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For Terri - because you made me do it and named it.

Music flowed softly in the background, muting the sounds of conversation that flowed around the room and cloaking people in its embrace. People were everywhere, the hall was packed and more people arrived by the moment; all of them intent on enjoying the celebration of the occasion.

No one takes much notice of the man in the dark robes standing in the corner observing the festivities. He looks over the festivities with a cool detachment, always observing and taking in the details of the situation around him. So many of the people were laughing and carefree and with good reason. The downfall of the darkest wizard of your time is an event to celebrate. However, the man never stopped his observation of the room. Most of the people here didn't realize the cost of their freedom. He did. Most of the people in the room didn't know what it was like to fight in that bloody battle. He did. Most of the people didn't realize what it was like to watch a loved one die in front of them. He did.

That's what led him to the back corner of the room. He had no desire to celebrate the victory, no desire to really be around anyone, no desire to be happy, but they insisted he come. So, he is here, but he doesn't have to be happy about it. How can he be happy when a piece of his soul is missing and there is no way to get it back?

Looking back on it, she had to fight; he understood that, they all had fought. He didn't worry about her because she trained hard and she knew what she was doing. Watching her in battle was watching grace in motion – moving quickly and cleanly from one fighter to the next. He had just finished with his own battle and was preparing to move forward when a movement caught his attention in the corner of his eye – the green flash was moving towards her with deadly speed and accuracy and there was nothing he could do to stop it. When he called her name, she didn't even glance his way as she ducked out of the path of the curse. He almost fell over in relief when that happened; however, relief was too soon. Even though she avoided one, neither of them saw the other curse whose path she had stepped into. It was over in a second, their eyes met and she mouthed "…love… you" before she fell on the ground, never to awaken again.

The man shook himself out of his stupor. That was the reason he wasn't happy and that he wasn't whole. However, he came because they told him to be here and to ensure that no one forgot the ones that were left behind. They would all live on in memory - Lily, James, Sirius, and her - his love.

He knew that he would never forget and never love another as much as her. His Tonks.