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Ch.1 Kagoma's Increased Powers

Kagoma's powers increased to a degree that nobody ever thought. The Inugang were fighting a powerful bear demon with three jewel shards in its chest. Kagoma had been separated from Inuyasha and the rest of the gang. The bear demon was coming after her and nobody could help her in time.

Kagoma's POV

I can't believe this is going to happen to me. Inuyasha can't even get to me in time. I never should have gotten this far away from him. I'm not going to just sit back and let this bear demon kill me though.

End of POV

Inuyasha's POV

I shouldn't of let her go on that walk by herself and this far away from me. I should of at least followed her. The moment I smelled that demon I knew that it would go after Kagoma. That wench didn't even get her bow and arrow. Kami I hope that I get there in time to save her. Then I'm going to kill her when I'm done with that demon.

End of POV

Inuyasha picked up his speed and raced towards Kagoma. Kagoma was now backed up against the tree. She was tired from running from the demon.

"Hand over the jewel shards little girl and I promise to make your death a painless one." The demon roared out with an evil grin on its face.

"No! I won't let you have it." Kagoma knew she had to do something and fast. She didn't have her arrows or Inuyasha to protect her.

"Your funeral then" the demon said while it was charging towards her. Kagoma closed her eyes waiting for the attack. Then she felt something inside her grow and then heard a voice inside her head.

Kagoma's Head

"You are not weak Kagoma, Fight back, Use your powers!"

"I can't. I don't have my arrows with me. Who are you?"

"I am a part of you that is waiting to be set free. I am your true power. You arrows just allow me to come out in small burst. You are holding yourself back from me. I can save you. Save us!"

"Why have I been holding myself back? I have to get stronger to help defeat Noraku."

"Because of Inuyasha. You have depended on him to save you. You knew he always would. But he can't get to you know. That is why you can hear me know. Why you can use me know. Depend on yourself Kagoma, and FIGHT!

Kagoma's body started to glow with her powers. The bear demon stopped in his tracts.

"What is this? What is happening?" the demon showed fear in his eyes. Kagoma was hovering in the air with a pinkish white glow. Kagoma's eyes had the same glow in them.

"This is me defeating you." With a smirk on her face, Kagome raised her arm and aimed it at the youki's chest. An pure energy ball formed in her hand.

"Bye." The energy ball went flying towards the youki. A blinding, white light encircled the area with the only thing that you could hear was the screams of the youki.

"Noooooooooooo!" Kagoma glided to wear the demon stood. The glow had started to go away and she was able to touch the ground. She bent down and picked up the jewel shards that were already purified on the ground and placed them in her pocket. The last thing she remembered was seeing Inuyasha's stunned face. Then she fainted.