Title: Hermione's Helping Hand

The New Headmaster

Now that the Snape family had Raven, Cornelia, Godric, and now their first adopted daughter, Michaeli, life had turned hectic. Hermione was sure if she didn't have Winky and Dobby around, she would of gone mad by the end of the week. Minerva swung by to inform Hermione that unlike Tom, the first child, Michaeli was born with magic. When Hermione asked how this was possible, Minerva told her that Luna was a half-blood, and that like Severus, any child born from her blood would have magic.

" Well I'm sure that no one will really care," Hermione said. " Especially Luna."

" I agree!" said Minerva. " That's why Michaeli will have the last name of Snape, not Malfoy or Weasley."

" Have they found Ron yet?"

Minerva sighed and nodded.

" So where was he?"

" He was at the Ministry trying to get the marriage dissolved."

Hermione stared, not wanting to believe what she was hearing.

" That's what Remus told me," Minerva said. " Oh, he moved to Godric Hallow and will be next door neighbors to the Potters. Harry's really excited about that."

" Well I'm glad to hear that," Hermione said.

" So how are the babies coming?"

Hermione smiled, and then answered, " They're going well! I'm halfway through, so I think the rest will be easy."

" I'm sure that Severus will find comfort in that!"

Word came back to Hermione, from Hogwarts, that the Governors had decided on who they thought would make a good replacement for Remus Lupin. She had been surprised that they wanted her husband, after all the things that he had done and how hard he had made life for the students. However, she felt that they knew what they were doing, and didn't dare try and challenge it. The only thing left to do was to ask him if he was going to take the job.

" Well, are you?" Hermione asked, when she returned home.

" I don't know," Severus said. " I mean, I don't want to make the governors mad at me, but I don't think I'm ready for such an important job."

" Well it would be good for you," Hermione said. " I mean you get to make all those important decisions."

Severus looked at the floor.

" I'm going to have to think about it."

On the day before term was to start the governors swore Severus in as Headmaster. Hermione and all her friends were there and then there was a big party. Lee Jordan arrived and told Hermione that Ron had managed to get out of his marriage to Luna, and that both were free to do whatever they wanted.

" Well I'm glad to hear that," Hermione said. " But I'm still going to get him on those charms he cast."

Lee laughed.

" The same old Hermione!" Lee told her. " So I hear you adopted Draco's daughter."

Hermione nodded.

" She needed a home and I'm not one to turn a baby out on her ear."

" I know your not!" Lee said.

He then bid her goodbye, and left.

Three months later Hermione gave birth to her healthy baby boy and girl. Luna this time was there for her and it was a lot easier on her this time around. However, Hermione noticed that both of her children had something about them that reminded her of someone she knew. However, she kept it to herself. What no one knew wouldn't hurt them. To her Will and Irma were Snape and nothing anyone told her would change that.

" Hermione, they've got green eyes!" Luna said. " How's that possible?"

Hermione sighed and let sleep wash over her.

" That would be another mystery, for another time," Hermione said thickly as she fell asleep.

The End

A/N: I hope that you enjoyed this story. I know that it was a little different then what I usually post, but I agreed to do this due to an e-mail that I got. There will be a sequel to this story, I promise.