New Friends and New Enemies

Chapter 11

Royal Farewell

"Princess, my dear little princess."

Everything was glowing. Serena was walking in a pink kimono throughout a garden. Her father was calling her.



She found him standing in the middle of the beautiful garden. It was so bright, so warm and peaceful. She could smell the flowers and taste the air. He was holding The Ancient's staff and wearing a smile. He lifted the hat off his head and the very first time, she saw his beautiful deep blue eyes. They were warm, kind and wise and his medium thin eyebrows arched.

"Papa!" Serena ran and threw her arms around him. "Papa!"

"I am proud of you, princess," he said. "You have stopped Beryl and Talpa. They'll never come back to try to take ever the Earth again."

"You are, really?" Serena asked.

"Yes. I knew you could do it. If you just believed in yourself, and the spirit of the ronins' power."

"Well, you made them," said Serena.

"Remember you always have an ally in the Ronin Warriors if you ever are in need of help," The Ancient told her.

"You mean, there might be new bad guys?" Serena inquired.

"I'm afraid so, but it won't be nothing you and the Ronin Warriors could not handle together," he answered. "Stay on your path, Serena and continue the journey. I could erase your memory if that is what you really want."

Serena laughed. "Why would I want to leave now? It's starting to get interesting!"


Ryo saw the light from the jewel of life and he walked toward it. "It's Ryo!" Yuli yelled happily.

"Ryo?" Mia inquired.

Ryo walked out of the smoke carrying the dying Sailor Moon in his arms. "She won't wake up," he said sadly, falling to his knees. "She can't hear me!"

"Sailor Moon!" the scouts and Ronin Warriors crowded around him. When Serene One was transformed back to her sailor form, the other four scouts did too.

"I'm sorry," Ryo mumbled. "I'm so sorry!"

Sailor Mars reached Sailor Moon around the shoulders and shook her. "Sailor Moon, wake up! We've won! We've stopped Talpa and Beryl! Sailor Moon, come on!"

"I don't understand," Mercury said. "I thought that the staff would help her!"

"Maybe not even the staff wasn't enough to keep her strength up," Jupiter frowned.

"Come on, Sailor Moon," Sailor Venus cried, "you can't leave us alone like this!"

White Blaze tried nuzzling her to get her to wake up. He began baying.

"There's got to be something we can do," Kento frowned, taking off his helmet. "I feel so bad for them!"

"Were we all supposed to meet so we'd see Sailor Moon die?" Cye wondered aloud.

"We can't let Sailor Moon die," Sage added, "but…I don't think my sword would be enough."

Rowen stood speechless. He wasn't sure what to say. He couldn't remember when he felt so sad, so empty. It seemed to go so fast but he sure liked the ride. Things became so interesting when he met Sailor Moon. Now, it seemed like he was about to lose her.

'Think, Rowen!' he told himself. 'You can't let her die! Think!'

Yuli turned to Mia and sobbed. "Why wont' she wake up, Mia?"

Then an idea popped in Rowen's intelligent head. His arrows of life force may be just the thing to bring Sailor Moon back. He reached for a quiver and pushed through the circle around Sailor Moon.

"Let me through," he said, "I think I can probably save her!" He took off his helmet, set it down on the ground and pulled Sailor Moon into his arms.

"Really?" Sailor Mercury asked hopefully.

"Sailor Moon, my arrow of life force will bring you back," Rowen said, "now wake up! Sailor Moon!"

He stuck the arrowhead down on her locket and waited for something to happen. Anything.


"Serena, I am proud of you. You shined like a moonbeam today." The Ancient said. "You fought hard and you didn't' give up like the day at the Moon Kingdom. You continued to fight. You realize how important your life is."

"Yeah, I learned my lesson," Serena answered, "and I'm going to learn life to the fullest. I've lost Anubis and Darien but I didn't kill my self like I did back then. I learned from them. Anubis sacrificed his life for me and if I gave up then his sacrifice wouldn't' have met anything and Darien…though I loved him very much, I had to keep going."

"That's right and you still need to keep going even now, Serena," he said. "You must go back."

