What happens when our heroes get into a car crash going to Washington for a field- trip? With Jazz driving, it isn't as fun. And what's worse is that Paulina, Dash, and Valerie are along for the ride as well. But when our favorite hero accidentally passes out and they give him something to drink, it turns out to be truth serum…

"Come on, Danny!" Jazz exclaimed happily.

Fourteen- year- old Danny Fenton groaned. This was going to be one of the longest car rides in his life. The annual ninth-grade Washington trip was today. The ninth graders would stay up in Washington D. C. for a week, site-see, and all that junk. But the best part was no parents.

Unfortunately, Danny's older sister, Jasmine (Jazz) Fenton had volunteered to chaperone. Danny's two friends, Samantha (Sam) Manson and Tucker Foley weren't very thrilled about it either. This means that they couldn't talk about certain things with Jazz around. Even though she knew Danny's secret.

Young Danny Fenton had a secret. You see, his parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton, were obsessed with ghosts. One day, they built a ghost portal and tried to get it to work. When it didn't, they gave up on it. Then, Sam was able to talk Danny into going into it. When he did, he accidentally hit the "on" switch and the portal activated up. With Danny inside.

When he came out of the portal, his normal raven black hair was snow white, his china blue eyes a bright glowing green. His regular attire, blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a white t-shirt with a red collar, sleeves, and small circle in the middle, was a black jumpsuit with silver boots, gloves, and collar. On the middle of his chest was his logo. It was a sliver, ghostly, "D" with a "P" in the middle. It stood for Danny Phantom, Danny's Fenton's ghost half and alter ego.

Jazz beeped the horn, telling Danny to hurry up. Danny climbed into the front seat of the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, an invention made by their parents, and slouched down glumly. He glanced at Jazz as she drove toward Casper High, the high school the two currently attended. His face lit up when he saw his two best friends waiting outside. Right after the RV stopped, he climbed out and walked over to them.

"Hey, Danny," Tucker said. He was a techno geek and sort-of nerdy. His glasses spoke for him, as well as the yellow long-sleeved shirt, green army pants, combat boots, and red berate. He currently had his PDA out and was typing vigorously with it.

"Hi, Danny," Sam greeted him. She had a gothic thing and wore all black. Her black hair was halfway up and half way down. Her nails were black and her tank- top mid-drift shirt was black with a small purple circle in the middle. She wore a black shirt with green plaid. She had purple tights and black combat boots. Her amethyst eyes sparkled when she spoke.

"Hey, guys," Danny replied. "You all ready?"

"Yep," they replied.

"Come, on, we can put your stuff in the trunk." Danny helped carry their bags to the RV, and threw them in there.

"Mr. Fenton!" a voice called. Danny turned around and saw Mr. Lancer, his teacher, heading toward him. He was tall, balding, and had a pot- belly. His goatee was back, his shirt blue, his tie black, and his plaid pants were too short.

"Yes, Mr. Lancer?" Danny asked wearily.

"Since your means of transportation is very large, I was wondering if you would be able to accommodate three other students," Mr. Lancer said.

Danny blinked.

Mr. Lancer sighed. "You're going to be driving three other students to Washington."

"Who are they, Mr. Lancer?" Jazz asked. She had come around to help with the bags and had over heard the conversation.

"Dash, Paulina, and Valerie," Mr. Lancer replied. The three said students came into view as their names were said. Danny's face went pale.

Dash was a jock and bully. Danny happened to be his favorite victim. He had short blonde hair, purple- blue eyes, a white t-shirt with a football jacket over it, and blue jeans. Paulina was the most popular girl in school. She had long black hair, a pink mid- drift shirt, jean caprice, and a Hispanic accent. Valerie, Danny's former crush, had long black hair, sea green eyes, a yellow headband, a long- sleeved yellow shirt, and an orange skirt. She smiled at Danny.

"I'm glad you're all coming with us," Jazz said, putting their luggage into the trunk.

"We are?" Tucker asked Sam. It got him a punch on the shoulder from Dash.

"Everyone in!" Jazz said. Everyone climbed into the back of the RV. Danny, glumly, climbed into the front, next to Jazz.

This is going to be the longest car trip of my life, he thought, and shut the door.