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Less a decade into the new millennia and it was already the trial of a century. Newspapers and TV show across the world couldn't get enough of the story of the self-made billionaire whose unrequited love drove him to mass homicide.

It actually took a long time just to get him to trial, the American authorities trying to extradite him to the US for charges and the Japanese authorities wanting to keep him since they did all the hard work anyway.

Actually they hadn't. Once word got out that Vlad Masters was behind bars and, yes, he was staying there; a number of large companies hired all sorts of P.I.'s to dig up stuff on Vlad and turn it into the authorities.

That's not to say the police did nothing. On the contrary, a humongous amount of raids were done on all Dalv Inc. buildings. Thanks to the information (unknowingly) gleaned from Kid, the room full of corpses was found as well as the underground labs and a certain file involving the destruction of a certain police station.

Now while some of the evidence never made it into court (thanks to Vlad's hot-shot lawyer), what was there was overwhelming enough to guarantee Masters would probably never see Wisconsin again.

Any hope Vlad would have had of acquittal pretty much went down the toilet when Conan took the stand. Not a single member of the jury was untouched when the small child told of how he had been kidnapped and trapped in a freezer. After that Vlad took his lawyer aside and explained what would happen to him in graphic detail unless he got Vlad off.

The next day his lawyer turned witness for the prosecution. Unable to get any other lawyer to cover for him no matter how much he offered, Vlad Masters was forced to act as his own.

In one of the quickest deliberation times on record, a verdict of guilty was brought forth. Vlad Masters was given several back-to-back life sentences. Not the Death Penalty. No one could quite explain it, the closest one juror could get was saying that they felt if he died, something horrible would happen.

Case Closed.

S$ A few months later

"Couldn't Kisaki-san just fax us the papers." Takagi inquired.

Sato shook her head. "We need to get them tested for authenticity, which means we need the originals. We're supposed to pick them up from her new intern. By the way, I got a letter from our white magpie," Sato omitted the name. They had come up with a code for referring to certain people they shouldn't have been in contact with (namely Shinichi, Kid, and the ghosts). "He's apparently been keeping an eye on Fruitloop-san in prison. The effects of the PM are holding, he can't escape."

Takagi nodded. "Plasmius held his control base through fear. Phantom sent word out that he had lost his power and couldn't do anything to his underlings. They won't come to his rescue."

"It's amazing how much has changed since the day we found Hiro Segawa on that flagpole," said Sato sadly. "It's like being a little kid again, afraid of what might go bump in the night."

"I think we've got a pretty good defense up, and an even better network. If anything happens again, we'll be prepared." Takagi reassured. "Not to mention it's nice being able to work with Kudo, even if he does have to keep the little kid act up."

Sato sighed. "It's hard to believe, but at the same time, it's not. I don't know how Ran manages."

Takagi smiled. "That's simple, she loves him."

As they pulled up in front of Eri's office, Sato found herself blushing, though she didn't know why.

They walked in together only to find-


Jazz Fenton was startled, by both the voice and the title. Especially coming from a man not a few years older than her. She laughed when she saw who it was. "Still got a little bit of my brother kicking around your head huh?"

Takagi looked quite embarrassed.

Jazz laughed, "Don't worry. Danny may be a little better at hiding it, but he slips sometimes too."

S$ Flashback

"Never thought I'd be happy to be back here" said Danny, closing his locker, "Japan was just crazy."

"But look at the bright side, you've actually got Plasmius powerless and behind bars." Sam pointed out.

Danny grinned. "I know, though I couldn't have done it without-"

"Hey Fenton, long time no see," sneered Dash, as he pushed Danny against the locker.

Or at least tried to.

Danny twisted effortlessly out of his grasp. Before Dash even realized something was wrong, he found himself on the floor, one armed pinned to his back while Danny was subconsciously reaching for handcuffs that weren't there.

There was a definite moment of awkwardness as Dash realized he'd just been subdued by Fenton and Danny realizing he actually didn't actually own a pair of handcuffs. Then Dash shook Danny off and turned towards him glaring. "That never happened Fenton," warned the bully, stalking off.

"Not bad Danny," said Sam appreciatively.

