New story time again! I just feel like writing this! It's definitely AU and the story line is much different. Odd is a grade lower than Jeremy, Aelita, Yumi and Ulrich. Oh and this is gonna be a long story. Very long. And the character are kinda AU in a way. By the way.. This is kinda like my own life.. Told from Yumi's point of view. Nick and Chris are actually real ppl.. Kinda a true story..






Yumi's P.O.V.


For once in my life, I can't tell if I'm totally excited or completely and utterly horrified. This is great, just great. I hate him. I just keep telling myself this. Or trying at least. Well since you probably have no idea what I'm talking about I'll give you the complete rundown. Watch out, this might take a while.

You see I've known Jeremy since I was two. We went to the same preschool and we've been best friends ever since. It's kinda weird to have, well, he's a boy and I'm a girl.. But who cares anyway! We tell each other everything. We kinda have a brother and sister relationship, but were best friends at the same time! I've known all his crushes since.. Well! Like forever.

Jeremy and I had a great time in preschool. He was a smart and I was smart and we got good grades.. Well if you even have grades back then! And we were popular and liked by pretty much everyone. I guess you could call me sort of a tom-boy back then. I mean I did wear boys clothes.. But I'm not a goth. I just don't enjoy most of the feminine stuff and I'm not high-matinence like some girls I know.

Then we split up to go to kinder garden. I went to a good private school and Jeremy went to public. And that's where he met him.. and Aelita, but they didn't like each other back then.

I remember kind garden as being a good year for me. I met a lot of my good friends and I met some of my two other best friends, Nick and Chris. I seem to latch onto boys for some weird reason.. I really do thank Nick though. He was the first person who really befriended me and those two still are still very faithful to me today. Some people even thought me and Nick were in love.. But I assure you that's not true. We're just good friends. I mean you can't be in love when your six.

I really loved my kind garden class because by the end of the year we were all really good friends. No one really disliked each other.. And then, Jeremy transferred to my school in 1st grade.

..and for the first couple weeks he wouldn't latch off of me.. It got really annoying.. He wouldn't get off my back. Everywhere I went Jeremy went. Jeremy was somewhat immature I guess you could say but I was really as mature as an adult and I was funny, but I didn't let myself get out of hand. Thankfully, Jeremy, Nick and Chris all liked each other.

And then he came to my school.

Thankfully, he was in the other 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade class. And thankfully Jeremy started to become more mature.. Jeremy hung out with him sometimes when he got the chance. I just stayed clear. I was kinda shy with new people. I really didn't want anything to do with him. And it looked like the feeling was mutual.

Nick nicknamed him the hit and run boy because every time he wanted to talk to Jeremy and I was near he would frantically scurry over to Jeremy and tap him on the shoulder then run away in a flash. I thought he was really weird. Really weird.

For two whole years I don't think me and him barely said anything to each other. I really didn't care though. I had enough to worry about that year and I won't risk talking about it.

I remember the first time me and him actually had a formal conversation. It was about soccer. I play soccer and I'm very good. And so is he. And we're both very competive. I love sports. I'm the best on my soccer team. We used to have this rivalry in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade, you see, their were two classes and we always used to play class against class soccer, which I loved.

Me and him had just randomly stopped next to each other and we just kinda got into a conversation about soccer strategy. I guess he kinda made an impression on me there. A small one.

The other big thing that happened in second grade was that Odd came up from kinder garden into our class and him and Jeremy really hit it off well. Odd's a big goofball, but I like him as a friend.

Graduation to 4th year went well, but one big difference. There was only one 4th and 5th year class. Me and him were together for the first time.

I'm always late for school. It's my trademark and like any other day I was late for school again on the first day of school of 4th grade and he and Jeremy were already there.

I searched for Jeremy and I found him talking to him. I kinda froze.. and Jeremy introduced us formally and we shook hands.

Probably like the biggest moment of my life. I was just a casual handshake, but it meant a lot. I was hooked for good.

There's only one word I want to say now and it's.. Shit.

Me and him actually became pretty good friends and got to know each other well. We both loved sports so we talked a lot about that, but.. there's another whole side to him.

Extreme immaturity, and when I say extreme, I don't use it lightly.

Always poking me.. He's sooo immature.. I almost couldn't stand him, but then I kinda liked it..

The other big story is that in 4th grade Aelita came to our school. Apparently her, him, and Jeremy knew each other in kind garden, but at that point Jeremy swore he never even remembered her.

My relationship wiht him was okay.. We never really we're friends, but then we kinda were. I guess the only reason you could say were hung out together was that we were both best friends with Jeremy. It never really got any farther than that...

When we went to middle school, everything changed. And I mean everything. People changed. Ego's came out and worst of all.. people WENT OUT with each other. I never did that. Well, deep down... I guess I was kind of jealous, but then I thought there's no reason to be. It's not like I'm going to spend the rest of my life with these people! Yeah, right..

Me and him weren't even in any classes with each other. And we slowly drifted apart and the weirdest thing was for me is that.. I actually liked some of the feminine stuff and I got more girlish. And I hung out with Aelita a lot more and we became best friends! I wore girl clothes now to.

Actually, he started to hang with the "cool" people cough jerks. They had girlfriends.. And he just played along. He must have asked 3 girls out. Which, all of them said no. I was kind of jealous.. But then I didn't really care. It's not like were going to have anything to do with each other in the future. But, then, I did miss him in my classes.. Funny, I always felt a pang of happiness on the rare occasion when me and him were in the same class.

And then they left.. Aelita, Jeremy and him. They left to go to public school.

At that time there was only one word to describe me. Devastated.

Aelita tried to calm me down and I could tell that Jeremy felt really bad as well. And me and him.. well.. We didn't even say goodbye to each other.. And yet, I was still devastated.

At least I had Nick and Chris. They stuck with me till the end..

And even at 8th grade graduation Aelita and Jeremy and him weren't there... I thought I was never going to see them again..

But, that's probably not the case now. I have to go to public high school. You want to know why! Because I'm on the FRICKIN' waiting list for Taft!

So now! I have to deal with him.. AND MY HORMONES! AGAIN!

Oh and my name is Yumi Ishiyama.

And his.. is Ulrich Stern.

End of Chpt. 1

Well, I know some of u ppl may think it's a stupid idea but It is going to get SOOOO much better. It's my best idea yet, i think..