"What?" Serena inquired. "Oh, no, Father. I want to stay here with you. I want to know the story how you met mother. I know what Anubis told me, the vision Dais gave me. I want to know more, Papa!"

"All in good time, my dear, but your friends are worried about you," The Ancient insisted. "Don't worry, my dear little princess, I will always be with you."

"You promise?" she asked.

"Yes," he hugged her. "Forever. You have done well, princess. I am very proud of you."


"Yes, I've always called you my princess," he explained. "Since you were a baby. You will always be my little princess."


"Sahenah?" Rowen pleaded, shaking her gently. "Please…please come back."

White glowing sparkles from Rowen's arrow flowed over Sailor Moon's locket, putting it back together and fixing her broken tiara and making the ruby on her bun reappear. Her entire outfit was made whole again all from one arrow. Sailor Moon tried to open her eyes. Everyone looked on hopefully.

"Come on, Sahenah," Rowen coached, "come back to us."

White Blaze nuzzled her and licked her face, making her start to stir.

Sailor Moon blinked a few times and held her eyes open, looking around at everyone's long, wet and worried faces. "Hey guys...did we win?"

"yes," Ryo answered. "Are you all right?"

"I think so," Sailor Moon sat up a little and Rowen tightened his arms around her, pulling her closer to him and he kissed her on the mouth.

"Whoa, Rowen," Kento laughed, pointing behind him where Yuli was standing, "not in front of Yuli, dude!"

Rowen blushed and pulled his face away from Sailor Moon. "I uh, glad you're back. We thought we lost you there for a minute."

Serena looked back at him, surprised and quite impressed. "Oh, Rowen." She cleared her throat and looked at everyone, "I didn't mean to worry you all. I was just having a talk with my father, The Ancient. He says job well done." She petted White Blaze.

"Can you stand, Saylah Moon?" Rowen inquired.

"Yeah," she answered and she pushed herself to her feet, Rowen supporting her. "I'm all right, just a bit tired. I don't think I'll be able to do that again for a while. It took quite a bit out of me."

"Me too," Sailor Mercury added. "We'll need to have some rest before we teleport back."

"Don't leave so soon, love," Cye said.

"Yeah, we still need to celebrate!" Kento exclaimed.

The rest of the ronins pulled off their helmets and the scouts removed their tiaras, nodding to each other, they tossed their headgear in the air, shouting an exclamation.



After the battle, everything returned to normal. The ten went to Mia's home so they could all rest up. The guys rested in the living room so the girls could sleep in the bedrooms. But with more girls sleeping under the same roof as them for a change, rest wasn't easy for the guys. Cye felt a mad desire to do some cooking so he raced to the kitchen, tied an apron around his waist, washed his hands and began looking around for ingredients. Nosy Kento came to see what he was up to.

"Hey, Cye, whatcha making?" he inquired, looking over his shoulder. "Speckled Dick?" He burst out laughing, hitting the counter with his hand and Cye rolled his eyes.

"Kento!" he yelled. "For the last time, it's called Spotted Dick! Spotted! How many times do I have to tell you?"

"Oh, Spotted Dick. Right."

"And no," he said, "I'm making a sandwich."

"Gee thanks pal, I was getting hungry."

"It's not for you!" Cye cried, smacking his hand. "I'm making it for Amy."

"What?" Kento demanded.

"I just want," he continued, pink color coming to his English pale face, "to do something nice."

"Oooh, Cye's got a girlfriend!"

"Stop it!"

"What are you guys yelling about?" Sage demanded, "The girls are trying to sleep!"

"Good Morning everybody!" Lita sang, coming out of her room with a smile. "I slept like a log!"

"We didn't' wake you up, did we?" Sage asked.

"Nah," Lita shook her head.

"Woke me up, thank you," Raye muttered as she walked out, rubbing her head and she plopped down on the couch.

"Raye come on," Lita said. "We slept enough."

"How are your wounds?" Sage inquired.

"Healin' fine, thanks," she answered. "I've had worse, really." She saw Cye cooking something and she snapped her fingers. "Oh yeah, I wanted to cook for you before we left!"

"Thanks, Lita," Kento said.

"Not for you, Kento," said Lita, "I meant Sage."

"What?" Kento demanded. "Please tell me Mina can cook!"

