"Me, you out there?" said Grimlock tentatively. He sat kneeling in his quarters with his hands clasped tightly together.

"You know, for first feel need...need to talk."

"Something bad happen today."

Grimlock stared at the ceiling as though he could peer through it, across space, all the way to Cybertron, home of Primus.

"Us fight ugly Decepticons. Us fight good and beat back stupid Decepticons."

"Then me make mistake."

Grimlock lowered his head as if a great weight was hanging from it, his chin almost touching his chestplate. The moment stretched, like he could not bear to go on anymore, but after a moment's silence, Grimlock continued.

"Me want to shoot nasty Starscream, but clumsy Sludge walk in the way."

"Sludge hurt bad."

"It was accident, but me nearly kill Sludge."

Gripping his hands even harder, Grimlock raised face up to the sky beyond the Ark and pleaded to Primus directly:

"Grimlock no want him to die."

"Primus, don't let friend die?"