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Dramatis Personae

Rogue Squadron

General Wedge Antilles (Human male from Corellia) Group Leader / Rogue One
Colonel Tycho Celchu (Human male from Alderaan) Rogue Two / Rogue Leader
Flight Officer Thras Nyl (Human male from Coruscant) Rogue Three
Major Derek "Hobbie" Klivian (Human male from Ralltiir) Rogue Four

Major Wes Janson (Human male from Tanaab) Rogue Five
Flight Officer Hepat Avaan (Sullustan male from Sullust) Rogue Six
Flight Officer Varnestra (Mon Calamari female) Rogue Seven
Flight Officer Ecla Idec (Human female from Knolstee) Rogue Eight

Captain Corran Horn (Human male from Corellia) Rogue Nine
Lieutenant Ooryl Qyrgg (Gand male from Gand) Rogue Ten
Lieutenant Myn Donos (Human male from Corellia) Rogue Eleven
Lieutenant Inyri Forge (Human female from Kessel) Rogue Twelve

Rogue Squadron Support Personnel

Captain Nawara Ven (Twi'lek male from Ryloth) Rogue Executive Officer / Rogue Control
Shi'dora (Twi'lek female from Ryloth) Chief Mechanic
Argh (Hobbie's R-2 astromech)
Gate (Wedge's R-5 astromech)
Marca (Tycho's R-5 astromech)
Whistler (Corran's R-2 astromech)
Zero (Ecla's R-2 astromech)

New Republic Military

Admiral Ackbar (Mon Calamari male) Commander in Chief of New Republic Military
Major Ajene Tuvora (Human female from Contruum) Special Forces Team Leader
Lieutenant Bren Auxil (Human male from Commenor) Special Forces Team Member

New Republic Intelligence

General Airen Cracken (Human male from Contruum) Head of Intelligence

Crew of the Starlight

Admiral Andel Fedra (Human male from Berchest)
Commander Fon Slar (Human male from Commenor)

Crew of the Pulsar Skate

Mirax Terrik Horn (Human female from Corellia)

The Inexorables

General Selr Rozrrom (Human male from Corellia)
Admiral Jarice Cright (Human male from Coruscant)
Colonel Gherr Larrdin (Human male from Contruum)