeks. Her eyes were puffy and red like something you'd only see in a movie.

"Nina, my love, what is wrong?" Prayer took the very heavily pregnant girl into his arms. Sometimes it was hard to remember Nina herself was just a child, and that something would be wrong from time to time.

"I feel completely fat and I hate the way people look at me when we go out in public!" the girl cried, her voice breaking here and there. "Even your mother hates me, and don't you dare say she doesn't because she does!"

Prayer knew there was nothing her could say to make her happy.

"Nina, my mother may never like you, but the best you can do is be yourself, and if she accepts who you are that is all that matters. My mother… she just has a hard time seeing passed the flaws in people. In fact, many people suffer from it. All you can do is try and see the good inside her, and then maybe that will open her up to seeing the good inside you." Prayer thought his theory was plausible. He stroked Nina's sleek hair, pulling her head closer into his chest. I'm scared too, he thought, hearing her breathing loudly turn into near silent sniffling. Letting her cry, and she letting her tears come, was probably the only way for them to grow closer at that very moment.

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