So actually the first chapter came out totally different than what i thought. Worse, i think, but I did my best

note: the basic idea and a select few lines of this story comes from xx Hikari E's Like a Walk In the Park (yes i did get permission from her) And also Haruno Seiichi belongs to her too. I loved the beggining chapters of her story so much, i had to ask to steal some of it. And Naruto doesn't beong to me either

I know the first chapter is a little confuseing, the very very begging takes place in ancient history, and then it skips to present day. This is mainly Sakura x Kiba beause i just love both of them. Ino is not evil in this story, because if you think about it, deep down she cares about Sakura, and is caring. There will be other pairings, the only other one that I'm pretty sure of is either Tenten x Neji, or tenten x Lee. eheh. suggestions are appreciated!

Here is Like Snow in Summer, featuring Sakura and Kiba.


Like Snow In Summer

A long time ago…

The rain poured down on two beings lying on the muddy ground. The sky was dark, and the heavens were weeping. And they continued to lie there, entangled with each other.

"Hey…" She whispered, smiling through wounded lips. Her pink hair lay around her, framing her beautiful yet hardened face.

"Hey yourself…" He managed to smirk, but drowning himself in her clear green eyes.


His messy brown hair lay tangled and matted down by wind and rain. Twin red triangles rested proudly on both cheeks, showing his undying loyalty to his clan.

But his heart showed his undying loyalty to…her.

"I love you," she whispered contentment resting on her draining face.

"…I love you too," he told her, eyes looking into hers for the very last time.

And as the rain let up and the skies began to clear, the sun shone brightly on a bloodied battlefield.

And there they lay, undyingly loving, forever together.

With a last breath, they closed their tired eyes, peaceful smiles adorning their faces, entangled with each other.

Present day…

Delicate green eyes opened to a pale pink room adorned with cuddly stuffed animals and books splayed across a messy desk.

Sunlight streamed through a white curtain, decorated with pale petals.

"NANI? IM LATE! AWW MANNNNNNN!" A young girl no older than 15 leaped up from under he covers, causing the resident plush toys on her bed to tumble onto the floor.

Hastily dressing, the pink haired girl rushed down the stairs, thundering footsteps announcing her arrival to the house members.

Upon reaching the kitchen, a brown haired boy with equally enchanting emerald eyes raised his head and offered a cheerful greeting.

" 'Morning kaijuu!" He chirped, as she hastily gobbled down Konoha's finest cereal…or so the box said.

A delicate eyebrow twitched, but said nothing as Sakura continued to stuff her face with nutrients. She gulped.

"Seiichi, so not in the mood." She growled grabbing a pink backpack, swinging it ungracefully over her shoulder.

"By the way little sis, I set your clock to 30 minutes earlier so you wouldn't be late today!" Seiichi grinned cheerfully.



At the Konoha Academy…

A distant rumble could be heard from with in the school halls.

The dark, mysterious, dangerous hallways of Konoha Academy seemed to beckon to outsiders…

…Or was dark, mysterious and dangerous until the janitor flicked on the lights.

A massive wave of students washed down the hallways, but a flash of pink could be seen once in a while.

"Sakura! Hey! Sakura wait up!" A blond ponytail rushed through the noisy crowd, until it met with the pink.

"Ino! Ne, ne do you know what's going on? Did something exciting happen?" Sakura asked.

"Not a clue!" Blue eyes winked at her friend. Smiling care freely.

Sakura sweat dropped. Did Ino even care…?

Once in class, Sakura sat down, and turned quickly to Ino.

"Hey Ino, how much you wanna bet that someone drew on the bathroom walls and got detention?" Sakura asked, eyes twinkling slightly.

"And just WHO would do something like that?" Ino retorted disinterestedly.

"Ino! And I thought you were at least a little smart! Inuzuka Kiba, duh!" Sakura replied indignantly.

"Talking about me again Sakura?" A masculine voice asked. His soft brown hair was in its' usual messy state, but at the same time made him look all the more appealing. On his cheek rested two red triangles, a symbol of his clan. Intense black eyes completed the handsome boy's image as he stood behind the two friends.

Inuzuka Kiba had arrived.

Sakura rolled her eyes, not missing a beat she retorted.

"Don't worry Inuzuka, I didn't say a single good thing about you."

He pouted looking adorable. Then smirked.

"So has my charmingness finally cause you too fall desperately in love with me?"

"Keep dreaming bastard, unlike me, you can't even get your vocabulary right. 'Cunningness' isn't a word."

Suddenly a hand swung itself around Kiba's shoulders, and Haruno Seiichi grinned down at his younger-than-by-4-minutes sister.

"Hey Sakura, Ino!" Seiichi grinned.

"Seiichi, hey!" Ino grinned. Haruno Seiichi, unlike his sister had straight black hair and the same emerald eyes as his sister, his carefree attitude toward almost everything had made him friends with practically the entire school's population. Everyone knew of his best friend, Kiba Inuzuka which many of the female population had a crush on. Kiba had long been labled 'untameable' Those two were a dynamic duo.

"Seiichi, why do you keep this… thing as your best friend? I mean, even tonton is smarter than that guy," Sakura stated, referring to Kiba

"Aww come on Sakura, he can't be that bad." Seiichi smirked

"Seiichi! you're supposed to be on MY side!" Sakura exclaimed.

"...I am?" Seiichi looked utterly confused.

"You're my brother!"

"Yea Sakura, seriously, I'm not that bad." Kiba grinned, showing of his famous fang like teeth. Sakura resisted the strong urge to kick him, hard. But she had to admit, though never aloud, that Kiba was stronger than her.

"Go to hell Kiba."

"Sakura, do you even remember why you hate him? I mean, you've had this must-hate-all things related to Kiba thing going on since… I don't even know how long ago. Since you were 2." Ino questioned.

Sakura pondered upon this fact.

"…Well…it doesn't matter! It's the principle of things!" She exclaimed waving her hands in wild gestures.

Ino rolled her eyes. "Sak-" Before she could finish the name, a white haired teacher arrived. Extremely late. As usual.

"Sorry to keep you waiting class, unfortunately I got lost on the road of life."

"Morning Kakashi-sensei" chorused around the room. Even a friendly "What's happening Kakashi" from Kiba and Seiichi.

"Nothing much, Kiba, Seiichi," Kakashi answered lazily, "I have a top secret that I'm going to tell to you all."

The class immediately quieted.

"The school board-mostly Tsunade- decided that you all are a bunch of pathetic weaklings." An indignant sound came from Kiba's mouth.

"-So, we're sending you on a little trip to survival camp." Kakashi finished.

And then chaos erupted.

YAY! the firstchapter is done. any suggestions on the future of this story is great ly appreciated

this line taken from xx Hikari E