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Epilouge - Forever And A Day

"I'm so sorry," she sobbed, the tears coming thick and fast, like a waterfall of epic sorrow, "I don't want to do this, you know I could never leave you Kai...but the truth is, I have to. For you and for everybody else." Kai didn't say a thing. He stared into her eyes, the feeling of betrayel echoing through his veins. The moonlit dojo room echoed with stillness, the day's trials running silently, like one of those old black-and-white films that didn't contain sound. Whistles and moans of the wind outside shooting through the tight branches of the trees were a background melody as was the chirping of the crickets in the grasses.

"Ember," he finally spoke, "I don't want you to leave. You do realise," he said coldly, taking a pace towards her, "That you will be breaking everybody, not just me? There's Rally, Trixie, Damien, Hilary, Tyson, EVERYBODY!" His voice was raising in anger as his emotions poured out of him like an overturned cauldron, "Betraying us is the only way you can get yourself out of danger, isn't it? I do not want to sound harsh. All I am saying is, that you can't fucking well expect us to take this lightly! And there is PLENTY of stuff you can do to protect yourself! Get into one of those judo classes, or better yet, I'll train you! Is this the only was out for yourself, or is it something else that you are running from?" Kai was almost screaming as he spat out the words, "What the fuck are you running away from?"

She froze, her entire mind stopped. This wasn't Kai. He had turned into someone - no, something else. Every word was laden with blame, each poison-tipped arrow of anger aimed directly at her. Every syllable was full of disbelief, rage, sorrow and betrayel. Sobs gathered in her chest as she stood her ground, not sure what to say. Kai remained still, his eyes shut, anger washing over him as he took in what he had said. Everything, to him, didn't make sense. First the whole tournament, then Boris and the Russia incident, and suddenly, out of the blue, she had told him she was running away. 'For safety's sake' she had said. What was safe about all they had done in the past? And he had done so much for her, she expected him to bend at her will and say it was alright? She didn't understand the ramifications of what he was feeling, his pure love for the girl across from him and the sheer anger that she could be so foolhardy to take in a boy like himself. Kai felt every fibre of his being want to run over to her and hug her, tell her he didn't mean anything that he had said - but that was impossible. He HAD meant every single word he had said. Only he didn't want her to feel bad...all he wanted was for her to stay forever with him. Only now, it didn't seem possible.

"I'm not...running from anything," she choked out, tears racing down her soft skin, "I-I don't want to betray you. I'm not!" The rage that had fuelled Kai's outburst now fuelled her sorrowful wail as she continued, "But obviously I can't trust you! I sense nothing but hatred from you, and I should have paid attention to what everybody else around me was saying!" Kai looked to the ground, his heart telling him that he needed her, couldn't live without her. He couldn't understand why this was happening, and why she had to leave. Couldn't she see he'd die without her?

He didn't make any move to stop her as she scooped up her suitcase, and left the room. Kai heard nothing but his breathing for a long time afterwards. The emptyness was back again.


Ember made haste as the moon rose even higher into the night sky, the clouds that looked like wisps of the lightest wool skimming over its dappled grey surface. The light was enough for her to see clearly as she made her way to the taxi rank. Deserted and abandoned for the night, she knew there was no chance that she could get a taxi before early morning, maybe around four in the dawn or something like that. Checking the timetables she saw there was one leaving at 3.30am.

Good. The sooner I'm out of this place the better. As she sat, she allowed the conversation she had had with Kai sweep over her and encase her in a bubble of questions. Each whirled with no answer or purpose, filling her mind until she felt like her head would burst. Worries rolled around too, like vagrant butterflies. She felt she had been too harsh on him, but she had seen his eyes. Kai had never given her a look of such pure anger before, and she had known at that very moment that there was no point in her staying there a moment longer, or returning ever again. He would never accept her, just as she would never accept him. It was over. She wanted nothing to do with Kai Hiwitari ever again.

That very someone was watching her, through the corner of his eye as he stood in the cluster of trees in the park's gateway. She couldn't see him - her head was in her hands and it was obvious from the shuddery movement of her back that she was crying tears for England. He looked at the ground, silver diamonds congregating in his open eye before dripping to the ground with one sweep of his eyelid, as he shut out the pain he was receiving every second. Waves and waves of it came without any signs of stopping.

Kai strode along the road and Ember showed no signs of noticing his presence. With a sigh he sat in the dark, shadowed corner of the shelter, all the while keeping an eye on her. She jolted up when the voice she had become so accustomed to addressed her in a weary, beaten tone:

"You know, it's kind of moronic to be stuck out here, in the cold night, without a jacket."

Her eyes locked onto him, both shocked and scared. Silence echoed, before he began to speak again, "Yes. Something Tyson would do, heck maybe even me if something hit me on the head." When she finally managed to speak, her voice was soaked with shameful anger at him, "What the hell are you doing here?" It carried uncertianty, uncertianty that hung between them like a silken thread that could be snapped at any second.

Ember continued to glare, but now her eyes were softer. If he had come all this way out to find her, surely he must be here to apologize? Most likely he would be there to rub salt into the wounds, but that was only if he was talking in a vindictive, crititcising and painful tone. He wasn't, and in fact his deep vocal pattern was carrying a slightly shamed tone.

"I came to say I'm sorry."

Those small words sent her reeling. So he didn't mean any of it? Did he want her to do what was best after all? It was all so tense and uptight in her body Ember thought she was going to have a heart attack.

"I didn't want to hurt you. Heck, there was no reason for me to hurt you. I never wanted for you to feel like you didn't want to know me any more, and I know you're mad. But hear me out." He remained silent for a second as she processed this information in her head. When she nodded slowly he continued, "When I lost my mother I felt empty, as if nothing would ever make me feel was even worht it any more. I grew cold to the world as sarcasm, pain and taunting became my only ways of showing emotion. But," here he smiled softly in her direction, "You helped me grow out of that shell. You showed me I can't live my life a lie and torture others with my words, keep quiet and never tell somone why I am doing so."

Ember remained still, but then got up. She walked over to him and sat down next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder, "In case you don't realise by now," she said, "I forgive you. I understand you didn't want me to leave because you wouldn't feel safe...but the truth is, I will come back one day to see you again. Promise."

Both didn't say a word as the night went by. Kai and Ember fell asleep, neither of them in any doubt that the other only wanted to do the best for them. In early morning, many hours later, a loud honking woke them both up. Ember was leaning her head in the crevice of Kai's neck, while he had subconciously buried his face in her hair. They both blushed and got up without a word. The taxi driver glowered at them over the open window, "Well, missy? You gonna get in or not? I can't stay here forever waiting for you and your boyfriend you know." Not bothering to correct him, she took her suitcase up and slammed it into the back of the trunk. Shutting the trunk she walked over to Kai and hugged him tight.

Kai slipped his arms around Ember and sighed. He felt he could stay this way forever, like he had no other place in the world. Also, she fit very nicely in his arms, perfectly, as if she was made to lie in them day in and day out. Eventually they parted and she got in.

The taxi left slowly, buzzing into life before making its slow way down the road. Before it sped up, Ember yelled out to him, "Goodbye! I'll see you as soon as I can! Don't worry, I'll be back!"

He smiled and waved. He continued to wave as the taxi dissapeared over the hilltop and into the blackness.

She was gone.

But he had some last words to say...

"Ember..." Kai whispered to the wind.

"I'll love you forever and a day."




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