"No, she doesn't actually," Lita said.

"Lita, does Amy like sandwiches?" Cye asked.

"Yeah, they're her favorite." Lita answered, washing her hands. "She likes eating them because she can eat them while she studies."

"She doesn't' eat tuna though, does she?"

"I don't think so," she replied.

Cye fixed up a handsome looking club sandwich with olives and a drink and went to the room Amy was sleeping soundly in. 'Easy Cye,' he told himself mentally as he walked in and placed the plate down on the nightstand. He smiled, ran his hand through his hair and stepped out.

Amy woke up shortly after Cye left the food for her and when she woke up, she was surprised to find herself in a different room. 'Oh yeah, I'm not at home anymore,' she thought as she rubbed her head. She smelt the scrumptious aroma coming from the nightstand and she stood up and looked at the plate of nicely cut club sandwiches.

"Wow," she breathed, "Who made me this? Maybe it was Lita. She knows I like sandwiches." She picked up the first sandwich and took a bite.

Amy's favorite food was sandwiches but she began to like them even more after taking the first bite. She never had a better sandwich in all her life. She finished up the meal and drank her soda to wash it down and took the empty dishes to thank Lita, who she thought made her the sandwiches. She found Lita cooking in the kitchen and besides her; Mina and Raye were already awake. Serena was still probably snoozing.

"Lita?" Amy asked. "Thanks for the sandwich."

"Huh?" Lita looked over her shoulder. "Oh, I didn't make you that, Ames."

"You didn't?" Amy inquired, raising her eyebrow. "But who did?"

"Cye," she pointed to Cye who was sitting at the table wearing a shy smile.

"Oh," she put the dishes in the sink, blushing slightly. "It was very delicious. Thank you very much, Cye. I didn't know guys could cook so well."

"She's coming on to you, Cye!" Kento grinned, leaning towards him and making Cye's face turn red.

"Kento," he muttered and he cleared his throat, "you're—ah—welcome, Amy."

"Hey, where's Serena?" Amy asked everyone.

"Still sleeping, figures," Raye groaned. "How long does she plan to sleep? We've go to go home."

"Come on, Raye," said Mina, "don't tell me you want to leave already! I'm beginning to like it here. It's nice now that we've stopped Beryl and Talpa."

"Don't you like us anymore?" Ryo questioned.

"Yeah, you'll hurt their feelings, Raye," Lita joked.

Amy sat across Cye, sipping her water and she worked for something to say besides thanking him for the yummy sandwich. Cye was also trying to say something. The girls would be leaving eventually and he'd like to spend some time with her. Tell her how he liked her intellect or the way her bubbles made his armor stronger.

"So, uh, Cye," Amy whispered.

"Ah, Amy," Cye mumbled.

Everyone in the room watched them closely, wondering who was going to make the first move. All the eyes were making the two water warriors a bit uncomfortable. Finally, they blurted at the same time.

"You want to go swimming?"

They looked at each other in surprise and grinned.

"Sure," said Amy.

"Sounds great," Cye agreed. "Waters of Naruto okay?"

She shrugged, "well, sure. All right."

"I think we ought to go out too," Lita said after cooking, "how does a picnic sound, Sage?"

"Picnic, yeah, sure!" he exclaimed. "I know this really nice quiet spot in the woods."

"I'm starving," Kento mumbled. "Would someone please feed me?"

"Sorry, Kento," Mina said, "I'm not a good cook, but we can always eat out!"

"Sounds awesome!" Kento exclaimed.

"Then let's hit the arcade," Mina added as she took his arm, "and the comic book store, did you know I was Sailor V? I was a movie star."

"Really?" Kento asked, "wow!"

As Cye and Amy took off to the waters of Naruto for a nice day of swimming, Lita and Sage went on a picnic in the woods and Mina and Kento went to paint the town red, Ryo and Raye sat next to each other by the sofa in silence.

"So," said Raye finally, not bothering to look at Ryo.

"So," Ryo mumbled. He too kept his eyes forward as if he had been pulled over by a cop and didn't want to make eye contact.

"I think Serena's still asleep," Raye said.

"Rowen's' probably in with her."



