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Like Snow in Summer

their thoughts


Sakura Haruna had always found it a bit strange that she could never really remember the details through out her childhood. Sure, she remembered her mother, father, and brother, and memories of Ino and Kiba, but she could not bring herself to remember school, or pretty much anything else.

Asking her mother was useless, all she usually received was a wave of the hand and a dismissed ' Nobody really does remember their toddler days Sakura."

But when Saku raised her voice to inform her mother it wasn't just her toddler days, it was elementary school and intermediate school too, her mother would have none of it, and blatantly ignored her.

Sakura found this strange, as her mother could usually find something to tell her daughter about just anything.

Something else had bothered Sakura a bit too.

Seiichi said he didn't remember much either.

She had always ignored it, her mother was probably right. What matters is now, and not then.

She couldn't tell anyone else.

That stupid Kiba would probably call her dumb!

Konoha Academy School For Extremely Talented Brats' staff of Super Cool And Happenin' Educators was currently seated around the meeting table.

This time was different however. The staff members were seated in silence. Serious expressions. Hands folded under chins. Thick Atmosphere.

"…So they've begun?" Asuma asked in a quiet voice, the sound echoing in the gloomy room. The air resonated with a foreboding sense of doom.

"Yeah." Kakashi answered, eye not moving from his fixated spot on the ceiling.

"And our own have asked us, to train…" Kurenai asked, disbelief layering her otherwise calm demeanor.

"Those are the orders." Tsunade spoke.

"But they're so young…they couldn't possibly…in times like these." Kurenai voiced.

"This is war. No one is ever ready."

Haruno Sakura sat in her room, current crisis of life remained as which stuffed animals could possibly fit in her camping bag.

"Sa-ku-raaa," He said, "Could ya hurry it up a bit?" Seiichi was currently leaning against his imouto-chan's doorframe

Her suitcase clicked shut. "There! I'm finished."

And Haruno Seiichi's little sister stalked past him without a word.

He blinked. Then, running after Sakura he laughingly said, "Ne imouto-chan, what did I do this time?"

She sniffed. "I happened to remember across a very sore memory yesterday."

"Ahhh? What could that be?" Seiichi asked, curious.

"Inuzuka Kiba." She stated, leaving no room for argument.

Seiichi took the time to stop and think. He ran after her once again, and asked, "Ne ne, what does that guy have to do with me?"

Sakura scoffed. "He's your best friend. And you're the one that brought the bastard into our lives didn't you? AND you didn't even notice his super evil intentions. You just let him soften you up, even though he so blatantly dissed my brand new socks."

Seiichi sweat dropped

"You know…Sakura…they were just socks…. I mean… we were what, like six years old?" He meekly stated, drawing back at the murderous aura sprouting from his baby sister.

Sakura turned around abruptly, finger pointing accusingly right at Seiichi's face.

"They were my favorite ones! And not even mentioning the fact that you brought him in, after that you KEPT him around too!" She indignantly defended.

"Yea…but Sakura…he's kinda my best buddy you know? Even if he is a bastard…. he's still a pretty good guy." Seiichi tried to explain to his sister.

"I don't nag you for keeping Ino around!" He added, on second thought.

"Yea but Seiichi, you don't HATE Ino. You think she's pretty cool!" Sakura demanded.

"Oh yeah…"

Inuzuka Kiba woke from his sleep with a start. What the hell? He just had the weirdest dream. He was speaking to Akamaru, but something blue was flowing from him, almost like a visible aura. And why the hell was he so beat up? He was strong dammit! The last thing he had seen before he awoke, was a pair of pale eyes and a head full of black spikey hair.
As the Inuzuka household neared, Seiichi turned to his sister.

"C'mon Sakura, we always pick up Kiba before field trips, its always been like that, and you always complain. Every time!" He told her, exasperated.

Ino poked Sakura's cheek

"Saku s' not a morning person is she?" Ino teased, more statement than question.

Dear Sakura would have answered, had she not been on autopilot, and retorts regarding her current state had not yet been added to her morning database.

