I remember when my mother gave me a paper doll. I can't remember anything else.

from Paper Doll by Queen Datsuh.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom. The Danny Phantom story Paper Doll belongs to Queen Datsuh who has a profile at this site. The story Paper Doll is apart of her Danny Phantom story Drabble City which is a fic filled with different drabbles (stories of 100 words or less). Paper Doll is Drabble Number 6 in the fic Drabble City.

Please Note: Fated Maiden is a prequel of my own making to the drabble Paper Doll. Always remember to get permission from the fellow fanfic writer whose story and or character you want to use for a story of your own.

Fated Maiden

Destiny Jacobs ran as her almond brown hair flowed behind her. She had just celebrated her Twenty-fourth birthday three days ago. Now she was running in hopes of being able to live to celebrate her twenty-fourth. The year was 1975 and she was running from an angry scorned lover. Her cousin Reba Mansion had warned her about playing with men's hearts, but Destiny never listened.

"Playing with these boys hearts and emotions is way too much fun," Deborah responded to Reba's warnings.

But Destiny wished now that she had listened. Her family like Reba's had money. But unlike Reba's family. Destiny's family had several mansions built in the woods. Bad idea when you're home alone since you're the sole heir to a fortune with a dead mother and an almost dead from cancer father. And your scorned lover from three years ago comes back for revenge.

Destiny tripped over a tree root and several gnarled branches did even more damage to her expensive white dress. The woods looked all the same to her. She usually drove along a designated road to get to the towns and cities. But she had to run into the deep woods because her ex-lover knew it even better than she did and she had to get away from him.

Suddenly she heard a noise then her chest felt like it had been blown open. She fell back to the ground, which she had just risen from. As the life drained from her, her emerald green eyes spied a silhouette on a huge rock above her with a shotgun. She knew who it was. William Fenton the only son of the barely working class Fenton family who always had an interest in the supernatural. Destiny quickly went limp and her head fell to the side with closed eyes.

The End

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