Craig and the Ghost

One day Craig woke up at night and saw a ghost. Oddly enough, that ghost had a massive beard. Where his eyes should have been were two bleeding eye sockets.

When he saw him he asked, "Who are you?" The ghost responded with 'Jim' but told him not to tell anyone. Craig asked why he had come to see him. Jim told him he was there to steal his eyes right out of his head and use them as his own. Craig wanted to stall the ghost, so he asked Jim what had happened to him when he was alive.

Jim started to explain that a terrible thing happened on the night of his death. A man told him that he was already sent to Heaven, but it was really Jim's twin. He was the evil one. The twin had a knife in his hand and held it up to Craig's face. Craig screamed like a girl and fainted.

When he woke he was tied to a chair. Jim was standing over him with a spoon to gauge out his eyeballs. He jabbed him in the eyes and with the spoon, and plucked his eyeballs out, one by one. The blood was squirting out of Craig's eyes. When Jim went to put one of the eyes in his socket, it slipped out of his hand and fell on the floor. The ghost blindly reached around for his eyeballs. Instead of picking up an eye he grabbed a golf ball off the floor. Not feeling any difference, he dusted off the golf ball and put it in his socket.

As the ghost was putting the golf ball in his eye Craig was still lying on the floor screaming. Jim was fed up with his screaming, so he finally killed Craig, and started to eat his body. First he chewed off the fingers and smacked his lips in ghoulish delight. Then he ripped off his calf and dipped it in ketchup before he swallowed the limp hole. He teared open his chest and began eating his insides, starting with his heart first. Then he ripped off his intestines and sucked them up as if it was spaghetti.

Then, Jim did something so terrible with his head that one couldn't even imagine what it was, for it was so scary. He skinned his face and wore it as a mask to scare little children on Halloween.

Jim took the scattered remains and packaged them in Tupperware to save for dinner the next night. Then Lucifer came and whisked the ghost to Hell. Craig's remains were sent to Degrassi High School where they were given to the cafeteria.