Raye's violet eyes moved toward Ryo just as his blue eyes were moving toward her and when they caught themselves looking at each other, they quickly looked away.

'She's so hot,' Ryo thought. 'No wonder why she's the scout that fights with fire.'

'He's so hot,' Raye believed. 'I can see why he's got the wildfire and Inferno armor.'

"So um, Raye."

"Well, Ryo."

They took a deep breath and turned to each other.

"You uh, wanna go for a walk or something?" he asked.

"Do you want your palm read?" Raye inquired.

They grinned and felt heat rush in their cheeks.



Rowen felt a need to be closer to Serena so he sat at her bedside and watched her sleep. He nodded off a couple of times and he had a book in hand to keep him occupied while he stayed with her. In the far corner was the magic staff.

Serena opened her eyes, yawned and looked around. She saw Rowen sitting next to her, reading and for a split second, thought it was Darien. How many times had seen Darien with a book? It was funny too, because they did kind of look the same.


Rowen brought the book down and smiled at her. "Yah awake. How do you feel?"

Darien's face disappeared and she realized it was actually Rowen. "Oh, I thought you were Darien."

"It's okay. So how do you feel, princess?"

Serena's lip trembled and her eyes started to tear up. Rowen looked at her in concern.

"What's the mattah?"

"You called me princess," Serena answered.

"Well, if you want me to call you 'Meatball…"

She forced a laugh, "that's all right, Rowen. It's just that, The Ancient used to call me that when I was little. He was calling me his little princess the whole time I was talking to him after we defeated Talpa. I wish I could remember my childhood when I lived with him. Everything is such a blur."

Rowen took her hand. "It will become cleahah someday, Sahenah."

"I hope so," she whispered. "Darien's dead."


"Yeah…Beryl killed him, after he got all his memories back." She explained. "Now he'll never call me Meatball Head again."

"I'm sorry," he sympathized.

Serena felt the tears continue. Now that it was over, she could cry tears of sorrow mixed with joy and relief. "Everything went so fast and I still don't understand everything. Why Anubis died and the awful things Talpa and Beryl did."

"Anubis died for us," said Rowen. "I never expected him of all people to such a thing after being a Dahk Wahlord."

"The Ancient helped him," said Serena. "I know you guys tried to protect him from the other three warlords. They were going to take them back to Talpa and swoosh saved by the arrow!"

"How'd you know about that?" Rowen inquired.

"The Ancient told me," she answered, "just recently in my dream. That's when I see him."

"He'll always be with you, Sahenah."

"Yeah," she said. "It makes sense now, Rowen. Why we came here. It wasn't just to help you guys, but so I could be reunited with my father and brother."



"The Wahlord of Illusion? No way!"

"I know it's weird," she explained, "but while I was trying to help Anubis, I could've sworn Dais sent me a vision as a sign…a cry for help."

"What was it?"

"The Ancient was showing my mother the nine armors," she told him, "Queen Serenity was weak and about to die. He named the virtue for Dais' armor after her. Serenity. So, in a way, Dais is like my adoptive big brother. I kind of wish we were actually blood because I've got an annoying little brother back at home. It'd be nice to have a big brother to talk to instead of having a little one to yell at."

Rowen chuckled and Serena sighed.

"It's really over, isn't it, Rowen?" she asked hopefully. "Talpa and Beryl…we've seen the last of them?"

"Of course we have, Sahenah," he answered.

"What if we made a mistake?" she inquired. "We just slowed them down and they'll come back again even stronger." She bit her lip. "I don't know if I can do it all over again, Rowen."

"Sahenah, don't' talk like that," Rowen said firmly. "Hey, hey," he wiped the tears from her eyes. "Talpa and Beryl are gone forevah. You don't have to worry about a thing. We'll never have to worry about them trying to take over the world again. We saw to that. Undahstand? They're gone."

She nodded, "but what if another enemy shows up?" Serena asked. "The Ancient told me we'd have to keep fighting. What if our new enemy is some giant tree from outer space or something? What if we have to fight weirdoes from some moon very far away? What—,"

"Shh," Rowen put his finger to his lips, "Sahenah, listen to me. It's okay. If you guys face another enemy, we'll help you. You've got friends in the Ronin Warriahs. You won't have to face another enemy alone ever again."

