Shadow Cat

Nighttime, a peaceful

End to a strenuous day

But the Shadows watch...

Kagome walked along the path, heading to the 'god' tree.

Inuyasha was with Kikyou again, she had seen the soul collecters.

Feelings of Danger

The rustle of a bush but

Then, Silence again...

She heard pitter of feet, then a twig snap. She looked around. "Is anyone there?"

No one answered. But the darkness seemed thicker.

The Shadows seem to

Dance, mocking you, with their

Invisible taunts, forever...

Darkness was consuming the trees around her. It was dark then light.

Then dark again. She was starting to get scared, but she wouldn't call for him,

not ever.

Shadows slip closer

Waiting for their chance to act

The nighttime is theirs...

The darkness is getting closer by the minute. Kagome feels surrounded.

She feels as if she could not breath.

Their palace, their time

They slip into souls, masking

Hearts in a dark street...

She feels something pressing on her chest, she looks down to see nothing.

But she all of a sudden feels anger, happiness, then saddness, all at once.

Tears sting her eyes.


As the doors of Heaven stay locked

The stoeln souls stay locked...

Kagome cant get out of her emotion toil. She's hurting inside from every sad

feeling she was stabbed with.

Hidden, locked away

As the Shadows feed off their

Host, gaining strength from...

Kagome was weakening from the emotional break down. She didn't think she could

last much longer. If she died right here would anyone care? Why is she asking that, of course

they would. About the ony one who wouldn't would be him.

The anger and havoc

That they created, destruction

Their only ambition...

Kagome was losing her breath, she felt like her heart was on fire, she couldn't think about

him anymore. He hurt her. Was he the cause of this?

Only protector

First it is there then its gone

Again, The Shadow Cat...

No, it is not his fault. I shouldn't have fallen for him, when he already had another.

I should have pulled away from him, when I had th chance. Now I must deal with the pain.

He keeps the hearts, and

Protects the soals, helping ka's

Find their way back home...

Kagome was feeling better, she sensed someone coming, she feared who it was.

Was it the things that caused this drama, or a deamon comr to take her, or worse

was it..him..Inuyasha?

The Shadow Cat, good

Or bad, hero, villain, or

Neither at that...

This something was getting closer, it did not seem bad, or good almost balanced.

Was it just a spectator?

No one knowss for no

One's seen, he may be Mystery

Legendary, or...

He was stepping closer, she started to feel safe, despite the previouse pain. Was this

good to feel this way, or was it a trick?

Perhaps he's something

More, not just a folk story,

The Shadow Cat, perhaps...

He was now in front of her, in all his shining glory. He ws beautiful, all the way from his silver hair and his cresent moon mark, to his black armor, and white kimino pants. His white, fluffy tail, flowed in the wind. He reached his hand down and ahe took it. The hand of her Shadow Cat.