"Jude, if you don't hurry up, we're going to miss our plane. And I got a hot new two piece I'm dying to show off." Sadie had her two massive suitcases flanking her sides. "Sade- You always have something to show off. And I'm—Ahh!" Jude fell and slipped down the second half of the stair case with her overstuffed suitcase.

"I don't even know why I'm going with you guys, I'm pale as could be. The sun and I aren't exactly BFF ya know, and honestly, thanks for the invite, but Miami with you and Kwest? Awkward as hell." Jude looked exasperated and frazzled in a pile at the bottom of the stairs. Sadie went over to help her sister up. Kneeling down to Jude, she held her sisters hands in her own.

"Look, Jude- You have been holing yourself up in the studio for too long. Everyone loves you, your third CD outsold your first two combined, but you're like a ghost. You hardly make public appearances, you haven't toured since… Jude, it's time to start living again. Music is your life, but what is your life worth if you don't experience it, or have someone to share it with?"

"I had someone who I shared it with, it was my life, and then it all disappeared. Took off on a plane, and left." A long pause filled the air, and Jude and Sadie just sat there looking at each other. So much hurt and betrayal in each of their eyes. How was it that two sisters would be so hurt and betrayed by the same man? "Well," Sadie drew herself together, composed and poised as usual, "Today is a new day. You're going to love Miami Jude Harrison, and you will worship the sun as I do." Sadie broke out into a bright smiling helping Jude up. "Come on, our Taxi isn't going to wait forever, and Kwest is already at that the airport. So, Miami, watch out because here we come!"

When you're young, it's easy to be enamored with the simple things in life, butterflies, imaginary games, a "date" with your father. It doesn't take much. Especially for Cora. The light of her father's life, she was the epitome of a daddy's girl. And since he had returned home 3 years ago, her young and innocent heart exploded with love for her daddy. Though she was young, she understood his explanation for his long-term absence in her earlier life. She didn't remember much of it anyways, he came back when she was three. Nanna took good care of her, and she was spoiled beyond belief. Daddy had to work to take care of her, and at the time, he had to work far away. But he was home now, and he promised not to leave her again.

It was early, even for Cora but she was ready to start her day. Kicking the covers off of her and her stuffed bunny she rolled out of bed. Clutching the hand of the bunny she trooped through the house to Daddy's room. Reaching for the handle, she slowly opened up the door. As to not make any noise, she tip-toed inside. It was so dark, Daddy's room was always so dark. A mischievous grin crossed the young girls face as she made her way over the heavy black drapes of the man's room. Cora carefully set the bunny down, putting a finger to her lips to signal bunny to not make a peep. Grabbing the drapes in with two little fists she ran across the length of the window flooding the room with light.

Random grumbles and protests of the sleepy man were heard and Cora giggled running to her Daddy's bed. "Cora Marie! What do you think you're doing at this hour?" Crawling on to the bed next to her father her dark eyes shone with the sun reflecting off of them. "Morning, Daddy!" the little girl placed a kiss on his cheek. "It's hardly morning, why don't we close the blinds and go back to sleep?" He shielding his eyes against the intrusive sun and tried to burrow into the covers on his bed. "No! Daddy, I want to go to the park today, can we go, pleeeasseee?" The young girl's eyes begged. Unable to resist the pleas of his daughter, he conceded. "Alright, Alright, Let me take care of some things with work, and then we'll go. Deal?"


"Okay, why don't you go get ready?"

Cora bounded off the bed, grabbed her bunny and ran out of the room giggling. Her father's piercing blue eyes followed her out of the room. Flopping back onto his pillow he let out a sigh. She was a constant reminder of the decision he made 3 years ago. He didn't regret it. Work ruled his life, he denied his past, and the drama of the music industry killed him. She killed him. He missed it though, but seeing Cora and her delightful smile made it worth it. Pushing the covers away, he sat up and swung his legs around to the floor, almost as if to stabilize himself for the rest of the day. Inhaling deeply, he readied himself for another day of this life. A life he choose, but one that never seemed to fit quite right.