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Song For This Chapter: Along The Cedar Creek-Dan Gibson

Prolouge - Wandering The Riverbank

The young 16-year-old girl walked down the bank, exploring her surrondings with her keen eyes. The gentle, but happy smile on her face showed she was in a great mood, and nothing whatsoever could ruin it.

The girl stopped at the waters edge, and looked at it, smiling wider as she saw her cerulean blue eyes reflect off the clear waters surface. She sat down on the back, watching fish swim along the river, her eyes lazily following them. Fiddling with her black choker sleepily, she sat up and shook a bit of her fire-red hair out of her face.

Getting up now, she looked out towards the horizon, watching the deep blue skies slowly fade to a violet sunset. By this time she had sat back down, in too good a mood to even care about anything any more. Her gentle eyes closed sleepily, herself dozing off into a kind of half-daze. She was awakened by the sounds of a beybattle close at hand. Getting up, she realised that the sun had dipped ever more into the river's horizon, reflecting off the water. It was a beautiful sight to see, she knew that.

Hopping up the bank energetically, she made her way down to the spot where she heard the beybattle come from. Looking down from the tree she sat in to watch, the girl noted that there were two boys fighting for a start. One of them was blonde with a blue tshirt on and sparkling blue eyes. The other was a black haired boy with long hair, most of it tied up by a bandana. She surveyed the scene with interest, her blue eyes gazing over the scene for some time.

She could hear what the boys were saying too:


"Draciel, don't drop your guard!"

The battle raged on, both of them not finding a reason to quit.

"Let's go Draciel, get him!"

"Driger, dodge him!"

The blades clashed time and time again. This is getting monotonous, the girl thought with a heavy sigh.

It raged on for quite some more time. In fact, it couldn't have been more than half an hour, but it felt more to the girl in the tree, as the summer heat quickly receded from the air and chilled the tree. She shivered.

"God DAMMIT! One more time Driger!"

She wasn't too pleased with these two. After all, she thought, I could beat them in my sleep. Suddenly a very devious thought sprung up in her mind. Gripping her blade, she loaded it into her launcher silently and expertly. Raising it slightly so it was at her eye level, she aimed...

Driger's really not up to himself, Ray thought, swearing angrily under his breath, I really need to start training more, and not just go in for the odd battle.

Ray could tell that Max was thinking the same thing about Draciel. As Draciel suddenly attacked, Driger dodged speedily, but not fast enough, it would seem. Driger got scratched along the side a bit, but just about remained spinning. Sighing heavily, Ray ordered Driger to do the same to Draciel. The exact same thing happened, but with Draciel as the victim this time.

"Hey Ray!"

Ray looked up.

"Yeah Max?"

"Maybe we should call it a night. It's getting dark and the others will be wondering where we were."

"Good ide-"

Ray didn't get to finish his sentence. Instead of finished his sentence, he was cut off by a crimson blade as it unexpectedly shot into the dish with lightning speed.

"What the hell?" Max gasped as he looked into the dish.

The two bladers were about to recall their blades when in a flash of white light, both their blades were blasted out of the dish by an invisible force. Max's shot so fast past him, he didn't even have time to try and catch it, as it went on going and slammed into the wall behind him. The exact same happened to Ray's, and like Max's, it went so deep into the wall that it looked like it had almost smashed all the way through. Ray and Max were still, frozen with shock for a second, before both their gazes turned with eerie unison towards the dish at their feet. The crimson blade spun for several seconds in the dish, before shooting into a nearby tree.

Ray and Max were frozen, but they noticed something. A young girl, who couldn't have been more than 15 or 16, jumped down from the tree with the crimson blade in her hand.

"Hey you!" Ray yelled at the girl.

The girl looked round. Red hair tumbled down her shoulders, pulled back into a ponytail, and even in the dying light, both of them could see she had light blue eyes the colour of the summer sky.

"What did you do that for?" Max shouted.

The girl raised an eyebrow before grinning mischeiviously.

"Well?" both yelled.

The girl shook her head and said in a light, airy voice, "Boys boys. Don't you know your mommies will be waiting for you?"

At that, Max snapped.

"Get BACK HERE!" he shrieked at the girl, yelling after her even as she dissapeared from sight over the bridge.

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Trixie opened one eye lazily to look at the teenager.

Rally looked up from her magazine, to face the girl in front of her.

"Well well." she said, grinning, "Looks like Ember Makotina has had a good time."

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