"Did you study kung fu in Japan or something?" asked Tucker, the geek attempting to do a karate pose.

Danny laughed nervously. "No just…hung out with a lot of cops that's all."

"No kidding, you looked a bit like an officer yourself. Not that I'm siding with the corrupt social structure of our country, but maybe you could look for a career in law enforcement. Bust the baddies without going vigilante."

Danny got a reflective look in his eye. "You know that may not be such a bad idea."


"It's really not. Your brother's got a protective streak towards the general public a mile wide," laughed Sato.

"True, but he never would have even considered being a cop before. He always had his heart set on being an astronaut."

"What are you doing in Japan anyway?" asked Takagi

Jazz smile was a little strained, "Working. I love my family and my brother dearly. But dealing with ghosts is NOT something I want to do with the rest of my life. And I got along pretty well with Kisaki-san. Besides, with The Impssible Murder over and done with, Beika should be ghost free."

Sato and Takagi looked at each other. "Almost…"


Oh for the love of…Why NOW? wondered Conan, as he placed himself defensively in front of the Shonen Tantei, doing his best to keep his shivering to a minimal. Oh of all days for him not to bring his ofuda. "Come on! Your employer is behind bars for crying out loud."

"I already told you whelp. Once I accept a hunt, I complete it." Said Skulker raising his gun towards the small children.

&&Excuse me? Why are you trying to hurt my friend?&&

"Huh?" Skulker barely had time to turn his head before a large claw swiped his helmet off, the small ghost going flying with it.

"You can't do this to me!" he squeaked. "I am Skulk-"

Wulf growled.

Once again deciding discretion was the better part of valor, Skulker took off.

Conan almost collapsed in relief as the shivering stopped. He discovered that his 'cold' reaction to the presence of ghosts only seemed to work around malevolent ones, which is why he never reacted to Wulf, Cujo, or Phantom. &&Thank you Wulf.&&

&&Anytime, Conan.&& said the werewolf ghost, ruffling Conan's hair.

"St-Stay away from him!" said Ayumi, trying to protect Conan.

"It's okay." Conan reassured. "He's a friendly ghost. Like Casper."


The shrunken detective sighed. "Just take my word on it. His name's Wulf." &&Wulf these are the Detective Boys, Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko&&

&&Why are they called the Detective Boys when one member is a girl?&&

&&I didn't come up with the stupid name.&&


Security cameras kept a close eye on the prisoner as Vlad Master was led by a couple heavily armed guards to visiting area. He was a long ways from the suave billionaire he had once been. All his assets had been frozen and he'd fallen into a decidedly unkept state. He had been a god, and now he was nothing.

The guards lead him to a booth, an unfamiliar man wearing all black on the other side.

"Mister Masters? I'm here on behalf of my…organization. We'd like to make a deal."



Ending Omake by Yutaya :

Takagi Wataru sighed as he stretched his aching fingers and reached for yet another paper to continue his most recent report on.

It was determined by the decayed flesh on the victim's left forearm that the cause of death is an injection of Uranium to the…

"Erg. Radioactive shots? Give me ridiculously cartoon-like ghosts any day."

Takagi didn't even pause in his writing as he shot back a mental "Go away, Danny."

"Ouch. Geez, I think I've rubbed off on you a bit too much. What happened to the doormat puppy dog officer?"

Takagi sent a mental glare at the voice. "Just because you are a part of my mind that morphed itself into an alternate persona to deal with having Danny's memories in my head does not mean you can pop up and make comments whenever you want to. I have work to do."

"Aw, you know you love me."


"...And I know too, as a matter of fact. Ah, the advantages to literally being a person's mind..."

Meanwhile, in a small town prone to supernatural happenings on the lower right coast of New York …

"...And you never know, there's always the possibility that she won't take it badly at all. She may just like you back, and you don't have all of Tokyo Police Department breathing down your neck, just waiting for you to mess up so they can pounce and try to 'claim' her for themselves..."

Danny Fenton groaned and flopped down onto a lunch bench in the Caper High cafeteria. "Yeah, that's the problem. 'You never know'," he thought back at the voice in his head, over the ranting about how "she deserves so much better than that" and "she's not some possession to just be taken..."

…And that is where we'll leave our heroes.


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