Halloween night was going well as always. Since Jack had started to concentrate on his own holiday again the scare ratings had gone up tremendously. It was midnight and almost time for the mayor to make his yearly announcement and give out prizes.

"Lock, Shock, Lets go watch the show! Jack will be riding in any second now!" asked a young boy of about 14 pleaded. He had green hair and was dressed like a skeleton.

"Why do you want to go watch so bad." An older girl who was dressed like a witch questioned sarcastically and stuck a lollipop into her mouth "It's been the same every year since we were kids. First Jack comes in dressed like a scarecrow"

"Then he sets himself on fire" another boy about the same age as the girl continued and took a bite out of the already half eaten chocolate bar in his hand. He was dressed like a devil with a tail and yellow eyes to match.

"Then we sing that stupid pumpkin song" The girl added sounding more exited than before.

"and Jack jumps into the fountain" The eldest boy added and began to chase the girl in circles around the other boy.

"and then the mayor hands out awards" The younger boy chimed in.

"and then he sees the giant spiders we hid in all the trophies!" The two older teens said in unison.

"Lets go!" The devil-looking boy said happily. By this time they were practically to town square and he had caught the girl and was running and carrying her as she kicked and protested and the younger boy was trailing behind.

" Put me down this instant Lock! You're going to make me spill my candy bag!" The witch demanded angrily and kicked the boy in the shin causing him to release her.

"Ow!" Lock said "That hurt!" He snatched Shocks lollipop out of her mouth.

"Hey! Give that back you, jerk!" She said jumping for it but he held it out of her reach.

"Aww, does little Shocky want her candy?" He mocked and started to run down the street with the lollipop.

"You give that back! Its black berry spider! You know that's my favorite!" She yelled as she chased him down. After a few minutes she had caught up and jumped onto his back.

"Oh, one minute you yell at me and kick me and the next minute you can't keep your hands off of me." Lock said with a smile. Shock opened her mouth to protest but before she could comment Lock shoved the lollipop back into her mouth. "Come on, You can beat me up when we get home. We're gonna miss the show."

"Come one you two! I want to watch!" Barrel whined and set off like a jet to town square.

"Stupid kid, He's never gonna see anything if he rushes off into that crowd." Lock observed.

"Yeah, Let's go watch from the gate. If we sit up there we can see over the crowd and the twerp will be able to catch on and join us." Shock agreed she then kicked Lock in the sides as if he was a horse "Get a move on!"

"Ow." He said as he started running tword the gates "You could have asked for a ride. You don't have to kick me all the time."

"But kicking is more fun, and I'm sure you deserved it anyway." She teased and to her surprise he dropped her. Lock climbed up so he was sitting on the stone wall and Shock followed. Lock offered his hand to help "I can do it myself." She snapped and with a little effort was sitting on the wall too.

"Look! Here comes Jack!" Lock called out and the whole town looked to the gate.

"Here he comes!" Shock agreed and at that moment the gate burst open and scarecrow Jack came in. The whole crowd started singing and cheering. Boggie's boys joined in too. By the time they got to the first chorus of the pumpkin song Barrel had joined them sitting on the wall. When the song was over and Jack had done his dance. The speech started.

"Now comes the boring part…" complained the youngest of the trio.

"Shut up, you wanted to come, so now we're staying." Shock said giving him a small hit on the back of the head. Lock wasn't too interested in the speech either but he didn't want to get hit.

"I would just like to thank everyone for doing their best to make Halloween great again this year. I feel that this Halloween was even scarier than the last. I have some great plans for next year also." Jack went on about his plans while Barrel fell asleep leaning on Shock. "And now I think it's time for the prizes. Mayor…"

Jack stepped aside and the Mayor took the mic. "The prize for the Most Potions Brewed goes to… The Witch Sisters!"

The overjoyed witches fought through the crowd to receive their trophy. When they reached the front they happily grabbed the prize and a spider lunged out onto the tallest witch's face. She shrieked and fell onto her sister causing them both to crumble to the floor. Every one in the crowd gasped.

The three trick or treaters laughed loudly breaking the silence. The mayor glared at them and the two older ones quickly silenced. Barrel then noticed he was the only one laughing, he awkwardly and slowly came to a stop.

"Eh-hem, now, The Most Horrifying Scream goes to…. JACK!" The Mayor dumped the spider from the trophy hastily before handing it to Jack. The mayor went on awarding his usual trophies. Most Spine Tingling Scare, Best Surprise Attack, Most Sneaky Ambush, Best Group Scare, Best Singular Scare, Then he came to Best Couple Scare…

"We all know Jack and Sally are going to win. They always do." Barrel said in a bored tone. The only thing keeping him awake was the fact that Shock would hit him every time he fell asleep.

"And the Best Scare by a Couple goes to…. Lock and Shock?" He read the card again confused. His doubtful face had taken over. "That's what the card says…"

"What!" Lock said angrily.

Shock agreed "What are you trying to pull?"

