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A poem about how Winry feels about Ed and Al on the search for the Philosopher's Stone.

She was walking by in a cold winter's eve,

One foot in front of the other,

Hitting the hard, cold pavement,

The streetlights are her only light,

And her only hope,

The wind blows once again,

And goose bumps rise on her pale skin,

Her hair blows as a car passes by,


Why does she continue to walk,

On this lonely road?

Where will it go?

She rubs her arms to escape the chill,

Never looking up,

Starring at her bare feet,

Her eyes are glazed over,

With fear and sadness,

The streetlights have stopped,

All there is, is a cold road,

And the starry night,

She stops and looks up,

And slowly falls to her knees and prays,

That tomorrow will be a better day…

The End

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