"Really, Rowen?"

"Of course," he answered. "You helped us stop Talpa. Wah in yah debt."

"Oh, Rowen," she mumbled. "I feel so relieved, sad and happy all at the same time!"

"I know."

"I wish Darien was here," she said, "I worked so hard to get his memory and for what? So he could die? It's not fair, Rowen."

"Of course it isn't," said Rowen. "But, if it helps, I'd never forget you."

"You mean that?" she inquired.

Rowen chuckled. "Sahenah, come on. Yah fathah made mah ahmah! How could I evah forget you? Even if Beryl tried to brainwash me, it wouldn't' work. I'm too smart for that kind of stuff."

"Darien was too," she said sadly.

"Come here," Rowen said, pulling her toward him and she rested her head on her shoulder. "It's all ovah. There's nothing to worry about. You don't need to worry about Beryl or Talpa again, okay? They're gone. Just remember what Anubis taught you and the good things you shared with Darien and they'll still be with you, okay? It's all over. Everything is going to be all right."

"You promise?"

"I prhamas."

"Oh, Rowen…" she sighed and leaned against him. "Thank you."

Rowen kissed her on the forehead and let her cry.


Cye and Amy were swimming together in the waters of Naruto. Amy would never swim in the waters by herself but when she was with Cye, she seemed to enjoy it. She knew she was safe when she had Cye with her. Neither of them minded to hold hands for the whole time they swam in the water and petted the marine life.

'She's so nice,' thought Cye.

'He's really sweet,' Amy thought.

'I don't want this day to end.' They thought together.

Lita and Sage were having tons of fun on their picnic. Lita decided to blindfold Sage and handfed him her goodies. Sage didn't seem to mind at all. Everything tasted just spectacular.

"You're a wonderful cook, Lita," praised Sage. "You sure you haven't been in cooking school?"

"I'm still in junior high," she replied.

"No way!" he took off the blindfold. "Junior high? Then how come you can cook this good?"

"I guess I just have a knack," she shrugged. "Desert?" She picked up her cheesecake and fed it to him.

"You should become a chef and open your own restaurant," Sage said, dabbing his mouth.

"Really?" she asked, "well, it has been my dream since I was a little girl to open my restaurant and have people come all over to try my cooking."

"I'd sure come," Sage promised, wiping the crumbs off with his thumb and licking it. "Every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner."

"I thought Kento was the one with the uncontrollable appetite," she joked.

Sage blushed, "well, I just never had cooking this good."

Lita laughed and she saw a deer prance by, "Sage! I just saw a deer!"


"Come on," she began to pack everything up. "Let's go after it!"

"Okay," he said and got down to help her pick it up. They reached for the same dish at the exact same time, their hands overlapping.


They looked at each other. Lita began to get that look in her eyes. 'He is so hunky!' she thought.

'She is so cool.'

They leaned forward and gave each other a short, sweet and simple kiss, smiled at each other and continued to put everything away and they took off to play with the deer.


Mina and Kento were having a blast from going to the diner, to the arcade, comic book store and movie theatre. Mina leaned over the chair and watched Kento play the Sailor V game.

"I can't believe they even have Sailor V merchandise here," Mina said, "and I'm from a different dimension and everything!"

"You must've been very famous then, Mina," Kento grinned. "And it's not like you're from another planet."

"Oh, Kento, watch out!" She warned, pointing at the screen. "Get those guys!"

"They're meatloaf!" Kento shouted, moving the joystick around and tapping the buttons like mad, "bang! Bang! Take that, evildoers! Muwhahaha!"

"Wow, you passed the level, Kento!"

"I'm the master of video games!"

Kento's progress began to draw a crowd. Girls and guys of all ages came close to watch Kento and cheered him on. After Kento passed each level, Mina massaged his shoulders to get him pumped.

"All right, Kento," said Mina, "you're at the last level. You can do it!"

Kento did a few cleansing breaths and went through the level.

"Come on, Kento!" she exclaimed.

"I'm going to beat this game," Kento said. "Just watch…"

And Kento was very close to the end and most unfortunately he lost. Kento gasped and slammed his hands on the game. "This thing is rigged! I was so close!"

