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S$ - scene change

He didn't know the man's name, nor did he care. The man didn't matter, just some guy he pulled off the street. But this man would be instrumental to his plan. He grinned as the Japanese man struggled against the ropes that bound his arms and feet.

The prisoner then saw his captor and screamed into the duct tape that covered his mouth. The Kidnapper just ignored him. Lifting the man with one hand, he gently affixed something to his prisoner's forehead. The Japanese man whimpered.



Another day, another crime scene, at least if you were Shinichi Kudo, renamed Conan Edogawa. Or Ran Mori. Or The Sleeping Detective, not that he helped much.

"So Megure, what's new?" asked Kogoro cheerfully.

There was no trace of humor in the inspector's voice. "Apparently the laws of physics. Victims name is Hiro Segawa, reported missing two days ago. Cause of death was impalation on a flag pole – 30 stories up. About fifty people below, no one noticed anything till the blood splatter hit the ground. And that's not even the weird part!"

"It's not?" asked Kogoro weakly.

Megure shook his head and turned back to his notebook. "According to the coroner, the wound is the same size as the flagpole itself."

"Shouldn't it be?"

"The wound should bigger, because it had to pass over the head of the flagpole." Conan explained, earned him a bop on the head.

"Not only that" Megure continued, ignoring the proceedings, "While there were plenty of splatter, there were no drag marks in the blood from when he was pushed onto the pole. It's like he teleported into the center of it!"

"But that's…"

"Impossible. Look around this whole crime scenes impossible. And the suspect in custody ain't saying much. Actually I take that back. He's saying a lot, about ghosts"

Three pairs of eyebrows rose simultaneously.

Megure sighed. It had been a looong morning. "Jack Fenton. A tourist from America. Believe it or not he and his wife are professional ghost hunters. Possible schizophrenic(1), definitely not firing on all cylinders, but up until now, harmless. Probably going to walk, too. The only evidence we had on him is a post-it note found on the victim reading 'Jack Fenton was here.' Of course the evidence is stronger than he and his wife's defense of 'The ghosts are trying to frame me.' Their strangely sane daughter is trying to wrangle a lawyer. Look out, I hear she's been sniffing around your wife."

Grumble. Grumble.

"Fenton's son, Daniel, is standing right over there" Megure pointed to a black haired boy with startling green eyes who was glaring at the spot where the murder took place. "He's convinced his father was framed, but can't tell us who or why."

"Think he might be involved?" asked Kogoro, looking at the kid with a hint of disdain.

"Hardly. The murder happened at 11:00 am. At that time we had a couple of uniforms trying to coax that kid out of a tree he'd been up for half an hour due to some local monks mistaking him for a lost spirit. And please don't ask, this day's been weird enough."

S$ S$ S$ S$

(1)Based off of the events which took place in Parental Bonding and Bitter Reunions