Ino looked upon her best friend with pity.

" Ne…. Some of us just aren't born with natural beauty and talent like me huh Seiichi?" Ino inquired, head held high looking down upon Sakura with mock disdain.

"Absolutely true, my dear Ino-chan!" Seiichi grinned

Not to mention my grace, and dignity too-"

Sakura swatted at Ino's head with half closed eyes.

"Sh…Shaddup…. s' too early…" Sakura mumbled.

As they reached the Inuzuka complex, Seiichi broke from the group and ran too the gates yelling

"KIBA-CHANNNNN!" at the top of his lungs.

A boy burst through the front door of the main house in the Inuzuka compound.

"SEIICHI-CHANNNN!" He bellowed, smile stretched across his face as he crashed into Haruno Seiichi, sending the both of them tumbling down to the earth.

Laughingly they sat up.

"And how are you doing this fine, fine morning my lovely Kiba-chan?" Seiichi asked, sparkling.

"Wonderful, dear Seiichi-chan!" Kiba answered.

" Phs. You guys make me sick. Honestly." Sakura scoffed. Their 'good natured' humor was getting sicker and sicker by the day.

"OI KIBA! Come get your stuff before you rush out the door, you bastard!" Kiba's mother yelled over the sounds of children yelling and dogs barking. This was morning at the Inuzuka clan.

"Yea, yea coming you old faurt," Kiba yelled back to his mother.

As he jumped back over their fence, four young kids ran up to him shouting their dreaded war cry.


They jumped onto his back and began furiously pounding their fists.

Kiba growled and shook the two on his back off.

Changing from his feet to a handstand, Kiba spun around in a circle to get rid of the two attached to his legs.

They flew off, and landed on the ground with yells. As the regrouped and retreated, the leader of their small pack turned around and yelled at Kiba.


Kiba scoffed.

"Yeah, yeah…little punks."

Seiichi wasn't fooled though. He had seen Kiba sneak candy to the very same group of 'little punks' more than once during the multiple times he had visited the Inuzuka household.

Kiba turned then, to his mother who stood impatiently at the door with his pack and Akamaru.

Kiba took the last few steps at a run and he grabbed his pack. He turned around to run to his friend, but hesitated halfway to the gate and turned back around to run quickly to the door and give his mother a brief hug. Looking a bit sheepish, Kiba ran back to his classmates.

By now, Sakura could form half-thoughts, and it occurred to her that the only place she could find Kiba a tiny bit tolerable was at his own home, in his territory. Honestly, the Inuzukas were such a tough and proud clan, but she swore they were closer than any family. For the record though, they did a good job with keeping their reputations. She would never-ever tell that to Kiba though. Besides she only tolerated him there a tiny bit. A teensy bit. Almost microscopic.

As their foursome proceeded down the path towards their school, they could already see most of the school gathered in the front.

"Oh great, now we're late. Who's fault do you think that is baka-Kiba?" Sakura asked.

"Huh. You could have come earlier Sa-ku-ra. You probably held everyone up trying to decide which teddy bear of bunny rabbit to bring with you." Kiba said easily.

Seiichi laughed. "Funny you should say that Kiba, actually-"

"URUSAI!" Sakura shouted drawing attention to their little group.

"Sakur-a, they're staring again." Ino chided.

Sakura laughed meekly and gave a small wave.

"Jeez Sakura, couldn't be a little more quiet could you?"



They had been hiking for at least two hours before they reached the training site, and more than just one student was tired.

Sakura, exhausted from walking up a mountain, plopped down the minute they arrived. Honestly, did they have to hike up a whole MOUNTAIN? And what was with all this..uh...training equipment? It looked so old fashioned. Wooden dummy training posts? Something about this atmosphere unnerved her. A brief thought flashed past her mind. She could see herself, doing some odd position with her hands. And then a flash of yellow hair. What..? But as soon as the memory came, it dissapeared once again. Brushing it off, she looked back down toward the mountain side.

She glared back down at the scenery before muttering under her breath,

"Baka mountain."

And then something red and fiery whizzed past her head.


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