"Well, you know what they say, Kento," said Mina, "if at first you really BOMB, try, try again."

A boy snickered. "It's at first you don't succeed, try, try again, you dumb blond."

Mina gasped and Kento turned around. "What did you say?"

"Ah—uh—," the boy mumbled, noticing Kento's large stature.

Kento punched the big-mouthed jerk in the face, he fell back rubbing his cheek and Kento took Mina by the arm. The crowd looked down at the hurt boy, shaking their heads.

"Dude, you should never insult a girl with a tough looking boyfriend," said another guy.

"Yeah, it would leave you between a rock an a lard place." Mina misquoted.

"It's…" the guy began and he noticed Kento cracking his knuckles, "uh, right…"

"Come on, Mina," Kento said, "I think we've played enough games."

"Oh, my hero!" Mina exclaimed, putting her arms around him. "Justice's been served!"


Ryo never had his palm read or his fortune told before but he found it pretty interesting, since a pretty girl was telling him about it. After Serena woke up, the two fire warriors went out for a walk and Raye had a book of star signs with her. "Okay, Ryo, you're a Leo, the lion and that means you're, a fire sign. Makes sense since you've got the armor of wildfire."

"Yeah, I uh, guess so."

"And you have a proud and fearless nature. You're loyal and caring and peace loving."

"That's good, right?"


"What about you?"


"Your sign."

"Oh, I'm an Aries," she answered. "That's also a fire sign. I like to take risks and stuff."

"Cool," said Ryo. "What else?"

Raye noticed something very interesting. "Well, if you're interested, it says here that an Aries and a Leo are pretty compatible."

"That's good, right?" Ryo inquired with a smile.

She smiled back. "Oh yeah, Ryo. Very good."


Rowen and Serena didn't know what to do when everyone left. "Where is everyone?" Serena asked.

"They're all out," Mia answered, "Cye and Amy went swimming, Lita and Sage went on a picnic, Kento and Mina went to the city and Raye and Ryo are out for a walk."

"Oh," said Rowen, "well, we can just stay here."

"I made some cupcakes," Mia said, "that's okay?"

"Cupcakes?" Serena inquired, looking hungry as usual. "Wow, I'm starved! Sure!"

Mia left the room to get the cupcakes and set them down on the coffee table. She decided to give them privacy and went upstairs to do some research while Rowen and Serena pigged out and did the only thing to do: watch television.


The time to say goodbye came a little too soon and the girls had become close to the boys. They felt a special connection, a bond with the Ronin Warriors. They spent most of the day getting to know each other on a one on one basis. After they spent time together, talking about what they liked and didn't like and their adventure together, they met up back outside Mia's house to say goodbye. Cye and Amy's hair were still wet from their swimming date and Kento was wearing a Sailor V T-shirt and trying to hold all his Sailor V stuff he bought to remember Mina by.

"Well, everyone," Serena said, "I guess it's time for us all to go. Let's transform." She looked at her father's staff and she saw Lady Kayura come out of the sky with the three warlords. "Kayura!"

"You've done well, Ronins, Scouts," she said approvingly, wearing a kimono.

"I couldn't have done it with the staff of the ancients," said Serena. "Here, Kayura, you take it back. It's hard enough to look after the crystal."

"All right. Before you leave," Kayura continued, "I want to give you all some parting gifts."

Dais walked forward with a box in hand and he opened it to reveal a pink brooch with a star on it. Kayura turned to him and pulled it out, handing it to Serena.

"Here, you can keep the crystal inside."

"Thank you, Kayura."

Kayura smiled and looked at the other four scouts as they reached for their transformation sticks. "I'm going to give your transformation sticks more power, if that's all right."

"Oh, sure," said Raye. "That sounds great!"

Kayura lifted the staff and it shot four golden beams to their sticks, putting a golden star on the top. Serena hugged Kayura and the rest of the warlords.

"Go back to the Netherworld and build a new city," Serena told them. "One more beautiful than the first."

"We will," answered Sekhmet.

Serena turned to Rowen and hugged him. "Thanks for everything."