Jack stepped back up to the podium "Now, Now you two. No need to yell, Just come over here and get your prize.

"Nothin' Doin'!" Shock yelled back up at him. She took the lollipop from her mouth and stuck her tongue out at Jack.

Jack rubbed his temple for a moment and then looked back up at them. "COME DOWN HERE AND GET YOUR PRIZE!" He yelled showing why he had won best single scare.

Lock grumbled and hopped down from the wall and offered a hand to Shock. She kicked it away, "I can do it myself." She insisted. She turned around and scrabbled down the wall, Lock turned away quickly. Shocks dress was short and he had caught a glimpse of her panties. He saw the mummy boy, who was their age, looking and swiftly hit him on the head.

Once they were both on the ground they fought their way through the sea of town's people. Shock had taken hold of Lock's sleeve and was dragging him to the front. When they got there she dropped his arm and glared angrily at Jack. "Happy now? We're here."

"Alright, just kiss so you can have your trophy." Jack told them bluntly.

"No." Both teens answered in unison and reached for the prize.

Jack held it out of reach. "You know the rules. The couple has to kiss before they get the trophy. It's the rules." He informed them.

They both looked over at each other. Shock then looked over at the tarnished gold trophy. It was so beautiful; it would make a good dish to hold her candy. She hesitantly took the lollipop from her mouth, closed her eyes, and kissed Lock.

Lock stood there his mouth hanging open. That was his first kiss. He could feel a small blush creeping onto his pale cheeks so he put on his mask, which was as red as his face.

Shock Held out her hands to Jack "Gimme! I kissed Lock so now the trophy is mine."

Jack gave her the prize reluctantly. "I think you missed the whole point of it… But it is your prize." He said with a sigh. Shock nodded and pushed the oversized trophy into Lock's hands, signaling him to carry it.

He followed her back to where Barrel was. He was still too confused to argue with her. Jack said a few parting words and everyone started to disperse and head home. The trio did the same.

Later, in the Tricker-Treaters' Club House…

"It's almost our Deathday!" Barrel said happily looking at the old grandfather clock. It was about to chime one in the morning.

Shock's witch hat could be seen from behind the trophy, which was no filled with candy and on the verge of overflowing. "Don't get too excited, our party isn't for a few days…" Her mouth was mumbled and full of caramel. She stood up and looked around the room, no sign of Lock… well, almost.

She could see the tip of a red tail, swishing back and forth slowly outside of the window. Glancing over at Barrel she noted that he must be coming off of a sugar high, his snores were evidence of that. She stepped over his sleeping form and approached the window.

There was no glass in it and she crawled out easily. Pulling herself onto the roof to sit next to Lock, she slipped a little and grabbed onto his tail.

Lock, who had been lying back looking at the stars, sat up with a start "YoW! Watch the tail!" He half cried half growled. He then went to the edge of the roof and looked over to see a familiar pointed hat. "What in Halloween's name are you doing?"

"My stocking got stuck." She said and he noticed that her one leg was caught on a loose nail on the window sill. The other foot was trying to stand on the crooked sill and slipping. "It won't come loose…"

Lock swung himself into the window by holding onto the gutter. "Just hold still, Shock. I'll unhook it…" He traced his hand down the striped stocking on her leg until he found where it was snagged. The material was caught on a really rusty nail. "Stop wiggling or you're going to get cut!" He told her, annoyed.

"But, I'm slipping!" She fired back "I'm gonna fall!"

Without thinking Lock's tail wrapped around Shock's middle. This threw the young witch off balance and she let go of the gutter. Lock grabbed her arm and pulled. The material of the stocking ripped and they both fell backwards onto the living room floor.

"Oh… Not my dress too!" Shock whined as she noticed not only had her stocking ripped but a spot on her dress was torn when they fell. Her dress was already covered with crooked stitching from other times that she fell or got caught on something.

Lock's eyes couldn't help but look at the pale skin of Shock's thigh that was exposed by the tear. His tail removed itself from the girl's waist and brushed against her leg, moving the fabric higher up her thigh. Shock didn't seem to notice.

"I'll fix it in the morning…" she said with a sigh, getting up off of where she landed on Lock's stomach. Lock cursed silently, his tail had brushed against something lace just before she got up. Sitting up on his elbows he watched her gather Barrel up in her arms and move him over to the couch.

Lock grabbed an old scruffy blanket and covered the younger boy with it. He heard Shock yawn and turned to see her stretching, he quickly turned away. "I'm going to bed. Don't eat any of my candy," She said her version of good night.

"Alright…" Lock said, too confused to make any sort of comment or argument.

Shock gave him a slightly concerned look but then shook it off, walking up the spiral stairs to her room. Lock's eyes remained on the stairs for a minute and then landed on the grandfather clock. It was morning already. Lock left the living room, and the boy sleeping on the couch, walked through the red door to his room.

"I don't like her." He told himself as he sat on his bed "I can't like her…. But I think I do…."

The little devil took off his shoes and pants. He fell asleep in his boxers and red shirt.