This was cue for all the girls to say goodbye to the boys and they took the moment to say how much fun they had and wish they didn't have to part ways so soon. After handshakes, hugs and kisses and a couple of tears were shed, the girls stepped in line to transform with their new powers.






After transforming, the scouts could feel their new power surging in them. "Wow, what an energy boost!" Jupiter said. "I feel ten times stronger!"

"Time to teleport, scouts," Sailor Moon said sadly as they began to clasp hands. Sailor Moon felt a sharp hard tug on her skirt. "Ah---what the?" she turned quickly to see White Blaze looking up at her with sadness in his eyes. "Oh, White Blaze." She sighed and bent down to him to stroke his fur. "I'm sorry, but I can't take you with me. I don't think my mother would let me keep you," she forced a laugh and she felt the tears brim in her eyes, "and Luna would be without a job!"

The huge white tiger with a kitten lovable attitude moaned as he brushed against her. "Don't worry, I'll be all right. Ryo's your master now, okay?" she continued. "I want you to take care of the Ronin Warriors for us while we're gone, especially Yuli over there. Keep a good eye on him and don't let him get into trouble, all right, White Blaze?" she put her arms around his neck and pushed her face into his warm fur. "I'll miss you my friend." She glanced at Ryo. "You take good care of him."

"Oh, all right," he said kind of nervously.

Sailor Moon got back to her feet and turned around, White Blaze giving her a gentle nudge to the circle. The Sailor Soldiers joined hands.

"Farewell, Ronin Warriors," Sailor Moon said, "I hope we will meet again soon."

"Me too," Rowen whispered.

The scouts closed their eyes and concentrated on returning home, their bodies glowing red, orange, blue, green and pink. The Ronin Warriors, Kayura, warlords and, Yuli and Mia watched them take off with heavy heart.


"There goes the moon princess," said Ryo.

"And the daughtah of the guy who created all our ahmahs," added Rowen, closing his eyes.

"Oh no!" Kento shouted, shocking everybody.

"What?" Sage demanded.

"I forgot to ask Mina to autograph all the Sailor V stuff I got!" he cried.

"There, there, Kento," Cye said, patting his shoulder.

Kento turned around and began to sob very loudly into Cye's shoulder, making him looking very nervous. "Kento, cut it out…come on…"

White Blaze sat on his haunches where Sailor Moon had been standing and cried. Ryo watched intently.

"Now I realize why White Blaze seemed to know Sailor Moon," he said. "He was her pet a thousand years ago."

"We'll see them again, Ryo," said Sage. "I'm sure we will."


When the scouts left, Kayura and the warlords didn't see any reason to stay in the mortal realm so they returned back to the Netherworld. As they were rebuilding the new world, they saw a boy around the age of twelve with red hair wearing a blue kimono, standing on the same bridge where Anubis died. Curious, Kayura walked towards him.

"Excuse me," she said, "are you lost?"

The redheaded child turned around. "I don't think so."

When Kayura, Sekhmet, Dais and Kale got a good look at the boy's face, they all gasped in shock.

"I don't believe it," Kale breathed.

"How can it be?" Dais inquired.

"It's amazing," Sekhmet added.

The boy looked at the others curiously. Kayura bent down to him. "What's your name, boy?"

"Anubis," he answered.

Kayura smiled, 'If only Serena knew you came back to us.' She thought.

"We'll take care of you, Anubis," she said. "So you won't have to be all by yourself. My name is Lady Kayura."

"Thank you, Lady Kayura."


Artemis and Luna saw the familiar ball of light coming out of the sky. Luna jumped up in excitement. "Artemis, the scouts are back!"

"All right!" Artemis shouted.

The girls landed on the ground in Cherry Hill Temple and their guardian cats ran to them. Sailor Venus started to cry.

"Venus, what's the matter?" Sailor Mars inquired.

"I forgot to autograph Kento's Sailor V stuff!" she sobbed.

"Maybe we'll see them again," said Sailor Jupiter.

"Boy, aren't I stuck between a rock and a lard place!"

"Actually, Sailor Venus," Sailor Mercury rephrased, "it's 'rock and a hard place', not lard."

"Sailor Moon, you've returned," Luna called as Sailor Moon turned around.

"Luna!" she grabbed her kitty up in her arms. "Oh, Luna, we beat Beryl! We did it. And guess what, I found out who my father from the Moon Kingdom was."


"Yeah, we met five other fighters known as the Ronin Warriors," Sailor Jupiter explained, "they were way cool. One of them reminded me of my old boyfriend!"

"Five other warriors?" Artemis inquired.

"Yeah. It turned out Beryl joined with a bad demon lord named Talpa," said Sailor Mars, "so we had to stop him too. That's why we went to another dimension."

"We had to join the Ronin Warriors in order to stop them both," added Mercury.

"I'm really going to miss Kento," Sailor Venus cried.

"Well, you know what they say, Sailor Venus," Artemis said. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

"Huh?" she brought her hands down, "I thought it said absence makes the eyes grow wetter."

Artemis sighed and shook his head. Sailor Moon looked back at the sky.

"Luna, you never knew I used to live on Earth, did you?" she asked. "And my father was a warrior from Earth? You didn't tell me."

"Well, no," Luna said, "I didn't know. I only had to tell you were the sailor scout of the moon."

"Yeah. I guess there were some things I had to learn on my own," Sailor Moon sighed.

"Did you rescue Darien?" Artemis inquired.

"We were able to bring his memory back," Sailor Mars answered, "but, we lost him in the battle."

"Yeah, that witch Beryl killed him!" Jupiter hissed.

"If it's all right with you all," Sailor Moon said, "I'd like to go back home now. Isn't tonight a school night?


"Ahh! I'm late!" Serena shouted, jumping out of bed and running out of her room.

"Ever heard of an alarm, Meatball Head?" Sammy demanded.

"Be quiet!" she snapped, grabbing her lunch. "Oh yeah, thanks for lunch, mom!" She hurried out of the door and ran down the street. "Sammy's so annoying…sometimes I wish Dais lived with us instead and then he could wake me up!"

At school, the girls talked more about the Ronin Warriors and how everything seemed to returning back to normal after the battle. Serena could still hear Rowen's voice. After school, Serena went to the hospital where she volunteered.

"Hi Nurse Onizuka!" Serena cried happily as she approached the desk. "Nice day, isn't it?"

"Hello, Serena," the nurse smiled, handing her a roster of all the patients, their room number and condition. "Glad you're here. We just had a new person come in this morning. He's in room 220 with amnesia. We don't know his name."

"Amnesia, how awful!" Serena exclaimed. "I'll go and see how he's doing."

Serena rushed to the room and knocked on the door. "Hello! My name is Serena, a hospital volunteer," she said, walking in, "you had a terrible accident." She came in closer and sat down across from him and fell out of her chair when she got a good enough look at him. "Darien!"

Darien turned and looked at her. "Huh? You know me?"

"Yeah," she said, coming back to her feet. "We were friends." 'He's alive! I don't believe it!'

Darien blinked. "Sorry, I don't remember. Everything is just a blur."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll get everything back eventually," Serena said hopefully.

"Thanks, Serena," he said. "You know, you've got the funniest hair. Looks like a pair of meatballs."

"Meatballs?" Serena demanded. "I come to cheer you up and you say my hair looks like meatballs?"

Darien's made a face of fear. "I—I'm sorry—it's just that…"

'He doesn't' remember me, but he remembers that stupid name he always called me?' Serena thought. She picked up the vase of flowers on the nightstand and splashed him water and marched out, leaving Darien more confused than he already was. Serena forgot to try to cheer up any other patients and went straight to the park, sat down on a bench and let her mind mull over what just happened.

"It figures," she muttered. "Darien looses his memory of everything we shared together but he doesn't' forget to call me Meatball Head." She felt her tears trickle down her face and she reached into her pocket for a handkerchief to dry her eyes. Then she paused and looked at the handkerchief close. "Rowen's handkerchief."

She remembered what he told her. "Yah fathah made my ahmah! How could I evah forget you?"

Serena laughed. He would never call her Meatball Head. He called her princess, just like her father used too. "Oh, Rowen…I miss you already."


Rowen sat on the balcony and looked out at the moon. "Sahenah, I miss you already. Princess."

The End